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    Birds of Prey was ongoing title created by editor Jordan Gorfinkel (with the team name attributed to Frank Pittarese). Chuck Dixon, then writer of many Batman related titles, was the initial writer for the series and would continue until issue #55. Prior to this ongoing, Several one-shots and mini-series had been published, these included;

    The term "Birds of Prey" was not an actual team name but rather simply the name of the comic, although later issues would eventually come to use the team name officially. The original premise of the book was a Barbara Gordon (Oracle at the time) and Black Canary team-up which would later expand to include a variety of different female superheroes, the most regular being The Huntress (Bertinelli). The title is most associated with writer Gail Simone, who would pen the series from issues #56 to #108 as well as most of Volume 2.




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