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Gib is a child of the original Gibborim. He and his brothers were set to inherit an Earth full of souls ready to be consumed, but The Runaways stopped their parents from performing the ritual. This left them trapped in Limbo for quite sometime.


Gib was created by Rainbow Rowell and David Lafuente and first appeared in Runaways Vol.5 issue 13 (2018)

Major Story Arcs

Meeting the Runaways

When they finally escaped, the trio confronted The Runaways and tried to force them to perform the ritual their parents' never finished. The Runaways bought themselves some time, but the new generation of Gibborim were unwilling to leave them unsupervised. Thus, Gib stayed at the hostel to watch over them.

Gib was a silent observer. He watched as the team showed compassion and empathy for each other and even himself. He was convinced that humanity was worth saving and turned on his brothers. He was welcomed into the Runaways, but he continued to hunger.

The team attempts multiple ways to feed him, but ultimately, it was Old Lace and Rufus who figured it out. They started bring home squirrels they were catching and killing them in front of Gib so that he might restore himself. Gib remained weak, but it was better than nothing. It wasn't until Doc Justice was killed by Old Lace for betraying the team that Gib was fed something even remotely satisfying.

He permanently transformed into a young kid version of himself, after he was told he looked too monstrous, and looks more like a small green gremlin than a troll. And loses his large nose, and horns, and replaces them for a regular nose and sharper ears. He also gained the personality of a tween.


Alongside his super strength he has the ability to shapeshift into any animal ever. Including modern, prehistoric, alien, and mystical animals, he can gain aspects of animals, combine aspects, and also change into much smaller and larger animals.

Although there is No limit to the animals he can morph into, all the animals he turns into are all green. However he can change color in chameleon and octopus forms.


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