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    Cold, methodical, and deadly. Her own team mates dont much like her, but she is a vital component of The Losers.

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     Aisha is a tough character to pin down. That's why it's best to let her tell you how she really is :

    "I was born in a desert place. War was my only mother. As a child, I moved through the battlefield and slit the throats of screaming Russian boys. I firebombed my first tank when I was twelve years old and machine-gunned the crew as they fled, burning." ( issue #1)

    Aisha's character is one of loyalty, unfaulting drive, steadfastness, stoism and revenge. Her mission - take down Max, a threat to her, her close ones and the future of her home. Her motivation for joining The Losers is one of pure selfishness and based upon mutual necessity. The Losers need her intel and skill, she needs their funding and guts.


     Ahmed Khalfan Fadhil, Aisha's father
     Ahmed Khalfan Fadhil, Aisha's father
    Aisha is the daughter of Ahmed Khalfan Fadhil, a drug and child smuggler, who moved Aisha around with his roaming opium caravan between Pakistan and Afghanistan. According to Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) intelligence, Ahmed Khalfan Fadhil was known to be the chief financier and mastermind of the U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. He was also a warlord and operated a network of terrorist training camps in the Hindu Kusa, northwest of the Khyber Pass.

    Her father was killed in part of the C.I.A. run black ops mission led by The Losers.

    She has no other known family members but has a close friend who she moved to New York and kept responsibility of. This friend is known as Fatima, and when Aisha finds Fatima has been accepted into the company of the Egyptian trader Mahmoud Al-Farawi, she violently and forcefully removes Fatima from his building. Al-Farawi, unbeknownst to Fatima, was in fact a child smuggler just like her father. Aisha kills him though no harm is befallen Fatima.

    The Losers

     The Losers
     The Losers
    Aisha is a part of the black ops rogue squad known as The Losers. She joins the losers in order to enact revenge against Max for ordering the hit on her father. It was in fact The Losers who physically killed her father, Ahmen Khalan Fadhil, when ordered by Max to take him down on the Pakistan-Ahganistan border 5 years before Aisha joined them. Though she harbours mixed feelings towards The Losers, Aisha gradually becomes a trusted and valuable member of the team after she is requested to join by Colonel Clay. At one time she has a sexual relationship with Clay.

    It is not known how or where Colonel Clay first meets Aisha, but that during the 5 years between the events of Khyber Pass and The Losers seeking their revenge, Aisha is approached by Clay and she agrees to serve as a double agent between the C.I.A. and The Losers. Aisha is formally an operative for the agency, and that is why she is needed in The Losers to begin with.

    Her intel and initial knowledge of agency operations save The Losers on a number of occasions. The Losers find out through her intel that the agency is washing money made through Afghan opium and Colombian crack using a corporation called Goliath Oil Terminal. Goliath's oil rigs are exempt from U.S. customer inspection. The Losers break into a Goliath building in Houston to gather intel from their internal servers and find out if they are smuggling anything The Losers can use for leverage. Even though Aisha is not used in the mission to infiltrate an oil tanker in Houston Port, her intervention when The Losers are seemingly trapped saves the team from death. This is the beginning of The Losers hunt for the real mastermind behind their demise.

    The Killer

    Aisha is a strictly shoot first ask questions later kind of agent. With no qualms about body counts in seek of her revenge, all deaths along the way are acceptable in pursuit of her ultimate goal. Clay regularly tries to keep Aisha on a leash in order to minimize the death toll, as he believes that Max is the only truly evil one needing to be killed.
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    Aisha is known for being cruel and vicious in her kill style. She carries a bow knife and will go straight for the juggular of her victims. When still in the Middle East, she grew a reputation for keeping body par ts as trophies, such as ears. She is also proficient in firearms - semi-automatic, automatic and heavy machine guns including rocket launchers. Her aim is second only to Cougar. She is also skilled in surveillance and esp ionage, and is lethal in hand-to-hand combat.

    The Terrorist and Lover

     The Lovers
     The Lovers
    It is revealed that before Aisha is a double agent working for the C.I.A., and that previously she was a member of the Freedom Brigade, a group of Islamist terrorists based in Qatar. Aisha meets her previous agency contact Hancock in Turkmenistan, and feeds him false information on a planned hit of Karakum Prison by the Freedom Brigade. This was in order for Hancock to issue an order for the transfer of their leader Fahd from the prison and Aisha to enact her rescue. Fahd is in fact rescued by Aisha and he turns out to be the former lover of Aisha when she was a part of the Freedom Brigade.

    Apart from Fahd, Aisha also shares her bed with Colonel Clay. In London ( issue #20), when The Losers are hunting down a connection in the C.I.I., Clay and Aisha begin a sexual relationship at the hotel they camp at.

    Mission Complete

    When The Losers eventually catch up with Max and infiltrate his newly-founded country New Jerusalem ( issue #30), Aisha double crosses the team and sacrifices Clay in an attempt to kill Max. She drops an incendiary grenade from an elevated position in order to be absolutely sure of killing Max. In the explosion, Clay is hit and he throws Max of a high balcony with him. Fahd, working with the Qatar royal family, brings a nucleur bomb to New Jerusalem with the aim of destroying the new country if Aisha fails. Aisha knows this, but not that Max was in fact two brothers, and in order to destroy the second Max the bomb must be activated. Aisha tries to leave New Jerusalem but is headed off by roughly 100 New Jerusalem soldiers, and the last scene is of her attempting to shoot her way through them. New Jerusalem is destroyed by the bomb.

    The Loser Movie

    In The Losers the movie, Aisha is played by Zoe Saldana.

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