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Released from Ancestor-Box
Released from Ancestor-Box

When Batman shot Darkseid with a radion bullet at the end of Final Crisis, the dark god retaliated by striking Bruce down with his Omega Beams, seemingly killing him. Earth's heroes mourned the loss of one of their finest, but in reality, Darkseid had not killed Batman. He had used his powers to warp time around Bruce, infusing him with Omega energy and sending him back to the Stone Age without any memory of who he really was.

The infusion of Omega energy would cause Bruce to uncontrollably jump forward in time until he reached the present. Each jump would increase the concentration of Omega energy in Bruce's body, until his final arrival in the present, at which point the energy would blow a hole in time and decimate the universe. Once this happened, the Hyper-Adapter would take control of Batman's body, carving out a space in his mind for Darkseid to return, take possession of it and rule over reality once and for all.

In 1765, a young Thomas Wayne, along with numerous other influential colonial Americans, participate in a demonic mass where they attempt to summon the demon Barbatos, in an attempt to gain eternal life. When the summoning seemingly works, all of the men but Thomas flee in fear, locking Thomas underground with the demon. While Thomas believes he had summoned Barbatos, what actually appeared to him was Darkseid's weapon, the Hyper Adapter, which adapted to Hurt, with the intent of using Thomas as a weapon against his future descendant.


The Hyper-Adapter was created by writer Grant Morrison, as part of a long Batman arc that encompassed Batman RIP, Final Crisis and The Return of Bruce Wayne. The Barbatos character originally introduced in Batman #452 was retroactively turned into the Hyper-Adapter.

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