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    Andy Kubert is the youngest son of comic book artist Joe Kurbert. Andy, like his father and his brother Adam Kubert, is an illustrator who is well known for successful runs on X-Men, Batman, and Flashpoint.

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    Andrew "Andy" Kubert is an American comic book artist, son of Joe Kubert, and brother of Adam Kubert, both of whom are also artists. He is a graduate of and an instructor of second-year classes at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, founded by his father (who also teaches there).

    Personal Life

    Andy Kubert was born on February 27, 1962, the third member (after father Joe and elder brother Adam) of one of the most famous comics-artist families. While Kubert started at DC Comics, drawing Adam Strange and the Batman vs. Predator crossover, he is probably best known for his work at Marvel Comics, specifically the company's X-Men titles. An occasional cover artist on Uncanny X-Men (drawing the first cover appearance of the character Gambit) and X-Men Classic, Kubert later served as a fill-in penciller for Uncanny X-Men #279-280 and #288 before becoming the regular penciller on X-Men vol. 2 (starting with #14), following Jim Lee's departure from Marvel to form Image Comics.

    Both Adam and his brother, Andy, signed exclusive contracts to work for DC Comics in 2005. This came as somewhat of a shock to the industry as both the Kuberts (along with John Romita, Jr.) were known to be Marvel Comics' stalwarts, and the Kubert family was well known for its company loyalty. When Valiant Comics attempted to lure the two brothers from Marvel in 1994, they both refused, instead opting to keep their home at Marvel Comics.

    In a Wizard interview, the brothers made clear that they held no animosity for Marvel, but instead were excited for the chance to work on DC titles for a change. According to DC editor Mike Marts, Andy is currently working on a top secret project involving Batman, after leaving the monthly title's illustrating duties to current artist Tony Daniel.

    Andy has been announced to be doing the covers to Batman: Cacophony, a 3-issue miniseries due out in November 2008. Andy will also be illustrating the two-issue Batman story by Neil Gaiman entitled, "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" This will reunite Gaiman and Kubert, who previously worked together on the series Marvel 1602.

    While his brother Adam has returned to Marvel comics following his three year deal with DC, Dan DiDio has confirmed that following 'Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?' Andy has two more Batman projects in the works, one of which he is writing himself.
    He is also signed on to do art for DCU: Legacies and Flashpoint this year and next.

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