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    Butler to the Stark family, Edwin Jarvis went on to be the caretaker of the Avengers Mansion and has laid his life on the line for them several times.

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    Edwin Jarvis was born in Brooklyn, New York. During World War Two (although this could be re-conned into a different war) he left the U.S. to enlist in the Royal Air Force. Though he was underage at the time, it was not uncommon for the military to "look the other way" when it came to recruiting requirements. Thus Jarvis became a pilot, defending the skies of Great Britain. During this time Jarvis picked up the British accent and mannerisms for which he is so well-known. He also became an accomplished championship boxer within the Air Force. When the war ended in 1945, he returned to the U.S. and became the butler of Howard Stark in his mansion, located in Manhattan. After both Howard Stark and his wife Maria died in a traffic collision, their son, Anthony Stark, better known as Tony Stark, inherited the mansion. Jarvis retained his position as butler of the residence. The JARVIS A.I stands for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.


    A Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Don Heck. Edwin Jarvis first appears in Tales of Suspense #59. Jarvis was originally introduced as a butler to the Avengers, however, after some retcons, it was established that he was a butler to the Stark family, earning a role similar to Alfred Pennyworth for Bruce Wayne/ Batman.

    Mayor Story Arcs


    When the Avengers were officially formed, Tony Stark as Iron Man made Stark Mansion the team's official headquarters. The name was changed to the Avengers Mansion, and Jarvis has been their loyal butler ever since. Though the team has changed much since the silver age, Jarvis has been affiliated with them longer than any of the actual members. He has done his fair share of cleaning the mansion after is has been damaged or even destroyed, armed with his trusty vacuum. He has delighted all manner of Avengers and guests, from mutants to gods, by serving them tea and scones during their stay. Though he holds a full time job with Stark and the Avengers, he still finds time to visit his mother on his days off.

    Crimson Cowl

    One would think that working for the Avengers would pay well, however, it seemingly does not. Early in his career at the Avengers mansion, Jarvis found himself in need of money to help his sick mother. He found this money by supplying the Crimson Cowl ( Ultron) with a detailed layout of the mansion. Ultron captured the Avengers and brainwashed Jarvis, convincing him that he was the Crimson Cowl. He has since recovered from the brainwashing effects to prove that "the butler didn't do it". His mother also recovered from her illness.

    The Violent Life of a Humble Butler

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    Jarvis has found himself in all manner of trouble as butler to the Avengers. One of the more significant events was almost losing the use of an eye after being severely beaten and tortured at the hands of the Masters Of Evil.

    Jarvis is no coward. He once picked a fight with a thug known as the Bruiser, who had been terrorizing Jarvis's mother and her neighbours. He used his fighting skills that he learned during his days in the R.A.F. during wartime. Some years later, Jarvis even stood up to the Asgardian god, Loki, after he tricked his way into the Avengers mansion.

    In the superhuman Civil War, Kenny, an ex-employee of Stark's, shot Jarvis in the act of sounding the alarms in Stark Tower. Luckily, Jarvis made a full recovery. With some martial arts training from Captain America, plus his R.A.F. training, Jarvis could possibly be the toughest butler in the Marvel universe.

    Secret Invasion

    Jarvis helps the Avengers
    Jarvis helps the Avengers

    Recently, in Secret Invasion, it was revealed that Jarvis had been replaced by a Skrull for an unknown period of time. He hacked Iron Man's systems, and implanted a debilitating virus in his armor. This caused him to nearly have a seizure. In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Jarvis returned to Earth safe and sound, much to the dismay of Jessica Jones (who had left her infant daughter with a Skrull posing as Jarvis) and went his own way. When The Chaos Cascade (a reality-altering catastrophe being created by Mordred the Mystic as he used The Darkhold to free his master, the Elder Demon Chthon, from imprisonment) caused disasters of Biblical Proportions all across the Earth, Jarvis sought out Thor in Oklahoma, only to discover that, along with Thor and the other Asgardians, it had been erased from existence.

    It was then that he encountered Hercules and Amadeus Cho (who had hacked into his GPS system and had been tracking him down) and was told that if they were to reform The Avengers, he would be needed,, as Jarvis was and had always been the Constant which held the Team Dynamic together. With Hercules and Amadeus, Jarvis tracked down Hank Pym and Jocasta and eventually convinced him to lead the new team of Avengers they planned on forming. Using a special doorway to reach Mount Wundagore (where The Chaos Cascade was emitting from) Jarvis and the others found The Scarlet Witch awaiting them.

    She told Jarvis, Hank and the others that she had gathered an army for Hank to lead into the battle that was to come, but needed him to say the only words capable of allowing her to bring these legendary warriors to Hank's side. Jarvis told Hank that he had always known these words, deep down in his heart of hearts, and told him to take a deep breath and shout it out at the very top of his lungs into the Heavens. With that Hank raised his fist into the air and cried out, "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" which caused The Hulk, Stature (Cassandra Lang), The Vision (Jonas) and US Agent to appear, though inexplicably confused, alongside the others.

    Powers and Abilities

    Jarvis possesses no superhuman abilities, traits or powers, however he is a skilled butler, and a gifted cook. In his physical prime he was a skilled boxer, and he has been trained to a limited degree by Captain America.

    Alternate Realities


    Jarvis was unthinkably carved and devoured by the Avengers in the Marvel Zombies reality. They say he went down without a fight, implying that the butler's last service was to be himself served to them.


    In this future version of earth known as MC2, Jarvis has gotten on in years, but still retains his position as butler for Avengers Next.

    Other Media


    The Avengers: United they Stand

    Jarvis appears as a supporting character, voiced by Graham Harley.

    Agent Carter

    James D'Arcy as Jarvis
    James D'Arcy as Jarvis

    James D'Arcy portrays Edwin Jarvis in the show, which takes place in the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This version of the character is Howard Stark's butler during the 1940's, and eventually serves as the inspiration for the J.A.R.V.I.S. A.I. seen in the Iron Man films.


    Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Endgame

    The JARVIS A.I.
    The JARVIS A.I.

    In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony's Artificial Intelligence program is called J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System), a reference to Edwin Jarvis from the comics.

    J.A.R.V.I.S. was created to avoid comparisons with Alfred Pennyworth, butler of Bruce Wayne/ Batman and was inspired by other AIs used by Stark like Friday, HOMER and PLATO.

    J.A.R.V.I.S. is inside Tony's suit, and can talk with Tony. He also manages things inside Tony's home. It was revealed JARVIS is an acronym for "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System". J.A.R.V.I.S. is voiced by English actor Paul Bettany.

    The prequel comic Iron Man 2: Public Identity reveals that Edwin Jarvis was Tony's childhood butler, and that after his death, Tony named the J.A.R.V.I.S. A.I. after him as a way to honor his memory.

    J.A.R.VI.S. is seemingly destroyed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron, leading to Tony using a replacement A.I. called F.R.I.D.A.Y. It is later revealed that fragments of J.AR.V.I.S. survived, and Tony uses them to create the Vision.

    Tony Stark and Steve Rogers travel through time and meet Howard Stark (John Slattery) and Edwin Jarvis (James D'Arcy).

    Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2

    Jarvis appears in both animated films.


    Jarvis appears in Marvel Ultimate Alliance


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