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    The DC Comics' Atlantean species members include a wide range of characters such as Aquaman, Mera, Tempest, Kaldur'ahm, Dolphin and Tula.

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    Atlanteans have evolved into two distinct groups, both of which live under the rule of the King of Atlantis. Homo Magi are also descendants of the Ancient Atlanteans. The direct descendants of Ancient Atlanteans have legs, while an offshoot group of mer-people have fish tails. The legged Atlanteans predominately live in Poseidonis, the capital of Atlantis, while the Mer-people live in Tritonis. Atlanteans also come from Shayeris, the secluded home of a group of mystics and Xebel, an Atlantean penal colony that was locked beneath the Bermuda Triangle. Though not truly Atlanteans, a part of San Diego fell into the ocean after a devastating earthquake and the citizens were given the ability to live underwater as citizens of Sub Diego.


    • Superhuman strength
    • Superhuman speed
    • Superhuman endurance
    • Superhuman durability
    • Breath underwater
    • Hydrokinesis

    The Sinking of Atlantis

    Thousands of years ago Atlantis was an island nation home to an advanced civilization surface dwellers. The people both practiced magic and embraced technology. King Orin constructed a protective dome around the city to protect it from invaders, however he was opposed by his brother Shalako, who believed that constructing such a dome would upset the Gods. Soon after the Earth was devastated by a meteor and many Atlanteans were killed. The strength of the dome kept Atlantis intact and the city came to rest on the sea floor.

    Cities of Atlantis

    Present day Atlantis is made up of several city-states that were once part of the greater Pre-Cataclysmic Atlantean empire.

    • Poseidonis- The capital of Atlantis and seat of the royal family.
    • Tritonis- Sister city of Atlantis and home to the Mer-People. The city is ruled by King Iqula and Queen Sona.
    • Thierna Na Oge- While many Altanteans survived the Great Cataclysm to later establish the cities of Poseidonis and Tritonis, others migrated towards the outer regions to develop smaller, simpler settlements. It is the home of Nuada Silverhand and her usurper Eochaid Bres
    • Shayeris (formerly Crastnus)- A splinter group of Idyllists founded a separate city. Tempest is the prince of this city.
    • Xebel- An Atlantean Penal Colony sealed under the Bermuda Triangle. Mera was sent from Xebel to Atlantis in order to kill Aquaman, however she fell in love with him and married him instead. Her sister came for her years later, seeking to complete the job she could not.
    • Sub Diego- Lorena Marquez, the latest Aquagirl, hails from Sub Diego.

    Gods of Atlantis

    • Aps- The God of Land
    • Calculhah- A force of good
    • Majistra- A force of evil
    • Pallais- The Goddess of the Water
    • Suula- The Goddess of the Sky
    • The Dark Gods- Powerful entities of black magic. Aquaman asks them to spare Atlantis from the wrath of the Spectre, in return he is transformed into the Dweller of the Depths.

    Ancient Atlanteans

    • Arion- Half a millennia ago the Atlantean Gods Calculhah and Majistra produced a powerful sorcerer. He is raised to be a Lord of Order. At one time it was believed that he was the father of Power Girl, however that has since been proven false.
    • Cora- Daughter of Orin and mother of Kordax
    • Dardanus- Son of Shalako and father of Kordax
    • Gamemnae- The leader of Atlantis during the Obsidian Age and the leader of The League of Ancients. When the present day Atlanteans were sent back in time to escape an Imperiex Probe, Gamemnae enslaved her own people for 15 years before the Justice League could find them and free them.
    • Garn Daanuth- Evil brother of Arion. He is raised to be a Lord of Chaos.
    • Kordax- The ancient criminal ancestor of Aquaman. A baby born with blonde hair is said to carry The Curse of Kordax and is shunned by Atlantis.
    • Orin- The King of Atlantis when the city first fell into the ocean. Aquaman is named after him.
    • Shalako- Brother of King Orin, founder of Tritonis and creator of the Mer-People.
    • Thorne- Scientist who developed a serum to allow Atlanteans to breathe underwater.
    • The Weaver- A mystic of Ancient Atlantis that challenged the powerful Arion.

    Mer-People of Tritonis

    The ancestors of modern day Mer-People were the followers of Shalako, known as Shalakites. When his brother Orin brought them a serum to allow them to breathe underwater, an enraged Shalako cursed his followers, transforming them into Mer-People.

    • Jerro- Supergirl's boyfriend.
    • King Iqula- Ruler of Tritonis.
    • Lenora Lemaris- Sister of Lori Lemaris.
    • Lori Lemaris- Childhood friend of Clark Kent.
    • Letifos- a member of a race of shark-finned Atlanteans known as the Sher'hedeen.
    • Mer-Boy- Childhood friend of Wonder Woman.
    • Queen Sona- Wife of King Iqula. She must hide her blonde hair from her people in fear that she would be exiled. She is apparently a descendant of Kordax and therefore related to Aquaman in some way.
    • Ronal- Healer of Tritonis and friend of Lori Lemaris.
    • Sheeva- a Tritonian mermaid from Poseidonis and friend of Blubber and Lagoon Boy.

    Kingsgaurd and The Drift

    The Kingsgaurd is essentially the military of Atlantis, composed of people who work closely with the royal family to defend Atlantis. The Drift is similar to the Kingsgaurd. They work black ops missions.

    Royal Lineage of Atlantis

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    The lineage of Atlantis has gone back thousands of years to its original founding. Since the introduction of the monstrous Kordax into the bloodline, those of royal lineage that show the Curse of Kordax are banished from Atlantis. For a time, Aquaman, the current King of Atlantis, was exiled by his people. Aquaman has abdicated the throne on several occasions, leaving other rulers in charge while he continued his undersea adventures. After the death of Aquaman both Mera and Tempest attempted to lead Atlantis. After the destruction of Atlantis at the hands of The Spectre, a delusional and mutated Mera attempted to keep the kingdom in order. Arthur Joseph Curry also attempted to rule Atlantis, however he abandoned the throne, leading Tempest to take up the role. Tempest was killed during Blackest Night, leaving the throne vacant once again. Now with his resurrection, Aquaman and Mera have left Atlantis behind for now.

    For a brief time, Mera ruled as Queen. Hers and Arthur's daughter, Andy, is the Princess.


    Other Media

    DC Extended Universe

    Aquaman (2018)

    • Atlanteans: amphibious humanoid residents of the Kingdom of Atlantis.
    • Fishermen: mermaid or fish-like Atlantean residents of the Kingdom of the Fishermen.
    • The Brine: crustacean Atlantean residents of the Kingdom of the Brine.
    • The Trench: sightless monstrous Atlantean residents of the Kingdom of the Trench.
    • Xebelians: amphibious humanoid residents of the Kingdom of Xebel.

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