The Losers

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    Ex-CIA team who seek revenge against their handler Max after he betrayed them.

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    When the people who are supposed to be on the side of good are forced to do something they do not want, they are labeled traitors. That is what the Losers are, a group of EX-CIA agents who, on their last mission, were ordered to do something that each member could not do. And in disobeying direct orders by their handler Max they are now the focus of everyone within the military and sought after by Max himself.

    Clay, Jensen, Roque, Cougar, Pooch and Aisha are the Losers; going against the system that put them in a spot they were not willing to be in. They want nothing more than to get back at those who have wronged them. Each of them has a specific reason why they want Max dead, but all of them have one single thing in common - they were all betrayed.

    The Members


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    The leader of what has been dubbed the Losers. All Clay wants is to find the man responsible for their downfall and turned them into the Losers...Max. Clay is determined to figure out why they were duped and left for dead by Max. Why would he send them on that mission, and why he tried to kill them when they failed. Clay and Aisha have a sort of temperamental relationship, either trying to kill each other or have sex, these two are definitely what you would not call a loving couple.


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    The Marksman, and silent comedian. Scarred by what he saw in the mission that led them to become the Losers, he is a very quiet man. He rarely speaks and only speaks openly to Jensen. He always wears a cowboy hat and he is an excellent marksman.


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    The hacker, gunner, smart ass of the team. He is at home in front of a computer hacking into places he shouldn't be, but he also is a caring man. Becoming very close to Cougar they form a brotherly bond. Always the ever loving man of a million laughs (or so he thinks) his brash attitude tends to get him into tight spots.


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    The ghost within the group, when she speaks it's never anything nice. Condescending, ill-tempered and quite frankly she's a b!tch, but she is definitely an essential member to this team. Her reasons behind being in this group of misfits are her own and she tells no one. She really doesn't like Jensen and makes it apparent any and every time he tries to "woo" her. She is skilled in demolitions and many if not all forms of weaponry. She is also built like an ox as she is able to fire a rpg from the hip without falling to the recoil.


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    The gunner and pilot of the group. If it's got two wings he can fly it...usually. A family man, he is the most verbal about wanting out of all of what the Losers do; wanting nothing more than to return to his family (a wife and two kids). But he knows if he returns before they repay Max, that his family would be in danger. Always with a smile on his face he is somewhat eluding to the fact he is built like a tank, able to withstand torture. He, along with all of the group, is well-versed in the ways of weapons.


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    The man of many faces, he is the shadow within the group. Never revealing more than what is necessary he is very stern and to the point. A scar on his right eye shows that he has seen many battles for his country. But what the team does't know is he is working for his own game, and has been from the very beginning.

    The Losers Feature Film

    In 2010, a movie adaptation of the comicbook was made starring Jeffery Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, Óscar Jaenada and Jason Patric.

    The movie stays almost identical to the first few issues of the comic, spanning the first six issues of the famed Vertigo comic. Some things were edited for the movie, especially the violence that is shown during the movie. Much of the action was all done with explosives rather than the death and gore, the comic had a lot of violence but it too didn't show many scenes of gore and horror. The one scene that was extremely watered down was the scene in which the helicopter bringing the children home was shot down, with the comic tiny bodies are seen burning to ash are shown. The movie showed almost nothing of this, something probably better for the movie in keeping it PG-13.


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