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Colonel Franklin Clay  was a CIA operative until his superiors shoot down his helicopter on a mission in Afghanistan when they think he and his team know too much. Faking both his death, and the death of his team he gathers the information needed to take down two rogue agents on his team and the man behind the attempt to kill him.


He was on a mission in Columbia, until he was order not to engage only to support hired mercenary unit. The Merc’s were lead by wade who massacred the entire village of Santa maria, leading to a explosion. This was the first time he was let down by the US army, and the experience gave him a suppress trauma.


His unit was sent on mission “Draw Venom” in Afghanistan. The mission was to search for an Al Qaeda base and Fadhil so they could mark the area for an air strike. There search was aided by Max who informed them of the location of Fadhil’s fortress in the Khyber Pass. 

After surveillance of the fortress, they spotted the Fadhil and ordered the airstrike. They quickly realise that there are children present in the fortress. He attempts to call off the air stike but all he can get is static. Max warns them to stand down, the storm the fortress anyway in the cover of darkness, in an attempt to get the children clear of the air strike. 

While attempting to free the children they come across an American soldier being held captive. He realises that the soldier is being held to prove the identity of Max and that Fadhil was just trying to take Max down and is in no way a terrorist. During the rescue, Fadhil is discovered dying and Clay decides to kill him. 

The team are able to free the children and take them to the extraction point. There is not enough room in the plane for the team and the children so the go first. Just after take off the plane is shot down , in a effort to cover up the whole incident. The team go into hiding while clay searches for MAX.
Clay join’s forces with Fadhil daughter Aisha to search for MAX. 5 years after the incident the team is reassembled in America. The team finds a stash of Drugs and weapons belonging to Max but are betrayed by Rouqe, who steals the drugs for MAX and Wade. 

Clay is able to track down wade and Rouge at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Clay is able to kill Wade but Rouge escapes. This leads them to an oil rig off the coast of Qatar. The losers are quickly arrested by Sheik Abdul Aziz. Clay convinces him that Max is a terrorist and he is only way to stop him. Sheik cannot take action so he frees the losers.
Clay gains access to Max’s account and find out that he is an investor in PAM(Policy Analysis Market), which makes money from predicting terrorist activity, that they cause though P2OG. 

The loser finds Rouge upon a tanker, who is leading mercenaries. The find that they have been ambushed and Max is able to torpedo the tanker. They abanonship and escape in a lifecraft. They are able to take Pooch hostage. 

The losers are able to rescue pooch. The helicopter is able to make it out of their before the bomb explodes. Pooch returns to his family and Clay continues the mission. 

They infiltrate New Jerusalem's defences, and make their way to Max. Clay attempts to shot Max but is unsuccessful. Aisha thows a grenade at Clay. Clay charges Max and they fall to their appearant deaths.

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