Flashpoint » 5 issues

    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 2011.

    Volume 2. DC's summer event. This core miniseries series was written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Andy Kubert. In its conclusion, the series radically changes the status quo for DC Universe leading into the publisher's 2011 relaunch, The New 52.

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    "Everything will change in a flash!" DC's Summer event starring The Flash, Barry Allen. Written by Geoff Johns with art by Andy Kubert.

    Flashpoint picks up right after Professor Zoom unleashes a giant, reality altering blast of built up Speed Force energy that changes the time line completely. Barry Allen wakes up to find everything about his life different, his mother is alive, he isn't married to his wife, he isn't the Flash, and that's just the beginning of his problems. Wonder Woman and the Amazons are at war with Aquaman and the Atlanteans, Cyborg is the United States greatest hero, Superman is nowhere to be found and the world is at the brink of war. Knowing this reality is not his own, Barry Allen seeks out the help of the only man who may be able to help him figure out what happened.... Batman. But the Batman he finds is not who he expects...

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