Teru Mikami

    Character » Teru Mikami appears in 28 issues.

    A Kira worshiper who's unwavering dedication leads him to receive the power of Kira. Unfortunately, it is this dedication that is his undoing.

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    Teru Mikami (魅上 照 ) is a legal prosecutor best known for being the fourth and final Kira. Light Yagami made the decision the give Teru the Death Note after he deemed it too dangerous for Misa Amane to continue to own. Almost immediately after Teru acquires the Death Note he makes the "eye deal" with Ryuk. Thus Granting him the ability to see peoples names and lifespans just by looking at them. He then uses this power to prove his unflinching Loyalty to the man he considers to be God and kills an untold number in the name of Kira!


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    Teru Mikami is a young male in his mid twenties. He is 5'9" with black shoulder length hair. Teru's attire typically consist of glasses, black or dark blue business suits and an overcoat. Mikami is rarely shown without professional attire. The only exception being when he goes to work out in the Gym.


    Mikami has a strong sense of justice that has developed over the course of his childhood. He hates crime/criminals and like Light he expresses a deep passion for punishing evil.


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