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    Peter Milligan is a British writer best known for his extensive work on X-Force/X-Statix and X-Men for Marvel, and Human Target, Shade, the Changing Man and a lengthy, and climatic, tenure on Hellblazer for DC/Vertigo.

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    Comic Books

    Peter Milligan has been writing comics for some time and he has somewhat of a reputation for writing material that is highly outlandish, bizarre and/or absurd. Somehow in the midst of this he managed to carve out a second career as a superhero writer. His highest profile projects to date include a run on X-Men, and his X-Force revamp that relaunched as X-Statix. Many of Milligan's best works have been from DC/Vertigo. Most of Milligan's Vertigo work have never been collected into trade paperback form; rendering the majority of his stronger output long out of print. Enigma has been collected and is long out of print. Shade, The Changing Man and Human Target are slowly getting collected in Trade Paperback formats.

    Milligan seemingly takes vacations from the comic book industry here and there as, after the cancellation of his "X-Statix" opus and the end of his run on X-Men, it was a few years before he resurfaced with " The Programme" from Wildstorm. Since resurfacing, Milligan has been working steadily for the Big Two (Marvel and DC), with limited series such as Sub Mariner: The Depths. Currently, Milligan has finally been tapped to write DC Vertigo's Hellblazer; a project many have felt to be long overdue for him to take a crack at as he is pretty much the last notable British comic writer who has been active since the mid 80's, is known on both sides of the Pond, and has not yet written so much as a 1-2 issue stint for Hellblazer (the extent of Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison's work with the title). This has been negated as he has taken over as the writer for Hellblazer starting with issue #250.

    Peter Milligan also has a habit of having series canceled short. His Minx and Greek Street series both got canceled early from Vertigo. Minx lasting 8 issues and Greek Street 16 issues. Greek Street would get canceled before the second trade would be released. Human Target would get canceled at 21 issues, falling short of reaching the two year mark.

    Peter Milligan is finding his way back into mainstream comics as he is the primary writer of DC's new series, Red Lanterns. He also wrote Justice League Dark and Stormwatch. However these runs lasted shortly and he switched onto new things.

    Milligan's new projects include All-New Doop with David Lafuente from Marvel; The Names (replacing The Discipline) with Leo Fernandez from Vertigo; Shadowman with Roberto de la Torre from Valiant; and Terminal Hero from Dynamite Entertainment.

    Characters Created




    Movie/TV Shows

    He also wrote the scripts (screenplays) for the movies Pilgrim (2000) and An Angel for May (2002) and TV mini-series Meta4orce (2008).

    Personal Life

    His official website is:

    Join in the conversation with Peter on the "new muse" forum.


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