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Current Events

Koah is the Atlantean Elder of Law and a member of the Atlantean council. He serves king Aquaman. He is older than Aquaman and seems to distrust the surface world. He has extended knowledge of Atlantean history and law and is one of Aquaman's closest advisers.

He escorted queen Mera and captain Tula in the lower more xenophobic levels of Atlantis while investigating an assassination attempt.

His clothes have very distinct yellow shoulder pads with black spots, characteristics of Aquaman's villain Fisherman . In Aquaman #24 the statue representing one of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis is of a man wearing Fisherman's characteristic yellow and black helmet. No further connection has been revealed yet.


Koah was created by Aquaman writer Jeff Parker and artist Paul Pelletier. He made his debut in Aquaman#26.

Powers & Abilities

Koah is an Atlantean and possesses their typical superhuman abilities.

Superhuman Strength

Koah like all Atlanteans has some degree of superhuman strength.

Enhanced Durability

Koah like all Atlanteans has some degree of enhanced durability.

Underwater Adaptation

He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep.

Intellect (Law and History)

He is the Elder of Law and an expert on the subject. He also has extended knowledge of Atlantean history.

Weaponry & Equipment

Atlantean Staff

He carries a staff that can create a short range vibration wave.


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