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    Character » Doc Justice appears in 9 issues.

    Doc Justice is Los Angeles' most vallued superhero. He most recently recruited he Runaways into his J-Team. But he has a sinister secret.

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    Doc Justice, formerly known as Justice, Dark Justice, and (for a short time in the '90s) The Just, is Los Angeles' go-to superhero. He found himself at odds with The Pride most often and had a superhero team known as the J-Team. But misfortune continued to haunt Doc Justice, since his teenage years. It started with the death of one of Doc Justice's teammates, his girlfriend. Over the years, many new team members joined, and many of them died unfortunate accidents. Eventually, only Doc Justice and his loyal butler remained.


    Doc Justice was created by Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet and first appeared in Runaways Vol.5 issue 25 (2019)

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting the Runaways

    After the demise of his nemesis The Pride, he kept an eye on their kids, The Runaways, who impressed him by ultimately becoming heroes themselves. He recruited them to be a new generation of the J-Team. He gave them new outfits and gear, and they patrolled the streets of LA taking down the vast crime organizations created by The Pride that are still functioning.

    However, he did not have their best interests at heart. He has been setting up his teammates for failure for years for the media attention and public goodwill it earns him as a person. When he made a move against Karolina, the team saw him for what he was and fought back. Doc seemed to have the upper hand until Old Lace grabbed him by the neck and sacrificed him to Gib.


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