Jane Foster

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    A nurse who assisted Thor (disguised as Dr. Donald Blake) and eventually fell in love with him. Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer, she took up the mantle of Thor when he was no longer deemed worthy, and eventually became the new Valkyrie.

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    Donald's secret caused problems
    Donald's secret caused problems

    Jane Foster was a nurse working for Dr. Donald Blake. Both were romantically interested in each other but neither spoke about their feelings for some time. Blake was forbidden to reveal he was Thor to Foster at the behest of his father Odin which led to tension between the couple. His long unexplained absences caused Jane much distress. Jane was attracted to the dashing and heroic, Thor unaware that he and Blake were the same man. Eventually, the tension became too much and Blake revealed he was Thor and he pledged himself to her. Odin, however, forbid Thor to marry Jane because of her mortality and refused to make her an immortal.


    Jane Foster debuted in Journey into Mystery issue 84 (1962) by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Larry Lieber. In her first two appearances her name was Jane Nelson which later changed to Jane Foster. She first appeared as the female Thor in a cameo in Thor: God of Thunder issue 25 and fully in Thor Vol. 4 issue 1 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs

    Pawn of the Gods

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    After some time Odin seemed to relent and Thor took Jane to Asgard. Jane became imbued with immortality and became the Goddess of Flight. Odin was angered that she did not take to her new form quickly and set her a task to prove her worth. Despite protests that it was a task only he could perform Odin placed her in a room with the Lurking Unknown. She called Thor for help and Odin deemed her unworthy of godhood. Angered by Odin's tests Jane demanded to be returned to Earth. Odin complied, stripped her of her godhood as well as her memories of Thor and left her in a hospital with Dr Keith Kincaid.

    This left Jane incredibly confused as Kincaid was very similar to the forgotten Dr Blake. She and Kincaid began a relationship. After some years Thor discovers Jane dying in hospital, his love for her undiminished. Sif sees that Thor is still in love with Jane and uses her life essence to revive Jane and restore her memories. Thor and Jane renewed their relationship. Unknown to both, Sif's spirit was trapped in the runestaff dimension and Jane could call on Sif's experience and skills to fight. When given Sif's sword Jane and Sif switched places and Jane was trapped in another dimension. Jane was stuck in the Runestaff dimension for some time when the police turned up and arrested Donald Blake on suspicion of her murder. Thor and Sif sought Jane out. After leaving the dimension Jane once again had no memory of her relationship with Thor or Donald Blake. Jane would later marry Keith Kincaid and continued to have selective amnesia for some time.

    Resident Doctor to the Avengers

    Jane and Keith had a son named Jimmy but their marriage collapsed soon after. Jane left Keith because of his focus on his work rather than his family. In this time she would work with the anti-mutants with her young son in tow. During the Onslaught crisis she volunteered as an experienced nurse to look after the injured.

    In this time Jane is able to complete her transition to Doctor and is taken on as the resident Doctor to the Avengers because of her position of trust to the team. She helped the Heroes for Hire, Iron Man and Captain America on many medical issues and continues to provide help to the team when required.

    Back in Thor's life

    Jane's marriage wasn't solid
    Jane's marriage wasn't solid

    Jane Foster is present on the roof of the hospital she works at when Thor descends from the skies, carrying with him a mortal man in need of medical care. She is delighted to see her old friend, as much time had passed since they had last seen each other and on top of that, there was a lingering question abound concerning whether Thor was actually even alive. Thor likewise is overjoyed to see Jane, and he compliments her in demonstration of this. Jane has time to fill in Thor of the various updates in her personal life. The two depart on friendly terms.

    Things however complicate themselves somewhat as Thor is bonded with Earth mortal Jake Olsen, an Ambulance driver working at the same local hospital. Jane is unaware of this as Thor himself was an unwilling factor in this merge. Thor as Jake contemplates telling Jane, but the arrival of Keith Kincaid at the moment he had decided to tell her, seems to sway his mind into confiding in her, wishing to not complicate her life. Jane's reunion with Kincaid after their earlier separation is unexplained. Further more we Jake Olsen's girlfriend Hannah, also works at the same hospital as Jane and Jake, as the two women discuss the problem of missing drugs from the Hospital pharmacy.

    In the midst of a medical emergency with Jake at the scene of the emergency and Jane advising from the hospital, Jake disobeys the orders of his superior Jane, based on the knowledge passed on to him, though Thor, from Dr Donald Blake. Jane is somewhat taken aback when Jake mentions his name, and starts to speak in a slight Asgardian dialect. She starts being suspicious of Jake after this incident.

    Jane reveals that she knows Thor is present in Jake and urges him to come clean with Jake's fiance. Thor often talks about his fondness for Jane and he is clearly put out by her continued marriage to Keith Kincaid. He comments on how their marriage has been troubled. At one point Keith is put in a coma by a supervillain attack and it is noted how Jane would rather care for Titania than be at her husband's bedside. It is here that Thor and Jane become closer, bringing visible distress to Hannah who sees him as Jake. Kincaid wakes up from his coma and nothing comes from the renewed romantic tension between Thor and Jane.

    Civil War

    During the Civil War event, Jane joined the anti-registration side with Captain America, joining his resistance group and operating out of SHIELD safe-house number 23. She and the Night Nurse provided medical assistance to the team.

    Return of the Norse Gods

    Jane and Donald reunite
    Jane and Donald reunite

    Jane later heard rumors of the return of Dr. Donald Blake and Thor after the incidents of Avengers Disassembled and Ragnarok. Having divorced her husband and lost custody of their child, Blake visited her at her work in a New York City hospital while looking for Sif. Thor was under the impression that Sif had been reborn in Foster since their spirits had been merged once before. The two went on a date after an initially turbulent reunion. But it was Jane who went on to discover that in fact Sif's spirit was residing in the body of a dying elderly cancer patient. Jane alerted Blake of her discovery. He returned as Thor to New York where he was able to restore Sif just before the patient died.

    Blake continued his contact with Jane after this. He kept her informed of his life even though he was in Oklahoma and she in New York City. Jane herself later moves to Broxton out of worry for Blake and the two set up a surgery together in the town. She helped Dr Selvong get his message to Thor about the world eaters. She helps refugees from the nine realms find shelter from what appeared to be the end of the world. She appears to have begun some kind of romantic interest in Dr Selvong as she is seen holding his hand during the world eater incident

    Becoming Thor

    Goddess of Thunder
    Goddess of Thunder

    Jane was later diagnosed with cancer and started a battle against it. Thor was there all the way for her, especially during her chemo-therapy. It was during this time that Thor had lost his worthiness to wield the magic hammer Mjolnir after the events of Original Sin. When Jane Foster was with the Asgardian Gods, she found the hammer and actually managed to lift it, becoming an all new female Thor. She kept her newfound powers a secret to everybody, and has since been trying to learn how to use her new awesome powers. The only downside to her powers is that when she transforms into Thor, all the chemo is driven out of her body, since it is basically poison. This however did cause Jane to keep getting sicker and sicker. As Thor, she felt no effects of the cancer. During a skirmish against a rogue Chitauri named Warbringer, Jane joined the All-New, All-Different Avengers.


    As Thor, Jane wields Mjolnir, and like those before her, she has been bestowed with power equal to that once possessed by the Odinson by the hammer; whatever powers she may or may not possess outside of those provided by Mjolnir are unknown.

    Superhuman Strength: In her Asgardian form, Jane possesses class 100 strength and is easily capable lifting/carrying massive weight far exceeding 100K tons.

    Superhuman Speed: Jane can also think, react and fight at superhuman speeds while in her Thor form.

    Superhuman Durability/Stamina: While in the form of an Asgardian Goddess, Thor possesses virtual invulnerability and immunity to all known Earthly diseases and infections. She can exert herself at full intensity for hours at a time before beginning to fatigue. She is also capable of surviving in the vacuum of space unaided.

    Healing Factor: Like all Asgardians, Thor has a highly advanced metabolism that enables her to recover with superhuman speed and efficiency. While the extent of ability to heal is unknown, it doesn't appear to be able to heal her cancer. Instead, the cancer appears to be suppressed and isn't lethal to Thor as long as Thor retains her Asgardian form.


    Mjolnir the former weapon of Thor, is a hammer forged from Uru metal, whose chief properties are durability, the ability to maintain enchantment, and absorb energies. Mjolnir resembles more of a short handle mallet than a traditional warhammer. Mjolnir itself is already extremely durable, and combined with the various enchantments placed upon it by Odin, is even more durable. It has survived heat as extreme as the heart of the Sun, and can absorb and redirect energy blasts powerful enough to destroy planets.

    Worthiness Enchantment: This enchantment surrounding Mjolnir prevents it from being wielded by anyone save those who have been found worthy. Thus far, this includes Thor, Thunderstrike, the Red Norvell, Beta Ray Bill, and Captain America, and now Jane Foster . To anyone else, Mjolnir cannot be lifted from the ground nor wrested from Thor's grip. Those who are deemed worthy are able to wield Thor's powers Recently the enchantment has changed to the point that Odin; its creator can no longer carry it (or presumably bypass the enchantment), whether Beta Ray Bill and others are still considered worthy is unknown.

    Transformation: Jane Foster can use Mjolnir to transform into her Thor persona.

    Mystical Link: Can sense the presence and whereabouts of the hammer when separated from it

    Flight: Like her predecessor, Jane is capable of hurling Mjolnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at tremendous speeds. While in an Earth-like atmosphere, she generally flies at roughly the Speed of Sound, ( 770mph). The hammer can also be directed from a distance; this aspect was used offensively against the frost giants during her first appearance.

    Weather Control: Jane relies on Mjölnir to control weather with devastating degree. She can summon storms, rain and lightning from the sky. She can also create weather manifestations not typical to the climate/geography in which she finds herself.

    Energy Projection/Teleportation: With Mjolnir, Jane can project powerful mystical blasts of energy, as well as instantaneously transport herself (and others) over vast distances.

    Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak, Jane can communicate and be understood by all races.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 450 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blonde
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Divorced
    • Occupation: Adventurer
    • Known Relatives: Keith Kincaid (ex-husband, deceased), Jimmy Kincaid (son, deceased)

    Alternate Versions

    Earth-788 (What If #10)

    If she be worthy...
    If she be worthy...

    Jane Foster is the mortal who comes across the Hammer of Thor, after attempting to look for Dr Donald Blake's cane after he loses his grip of it, whilst both of them are on a trip in Norway. Renaming herself Thordis, she faces many trials and tribulations as the goddess of thunder. She is the most powerful member of the Avengers, much to Wasp's delight, she battles and beats the Radioactive Man, Cobra and Hyde, and she even has to contend with Loki's schemes. After one such scheme activated by the trickster god, in which Donald Blake is dragged back into the scene, and awarded the Hammer of Thor, Jane is temporarily de-powered only to be rewarded with new power by Odin himself. Odin himself marries this version of Jane Foster and she again becomes the Goddess of Flight.

    Earth 811225 (What If #25)

    Goddess of Flight
    Goddess of Flight

    In a divergence from the 616 timeline Thor does not accept Odin's declaration that Jane is unworthy of immortality. He is proven correct. Thor and Jane escape Odin and Asgard begins a civil war over those who side with Thor and those who side with Odin. Notable defections to Thor include The Vizor of Odin who tells him he was unfair to Jane as he showed her an Asgard no one would wish to see and The Warriors Three. Balder, Sif, Loki and The Executioner fought against Thor and Jane. Thor enlists the Avengers to help. Odin concedes that he wasn't ready to realise his son had grown up and relents. Thor and Jane set up a kingdom on Earth to rule. Jane remains Goddess of Flight.

    Earth-726633 (Thor: The Mighty Avenger)

    Jane and Thor fall in love
    Jane and Thor fall in love

    Thor is cast out for unspeakable actions and finds Jane when seeking Mjolnir. This Jane is the curator of a Norse department in a museum. She later meets Thor as he battles Hyde in a bar. Determined to stay and help him she comes under attack herself. She drags a dying Thor to the museum where he reclaims his hammer and his powers. The series showed Thor and Jane falling in love as she taught him humility.

    Earth 1610 (Ultimate)

    Ultimate Jane
    Ultimate Jane

    Jane Foster was introduced in Ultimates 2 as a San Franciscan nurse who quits her job after seeing Thorlief Golman (Thor) talk about his theories on television. She seeks him out and they discuss his theories. She becomes one of his most avid followers. In Ultimates vs Avengers it is revealed that she and Thor share an apartment and are lovers.

    Other Media


    The Marvel Super Heroes

    Jane Foster in The Mighty Thor
    Jane Foster in The Mighty Thor

    Jane Foster appears as a supporting character in The Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Peg Dixon. She appears in all but two of the 13 'The Mighty Thor' stories.

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Jane in Earth's Mightiest Heroes
    Jane in Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Jane Foster appears as a recurring character in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, with Kari Wahlgren providing her voice. She made her first appearance in the minisodes of 'Thor the Mighty'. On the show, she is a paramedic who seems to specialize in helping out with superhuman situations. She fearlessly puts her life on the line to help the injured.

    This is how she meets Thor who rescues her on a particularly bad outing. Thor is amazed by her heroic nature and develops an attraction to her. Loki, having noticed this, informs Odin about this who gives a disapproving grunt. In a marked difference to the original comics however Odin recognises Jane's bravery which reveals that Odin had been watching Thor all along.

    Thor is seen admiring her from afar in 'Breakout' which leads her to ask if he is following her. He is impressed by the fact she doesn't give up on human life despite its fragility. She takes him to a cafe and he talks to her about his problems with his father. She attempts to convince him to return to Asgard for a little while when his family need him. Thor is reluctant to leave mortals and Jane unprotected. They are interrupted by an explosion which Thor uses as an example of why Midgard needs him.

    They are seen talking about Thor's problems again in 'Masters of Evil'. She appears to be his confidant and it is here we see Thor's attraction is reciprocated. They stroll through a park in the evening and come across a couple kissing which leads to an uncomfortable moment as neither make the first move to act on their unspoken attraction. They are interrupted by Thor's Avengers Call Card and Jane is visibly disappointed when he leaves.

    She is seen attempting to treat Hawkeye's arm much to his annoyance. Iron Man points out to Hawkeye that she is Thor's friend to which Thor gives a smitten smile. Thor is taken to Jane when he is rendered unconscious by one of Kang's beams aimed at the whole city. She is seen at his bedside when he wakes up with Wasp. Thor is comforted by their presence.

    Avengers Assemble

    Jane as Thunderstrike
    Jane as Thunderstrike

    Jane Foster appears in the fourth season of the series, Secret Wars. She first appears in the two-part season premier, "Avengers No More," where she is voiced by Erica Lindbeck. This version of the character is a famous scientist who works for Stark Industries rather than as a nurse or doctor, making her similar to her movie counterpart. She is introduced as the creator of a special device that will be used to locate and retrieve Iron Man, who had been trapped in a distant dimension after a fight with Ultron at the end of the previous season. Unfortunately, the Leader and his goons steal the device as part of a plan to destroy the Avengers.

    The Cabal subsequently use Jane's device as part of a weapon that scatters the Avengers across time and space, seemingly ridding the world of them once and for all. Jane is later seen meeting with Black Panther's new team of Avengers (Captain Marvel, Vision, Ant-Man, Wasp and Ms. Marvel), where she informs them that she plans to work with them to find a way to rescue Iron Man and the other Avengers. During the incident with the Beyonder, Jane is able to lift Mjolnir, and temporarily becomes the new Thor. Unlike in the comics, she quickly returns the hammer to the original Thor once the danger has passed. However, for her bravery, Odin gives Jane an enchanted mace, as well as the new codename Thunderstrike.

    What If...?

    Jane Foster appears in the episode "What If... Thor Were an Only Child?" with Natalie Portman reprising her role.


    Thor (2011)

    Natalie Portman as Jane
    Natalie Portman as Jane

    In the feature length Thor movie, Jane appears as a main character portrayed by Natalie Portman. Jane Foster is reimagined as an astrophysicist specializing in Einstein-Rosen Bridges connecting the Earth to other dimensions (which are simplified to be labelled as wormholes). In the remote desert town of Puerto Antigua in New Mexico she has assembled a small team of herself, an intern named Darcy and another physicist and friend of her father’s named Erik.

    Investigating a strange storm in a late night research trip she and her colleagues drive towards it to record the scientific data but in the confusion accidentally hit an unknown man. After taking him to the hospital Jane discovers on one of the frames of film that she captured the form of a man falling through the storm and she goes to the hospital to question him however he had escaped. Luckily for Jane he had not gotten far and she proceeds to hit him with her truck yet again.

    The three researchers are not sure if he is crazy or if the fantastic stories he is telling are true. Jane firmly believes he knows something about the natural phenomena she is investigating and over time is convinced that his tales of Gods and Asgard are true. Soon thereafter her research is seized by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and she goes with Thor to a secure S.H.I.E.L.D. site where she hopes to retrieve her work and where he aims to retrieve his hammer. He is captured in the process and he is unable to free either the hammer or most of the research, though he does manage to retrieve her notebook of field data.

    Despite Erik’s insistence that Thor leave town, the Jane and Thor bond while discussing the idea of the nine realms, as he explains to her and clarifies some of her understanding of the form of travel which Asgardians use. Thor's Asgardian allies and friends eventually come to Earth and they fight the Destroyer. Jane is adamant that if he will stay and help while powerless she will too and they both help evacuate the citizens in the small town. During the battle Thor is returned to full power, at which point he decides he must return to Asgard to confront Loki. Thor promises to return for her and the two share a kiss. In the process of stopping Loki destroying Jotunheim Thor is forced to break the rainbow bridge (Bifrost) which leaves him stranded in Asgard and unable to keep his promise. Jane leaves the desert disappointed but she had not given up. Working with Shield Jane continues her research into the bridge in the hope of making contact with Asgard again. Thor asks Heimdall to look in on her and what she is doing, to which he replies 'She searches for you'. An answer to which Thor smiles.

    The Avengers (2012)

    Although she does not appear in the film herself, Jane Foster is seen on a photo while Phil Coulson tells Thor that SHIELD has placed her in a safe and secure location, after the arrival of Loki.

    Thor: The Dark World (2013)

    Jane and the Aether
    Jane and the Aether

    Natalie Portman reprises her role in the sequel, where Jane has been continuing her research and is now dating a man named Richard. Her relationship with Thor has become somewhat strained, as she is upset that he did not try to contact her when he was on Earth during the events of The Avengers. Thor comes crashing back into Jane's life after her body accidentally absorbs the Aether, a liquid-like substance that is one of the ancient Infinity Stones, while she is investigating the Convergence of the Nine Realms. This brings her to the attention of Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves who seeks to claim the Aether for himself. After Loki tricks Malekith into extracting the Aether from Jane, she and Thor are reunited on Earth.

    The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Jane is once again absent from the film. It is mentioned near the beginning of the movie that she is busy overseas, as her research regarding the Convergence from The Dark World has resulted in her becoming a highly respected and sought after expert in the field of physics.

    Avengers Endgame (2019)

    In Avengers: Endgame, Portman appears in a small segment where Thor and Rocket Raccoon time travel to a point in time where Jane is possessed by the Reality Stone. They needed to take the Reality Stone back to their present so they could undo the damage of Thanos.

    Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

    Portman reprises her role as Jane Foster for the fourth Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder. In it, she is diagnosed with cancer and takes up the mantle of Mighty Thor, when Mjolnir reassembles to follow through on instructions from Thor to always keep her safe. Unfortunately, the god-like powers were burning through her chemo and stopping it from benefiting her. However, she was committed to helping Thor stop Gorr the God-Butcher from finding Eternity and wishing that all the gods never existed.


    Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Jane Foster as Thor in Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Jane Foster as Thor in Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Jane, as the Female Thor, is a playable character in the game.

    Her bio in the game says: Whoever Holds This Hammer If She Be Worthy, Shall Possess the Power of... THOR.

    Lego Marvel´s Avengers

    Jane Foster as Thor in Lego Marvel´s Avengers
    Jane Foster as Thor in Lego Marvel´s Avengers

    She is a playable character as Jane Foster and as Thor in the game.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Contest of Champions
    Contest of Champions

    Jane as Thor is a playable fighter in Contest of Champions.

    Her bio in the game says: Born a mortal on Midgard, Dr. Jane Foster - a frequent ally of Thor and consulting physician for Tony Stark - has proven herself worthy of wielding the mighty hammer Mjölnir. Taking up the mantle of Thor, Jane now fights to protect the realms from all who would seek to destroy them.

    Marvel Heroes 2015

    Jane Foster as Thor in Marvel Heroes
    Jane Foster as Thor in Marvel Heroes

    Jane appears as Thor in the game. She is an Enhanced Costume for the original Thor. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Jane Foster, as Thor, appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [What If?] Thor & She-Hulk
    • [Disenchanted] Thor Girl
    • [True Worth] Thor

    Marvel Future Fight

    Jane Foster as Thor in Marvel Future Fight
    Jane Foster as Thor in Marvel Future Fight

    Jane Foster, as Thor, is a playable character in the game. She is a universal type, and her description in the game says: When Dr. Jane Foster lifts the mystic hammer Mjolnir, she is transformed into the Goddess of Thunder, The Mighty Thor! Her enemies are many, as Asgard descends further into chaos and war threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms. Yet her greatest battle will be against a far more personal foe: the cancer that is killing her mortal form.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance 2
    Marvel Avengers Alliance 2

    Jane Foster, as Thor, became a playable character in the game. She can be recruited by completing de special operation 2: Civil War II.

    Her bio in the game says: Jane Foster was the first human to befriend Thor, developing an instant connection and falling in love with him. She eventually became the personal physician for the Avengers until she developed breast cancer. Thor begged for her to come to Asgard to be magically treated, but Jane refused, citing that magic always came with a price. At some point in the future, Thor is unable to wield Mjolnir. Jane, hearing the hammer's call, is able to lift it and transforms into the Mighty Thor. She discovers that wielding the Mjolnir restores her to perfect health but leaving Mjolnir returns to be weakened and very mortal state. Using her new abilities to travel back in time, this new Thor seeks to prevent future events from tearing the heroes of the world apart while preventing the Serpent and his Worthy from destroying the world. With limited time available to her identity secret from her friends and allies in order to protect herself and the timeline while striving to protect the world from threats that no mere mortal can stand against.

    Marvel Avengers Academy

    Jane Foster in Marvel Avengers Academy
    Jane Foster in Marvel Avengers Academy

    Jane Foster is a playable character. She is introduced in the "A-Force Event", and her unlock quest is "Get Thor". She is voiced by Marissa Lenti.


    Marvel Legends and Bishoujo
    Marvel Legends and Bishoujo
    • Diamond Select released a figure of Jane as she appears in Thor: The Dark World for the Marvel Select line of premium action figures.
    • Hasbro released a figure of Jane as Thor as part of the Marvel Infinite Comic Packs line.
    • Funko released a bobblehead of Jane as Thor as an exclusive for the Marvel Collector Corps.
    • Kotobukiya released a statue of Jane as Thor for their anime-inspired Bishoujo line.
    • Hasbro released a figure of Jane as Thor for the Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Build-a-Figure wave. A variant of this figure was also released as part of the "Mighty Thor" box set that was available as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

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