Old Lace

    Character » Old Lace appears in 167 issues.

    Old Lace is a genetically engineered deinonychus that once shared an empathic bond with Gertrude Yorkes of the Runaways. Since Gertrude's death this bond has been shifted to Chase Stein.

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    Old Lace was genetically engineered in the 87th century by Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes, the parents of Gertrude Yorkes. The designers also put in several character traits which include a telepathic bond with Gertrude Yorkes as well as being incapable of harming any of her immediate family. Old Lace was originally intended to be part of Gert's inheritance, for when her parents died. Gertrude chose the name Old Lace and she gave herself the codename Arsenic, in reference to the play Arsenic & Old Lace.

    Even though Old Lace has a telepathic bond with Chase now, she has been shown to have some free will. This is seen when Chase ties Nico up and Old Lace growls & tries to stop Chase.

    During the Runaways' trip to New York to help Cloak and Dagger, in order to avoid any problem walking around the streets with a living dinosaur, Nico Minoru changes Old Lace into a small dog with a spell.

    In issue 11 of Volume 3 Old Lace shields Klara from a rocket attack, and dies in the process.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 6' 11" (including tail)
    • Weight: 334 lbs
    • Eye Color: Red
    • Hair Color: None
    • Species: Deinonychus
    • Place of Birth: Earth in the 87th Century
    • Known Masters: Gertrude Yorkes, Chase Stein
    • Distinguishing features: Blue pattern on back, bull-like nose ring

    Powers and Abilities

    Old Lace is a Deinonychus, which means that she has sharp claws and teeth, protective scales, and an intimidating size, all of which can be used defensively or offensively. She is also quite strong, being able to support someone's weight if they were to ride on her back and has naturally heightened senses and reflexes.

    Old Lace had a telepathic/empathic bond with her original bondmate, Gert Yorkes that allows them to feel each other's emotions, thoughts, and pains. This bond can be transferred through Gert's consent and has been done so twice, once to Alex Wilder when confronting The Gibborim and the last was to Chase Stein moments before Gertrude passed away. Chase Stein continues to share a bond with Old Lace.


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