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    Falseface is a villainess who works for the Calculator. She wears a costume that allows her to copy another person's physical appearance.

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    This page is for the female villain by the name Falseface.

    The two male villains by this moniker have their own page: False-Face.


    Falseface was created by writer Tony Bedard, and artists David Cole and Doug Hazlewood. She first appeared in the 112th issue of Birds of Prey, in 2008.

    The concept for her character was likely inspired by False-Face, a male villain from earlier DC comics who was also able to assume other people's identities.

    Major Story Arcs

    In Birds of Prey #112 Falseface partnered with White Star to kill Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake) and replace her within Oracle's Birds of Prey. Their planned attempt to capture Lady Blackhawk turned into an elaborate chase across the United States when a drunk Zinda commandeered a taxi and forced the driver Masoud to take her from Metropolis to California. Falseface was eventually able to get close enough to assume Zinda's physical appearance, but her attempt to also kill her target led to a stand-off between the two Lady Blackhawks. Masoud was able to trick Falseface by speaking Pashto, which the real Zinda learned in India. This allowed Zinda to get the drop on Falseface, causing her to lose her disguise. As she raised her pistol to shoot the real Lady Blackhawk she was knocked unconscious by Masoud. It is unknown what happened to Falseface afterwards.


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