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Female Versions of Male Characters

One of the biggest comic book tropes is that of the spin-off character, taking a popular character and creating a teen sidekick/evil counterpart/alternate reality version (and the list goes on). A sort of sub-trope is that of female versions of male characters. Some have managed to develop into unique and interesting characters in their own right, others remain nothing more than sexed-up gimmicks with a “Lady” or “She’ slapped on a recognizable name.

I tried to include only those characters directly derived from a pre-existing male character, as opposed to those that are amalgams of both male and female characters. You’ll find that a list of male characters based on female characters is almost non-existent in comparison. Either way, I think the list below demonstrates how endemic this trend is, as well as the ongoing need for the creation of original female characters in comics.

The name of the character's male counterpart is included with each entry.

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