Character » Matsuda appears in 114 issues.

    A arkward member of the police force,he provides comic relief for the series. He is the one to gun down Kira.

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    Matsuda is the youngest member of the task force. He is the only member who really cares about what is popular, and thus it makes him awkward among the other members of the task force. While other task force members strongly oppose what Kira is doing, Matsuda hints around about possibly supporting Kira's effort to kill criminals. For a short time he served as the manager of model Misa Amane. He often seems clueless to exactly what is going on around him.


    Matsuda is shown as a young police officer, Task Force members L and Shuichi Aizawa think of him to be naive young detective who has a good heart and sees the best in people. He thinks very highly of Light Yagami's father and his family. When the evidence pointed towards Light Yagami to be Kira Matsuda chose to believe otherwise thinking someone else must be doing the killings. Matsuda is also a big fan of Misa Amane. His personality allows him to do things others wont do like taking risks and being most readily available member of the team. Despite his easy going nature Matsuda does take police work seriously and obeys Soichiro Yagami and ultimately proved to be important in the end.


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