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Early Life


As a child, Kamui was sent to a public school in Tokyo, where, in third grade, he met and became fast friends with Fuma and Kotori Monou, and he even asked Kotori to be his bride. When he made his proposal in third grade, Fuma made Kamui promise that he would not make Kotori cry, or else he would be beaten up. He promised his young friend with a pinky swear, and the deal was sealed. Even though, at that time, Kamui did not entirely understand marriage, his proposal had an adverse effect on Kotori, who still dreamed about him six years later.

The three friend’s happiness was cut short when Kamui and his mother move away after Kotori and Fuma’s mother, Saya, died in 1993. When Kamui asked why they had to move away, his mother told him that Kotori’s mother had died for their sake, and that, if they didn’t leave, then everyone at the shrine that Saya had lived in would eventually die.

Kamui and his mother moved to Tokyo at this age, and found themselves a new home in Okinawa. For six years, the two espers lived happily. However, at school, Kamui began to use his powers in multiple fights, becoming well known for his inhuman fighting prowess. His mother did not approve of these fights though, and constantly confronted him about it, until one day Kamui discovered his mother in a fire. She stood in the burning houses center, turning to Kamui as he attempted to reach her in the blaze. As he ran though, something held him back, and he realized that his mother was stopping him from saving her. She then reached out her hand as she told him to go and face his destiny in Tokyo, and the fire rushed upward consuming everything from Kamui’s view except for her outstretched hand, pointing at him as his mother shouted for him to face his destiny. Kamui watched as the blaze before him took his mother’s life.

Return to Tokyo


Kamui headed his mother’s advice, and in 1999, he returned to Tokyo to face his destiny. He became enrolled in one of the high schools as a freshman. On his first day, though, as he was walking to his school, He realized that he was being followed, and stopped, asking those following him if they wanted to fight him, commenting to himself how he was going to be late on his first day of school.

Four men then proceeded to attack him, but he turned, summoning a wall of energy before him, before using it to throw the four attackers against back along the street, and they looked on in shock as rocks behind lifting up next to him, creating a deadly aura around the high school student. He then through the rocks forward and the boulders struck the men who had been assaulting him, but did not notice the one at his heels. It reached forward, grabbing his leg and, with a quick pull, brought Kamui to the ground. He brought forward another boulder, sending the man to his death between the rock and a wall.

Four more men charged forward, attempting to capture Kamui, and growing tired of the fight, Kamui shot forth a blast of energy, tearing the skin from the men before him, and the men dissolved slowly into a pile of goo.

Kamui slowly moved towards the now liquefied reaching down to lift up a piece of paper that had been held in the head of the attackers. He then smiled to himself, calling the attackers Shikis, and the paper in his hand began burning as cries of pain seemed to come from it. As the paper continued to burn, it suddenly grew into a bird, and attempted to fly away, but Kamui reached forward, grabbing the bird’s talon, and bringing it down to his eye level. He then smiled menacingly, and told it:

”Go tell your boss ‘Give me trouble, and I will definitely kill you’”

He then opened his hand, allowing the bird to take wing and fly away from the man on the ground. He then walked passed all the rubble he had created, bending down and grabbing the bag which he had dropped at the beginning of the fight. He stood, put the bag over his shoulder, and began walking, as if nothing had interrupted his stroll to school.

He finally arrived to school (late) and walked into the courtyard when he heard from a window above him a voice saying his name, and he looked up to discover Kotori looking down at him in shock. For a second, he froze, seeing the girl he had proposed to as a child. A man appeared in the window, and Kotori turned to him for a second, and Kamui was gone before she had a chance to look back at him.

He went to hide in a cherry tree bloom behind the school, giving himself a chance to compose himself after seeing his childhood friend who he had not seen for six years. As he stood in the grove, a soccer ball landed in the grove about five feet from where he stood, and a man came into the grove, picking it up before looking over at Kamui. Kamui looked over at the man as the man said his name disbelievingly, and Kamui recognized Fuma, his other childhood friend.

Upon seeing his other friend, Kamui turned towards him and began walking briskly, but before Fuma could even say his name, Kamui had walked passed him and out of the cherry grove, leaving behind a shocked and confused Fuma.

Kamui went straight from the cherry tree grove to his new classroom, and the teacher brought him to the front of the classroom to introduce him. He looked up for a brief moment, noticing that in his class was Kotori, but he was prepared for this, and did not lose his composure in front of everyone. The teacher introduced him as the new transfer student (who happened to be late on his first day), and Kamui noticed multiple girls looking at him with love in there eyes. The teacher then told the class his name and asked him to take the empty seat next to Kotori. She attempted to say something to him, but she was interrupted by the teacher’s lesson, and both Kamui and Kotori listened to the lesson.

After class, Kotori again attempted to say something to Kamui, but was interrupted by the mass of girls who quickly gathered around him to ask him different questions. Kamui did not answer them, though, and he stood, walking passed all of the girls and out of the classroom, making his way to the roof. As he made his way upstairs, Kotori followed him, calling his name as she ran to catch up to him. He reached the top of the stairs as she reached he bottom of the flight, and he turned to look at her as he opened the door. He then walked out of the door to the fence surrounding the roof.

Kotori appeared at the door to the roof, and called to Kamui as he stared out over the city. He then, emotionlessly confronted her, saying to her:

”Don’t bother me. Please don’t talk to me. I am completely different from six years ago.”

He then turned towards her, grabbing onto the fence behind him. He noticed that she was hurt, but she turned, giving him a smile before she turned and ran down the stairs, leaving Kamui alone on the roof. He looked down at the ground, hurt at what he had just said, as he did not truly hate Kotori, and only wanted to distance himself from her and her brother so that they would not be hurt when he became a part of the battle for the planet.

Kamui then turned his eyes to the sky as he grabbed the fence, pulling himself to the top of said fence. He had realized he was being watched psychically by someone, and, using his powers, he attacked the psychic spy, causing the “eyes” it was using to break. Kamui then smiled, noting how he had only been in Tokyo for one day, and had already been attacked twice. He then brought both of his hands into an X shape on his chest and said:

”Mother… I have returned. I have returned to where six years ago, you were forced to flee, taking me along. This Tokyo.”

The Battle Above the City


Kamui began walking back down the stairs from the roof when he saw a form lying on the ground, and, picking it up, realized it was Kotori. He brought her to the nurses office and placed her on the bed, the nurse watching as he did so. He then left her bed quickly, making sure she didn’t see him when she woke up.

Kamui then made his way to the house he used to live in when he lived in Tokyo before. As he stared at his destination, he remembered his mother telling him that he must grow strong until he reached the promised year of 1999, when he would decide the fate of the planet. His memory then went to his mother’s death, and he began calling into the night that he would do as his mother asked. He then turned, seeing a man behind him.

The man looked at him, and said quietly how he was enraged that earlier that day, when Kamui used his power, he hadn’t conjured a kekkai, a barrier between the user and the world around him, used to protect the world from the user’s powers. The man then walked towards Kamui, asking him if he really was “the” Kamui. Instead of responding, though, Kamui told the man to be ready to fight, and did a back flip onto a telephone pole behind him. Again, the other man asked Kamui if he really was “Kamui” and Kamui smiled, telling him he was in fact Kamui.

Kamui shot his hand forward, firing an energy blast towards the man, destroying everything in its path. The man jumped out of the way and told Kamui to stop, since he would hurt innocent people if he did not set up a kekkai. Kamui answered him with another blast, this one making contact with the man. He was able to block the attack though, deflecting it behind him into a house. Inside of the house, a little boy could be heard telling his mom that the wall had just disappeared. The man then turned and began running, hoping to get Kamui away from innocents, and Kamui followed him.

The man finally stopped on top of an abandoned skyscraper, and turned to fight Kamui. He then said, with hatred dripping from his words that Kamui had refused to take into consideration the innocent people in the area they had started in, only for Kamui to coldly tell him that he only cared about the things that concerned him, and nothing more.

Kamui then jumped above the man, and turning, fired a blast of energy straight down upon him. The man was hit dead on, pushing him through the seven floors of the skyscraper to the bottom floor, where he laid in the rubble. Kamui then jumped down to the bottom of the building, landing on a jutting part of the building and smiling when he realized the man before him was still alive.

The man then stood, and a spiral of debris began swirling at his feet. Kamui felt a cut on his cheek, and, feeling it with his right hand, realized that the man before him was a wind manipulator, and the man fired another burst of wind, cutting open Kamui’s stomach. He was thrown back as hit a wall, and was buried underneath the rubble the wind had picked up.

Kamui lay there, unconscious as the man closed the distance between the two, talking to himself as he came. Kamui then rose (as he was only pretending to be knocked out) and told the man that he seemed to be unable to stop talking. The two then continued their battle, the man charging towards Kamui as he swung his hand, creating a blade of wind. Kamui jumped above the man, though, landing on a pillar in the building as the man launched another attack at him. Again, Kamui dodged, making his way up to the top of the building, the man close behind him. In the man’s hands, he held a ball of air, which he prepared to use on Kamui. Both he and Kamui attacked each other at the same time, causing the roof they had landed on to be destroyed in the aftershock. As the smoke cleared, Kamui stood over the unconscious body of his opponent, victorious.

Kamui advanced on his unconscious opponent, bringing his foot to the man’s head, slamming it against the wall. He prepared to do it again, when a voice told him to stop. He turned to find, standing before him, a girl in a swirl of energy staring down at him. He asked her who she was, only for her to tell him that the fight was over, and jumped to the side of the man who Kamui had just defeated. Kamui asked her if she was taking away his “prey,” and she turned, telling him she wasn’t going to fight him. He prepared to attack her, when she reached out a hand, and from her palm came a sword which she gripped, preparing to attack. She took one swing, sending Kamui flying. He then told her to wait as she brought the man to her shoulder, but she disappeared, saying they would meet again soon, and Kamui was again left alone on a rooftop.



After the battle, Kamui made his way back to where he had used to live, but his injuries began plaguing him, and he found himself falling into the streets. As he fell, he used a blast at the ground to slow his decent, making the fall safe to him. He continued to make his way along on the ground, still attempting to make it home, but he began losing consciousness, his last though being of his mother.

He regained consciousness a short while later, and began attempting to stand when he heard someone shout his name. He looked over, finding, to his shock, Fuma standing there, looking at him with shock. Fuma ran over to him, lifting him onto his shoulder, but Kamui pushed him away, standing up, only for him to be in to much pain and fall. Before he hit the ground, though, Fuma reached up and grabbed his arm, pulling him up and offering to take the weak man in his arms to his house. Again, Kamui attempted to push Fuma away, but Fuma grabbed him by the shoulders and shouting at him, telling him to come to his house for medical attention. Kamui then told Fuma not to worry about him, before falling forward, and getting off one more plea to not be taken before slipping into unconsciousness.

In his sleep, Kamui appeared in a strange place where he seemed to be surrounded by water. He began looking around, and found that he was floating next to what appeared to be earth. He moved closer to the earth, and noticed that there seemed to be something inside of it. He moved even closer, and discovered that inside it was a woman, appearing to be blind. He then heard her speaking, even though her mouth wasn’t moving, and she called out to him to save her. This confused him, but when he asked what he had to save, he became even more shocked when she told him he had to save the earth. The girl and the Earth then faded away into darkness.

Kamui then stood before his own childhood, watching as he, Kotori, and Fuma played as his mother watched with Saya, Fuma and Kotori’s mother. As he looked on the scenes playing out before his eyes, he began thinking about the times that they had had, and how they were the only ones who would play with him, since he didn’t even know who his father was. He remembered how they would stay out for hours at a time, usually longer then their mothers wanted, and how they would be scolded when they returned. As he stood watching, he heard a scream to his left, and recognized the voice as Kotori’s and he turned as the scene around him changed.

As he moved towards where Kotori’s scream had come from, a young Fuma ran passed him, calling for his sister. Fuma opened the door where Kotori was, and his eyes fell on the horrible room before him. In the middle of the room lay pieces of his mother. Her body lay against the wall, her ribs showing. From beneath her ribs were her exposed organs, blood dripping from the exposed tissue. Her arm lay next to its socket, still attached by a few loose strings of muscle. On the other side of the room lay her leg, propped up against the wall, and her other leg lay a few feet in front of the body, but the most horrible sight lay in the middle of the room. There, in the middle of the bloodstained area lay Saya’s head, hair spread across the floor as her eyes stared blankly back at Fuma.

Fuma stared at the body pieces in horror, until Kotori cried out, saying how she was all in pieces. The child form of Fuma then moved towards Kotori, embracing her and telling her that it wasn’t their mother. Kamui, seeing the pain in the two children’s eyes, closed his eyes and grabbed onto his arms, looking as if he was about to cry.

The scene then changed again, and Kamui stood before his mother and a younger version of himself. He watched as his mother told him that they would have to leave, and that Saya was dead. He watched as his younger self screamed in disbelief at Saya’s death. He watched as his mother told him that, if they staid, then everyone he loved would die, and he watched as is younger self imagined all of them, and he lost control of himself. His hand clenched, and he shouted out:

“I Won’t let anyone kill them!”

His mother then turned to him, but not the child him, but the real him. The scene before him then shattered, and he stood in a barren wasteland, which was obviously Tokyo. He turned, and saw only to buildings standing: the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Government Building. He then heard the crackle of flames, and turned to discover the mother from the previous vision standing there engulfed in flames, telling him to be strong. She told him that he must live on, until the promised day of 1999. He rushed forward, attempting to save her, but, as his hands wrapped around her, her body disintegrated n his arms. As he fell to his knees in sorry, he saw something above him, and he brought his head up to look at it.

It was Kotori tied to a cross. He screamed her name, and she called to him as well, but before he could do anything, her body was torn apart, much like her mother’s, and he screamed her name one final time. He reached out his hand as her blood rained down upon him, and a pile of blood landed in his hand, and, as he watched her head hit the ground, he felt himself beginning to cry. He reached out, grabbing her disembodied head, and brought it close to his chest as he let out a scream of anguish.

As he clutched the head, it suddenly became a pile of feathers, and he heard his name being called to him. He recognized the voice as that of the girl he had seen earlier inside of the earth, and he asked her if she had shown him this dream. She told him that she had, but that it was not an illusion, but those things from his own past. He then said that Kotori was still alive, and when she told him that she was, but that that was the future, and that the only way to save her was to save the planet, he told her to shut up. He raised his hand, sending out a large amount of energy at the woman. She gave one final shout before the image which she presented to him was destroyed in his attack. He then grabbed her falling clothes, and shouted after her:

”I swear, if you lay one finger on Kotori or Fuma, I’ll kill you”

Sorata Arisugawa


Kamui woke up in Kotori’s arms, with her staring down at him. Seeing that Kamui was awake, Kotori screamed, pulling away from him, and hoping that he didn’t find her strange for holding him. As she told him how Fuma had brought him there and how he had gone out to get medicine from the doctor, but she was cut off by Fuma’s arrival home. He was not alone, another boy at his heels.

The man who had accompanied Fuma then spoke up, stating how, despite Kamui being Kamui, he was still mortal, and still had human feeling, with which he could relate with. He then stated that is was a mistake to Leave Kamui alone with Kotori, who he called a beautiful girl, to which Fuma did not react so kindly. The man stated that it was only a joke, and that he should take things so seriously.

The man then began screaming, to the shock of the other three people in the room, before he stated that he was hungry, and Kotori quickly made him something to eat. The man, named Sorata Arisugawa, complimented Kotori on her cooking and saying that she was ready to be a bride (causing Kotori to think of Kamui), and Kotori quickly changed the subject, commenting on the earthquake (which had happened while Kamui was asleep, and was the cause of her holding him.) Much to her shock, though, there was no earthquake, but Kamui just stared down at the ground.

Kamui then pushed away the food that rested in front of him, and Fuma told him that he would have to eat if he wanted to keep up his strength, to which Kotori offered to cook something, and she left.

As soon as she was gone, Sorata turned back to Kamui, and told him that he should be more kind to Kotori, who had nursed him back to health with all of her heart, and he just remained cold to her. He then ended what he was saying by commenting on how quiet Kamui was.

After the man finished his meal, he asked Fuma if he could speak to Kamui alone, promising that he wouldn’t try to kill him or anything. Fuma agreed to leave, telling Kamui that he would be downstairs, and that, if he needed anything, he just had to call. After Fuma had left, the man expressed annoyance at being so mistrusted, and that he wouldn’t do anything to Kamui, who he called by his first name. Kamui turned his eyes to him, telling him that he didn’t like being called by his first name by strangers. He then reached up, tearing off the bandage on his cheek, revealing an unscathed cheek. Despite his angry look, though, Sorata brushed it of, commenting on how different Kamui acted when neither Kotori nor Fuma were around.

Kamui then asked the man what he was there for, and when he mentioned the wind-user and the girl with the sword in her palm, Kamui burst, accusing the man of being one of them, but the man only denied Kamui’s claims. Kamui then reached forward, grabbing the man by his shirt and asking him how he knew about the two of them, then. The man told him that he had followed him from the school, and that he was about to talk to him when he charged off to fight the wind user. He then said how he had been surprised that Kamui hadn’t set up a kekkai, and Kamui asked about the kekkai, realizing that this guy had something to do with the end of the world. The man before him also realized that the man Kamui had fought had to be a part of the end of the world, since he had mentioned a kekkai. Kamui then stood, preparing to fight the man, but he declined, saying that he wasn’t stupid enough to fight Kamui.

He then told Kamui that he was a priest from Kouyasan, and that, despite being a priest, he had been sent to attend a high school in the area, and telling Kamui that he would tell him the reason for this. He proceeded to tell him about Kouyasan, and how, due to the influence of Manga and video games on the world, they had been viewed as wizards until tourists began to visit the temple. He then tells him of the Stargazer, a Buddhist monk who lives there, and by using the Tantric Buddhist Astrology method, he is able to divine the future. Again, he tells Kamui that he will later tell him about the relationship between him and the old Stargazer.

A week prier to their meeting, the Stargazer had received a Gohou, the equivalent to a Shiki, that delivered the message that told the Stargazer that Kamui will return to Tokyo. He informed Sorata of this, and he was sent to Tokyo at full speed. Finally, the man turned and looked Kamui directly in the eyes, asking him why he had come back to Tokyo, stating that one of his relatives must have passed away, triggering the memory of his mother. He reached out his hand as energy began forming from it, and Sorata reached forward, attempted to stop him, only resulting in one cold response from Kamui:

”Bastard, looks like you came here to die.

Sorata then shouted, telling him that he really didn’t want to fight Kamui, telling Kamui that id they fought there, they would destroy the entire shrine, and that, despite not caring about Fuma, he told Kamui that he didn’t want to kill the “cute girl.” Then, he told Kamui of what the Stargazer had also said, that Kamui would return without his only remaining parent, and guided by his own destiny. Again, the memory of his mother was brought up, and he remembered his mother’s horrid last words telling him to follow his destiny in Tokyo.

Kamui thought about how she had told him that he had to leave Tokyo to protect those at the shrine where Fuma and Kotori live, and how they had left before even attending Saya’s funeral, and the last words of his mother and of the Stargazer rang through his head. Sorata then apologized to Kamui for making him relive such horrible memories, but he told him that he must hear out his story, saying that it was for the sake of the earth. Sorata’s last words rang through Kamui’s head, and he saw in his mind the blind woman from his dreams, cradling the earth in her arms.



As Kamui and Sorata talked, an explosion came from outside. Kamui and Sorata turned in the direction of where the explosion had come from, the shrine, and they prepared to make there way there. As they were about to jump, Kamui felt an unearthly pain in his chest, and fell to his knees in pain. Sorata turned to him, worried, and asked if his wounds were plaguing him. Kamui hand moved to his head as he stated that it wasn’t his wounds, but that something had called out to him. Sorata was shocked, and quickly asked him who had called to him. Before he could get an answer, though, another explosion broke the air, and Sorata was quickly out of the window, leaving Kamui alone.

When Kamui left and entered the temple, he discovered everyone crowded around Fuma’s father, Kyogo, covered in blood, and with a hole through his chest. Kyogo raised his blood-stained hand, pointing it at Kamui, and saying him to:

Kamui… take back… the… Sacred Sword… a Kekkai… be…fore… the seven seals… are… destroyed.”

Kyogo then turned to Fuma, and began telling him something about he and Kamui’s relationship. As he spoke, Kamui quietly called him uncle in a shocked voice, and Kyogo finally told Fuma that he was related to Kamui in some way, but he died before he could finish what he was saying. Fuma left the shrine, but, before Kamui could leave as well, Kotori burst through the entrance, but began to fall, do to her heart condition taking effect, and Kamui reached out, catching her before she hit the ground.

It was raining at Kyogo’s funeral. As Kamui walked towards the casket, he remembered what the man had told him, and as he walked, he felt tears begin to build up in his eyes. They fell slowly down as he stood in the rain. As Kamui reached the grave, Sorata came up towards him and told him that the battle for the earth had just started, and that the reason he had been sent to Tokyo was because the Stargazer had told him that the sword would be stolen, and he was supposed to protect it.

Sorata then became a bit sad, and mentioned that he had been taken away from his parents when he was three due to the Stargazer seeing that he was one of the seven seals. Sorata’s mother had hugged Sorata until he was finally pried away from her, and the only thing that he remembers from the events is that his mother was crying. He looked up at the sky, saying that it might have been a rainy day, before bringing his hand behind his head and giving one of his happy grins as he said that he couldn’t remember. He then told Kamui that he could not tell the pain of the loss which he was feeling, but that he could understand the burden of his destiny. He told Kamui that his destiny was now moving forward at full force, and that Kyogo had been killed so that the murder could take the sword, making Kamui realize that this death was all because he could receive the sword. In a fit of anger, Kamui asked Sorata who had killed his “uncle,” and Sorata told him that the stargazer had told him:

”The Sacred Sword of Kamui would be stolen by one of the seven angels. However, when it appears before Kamui once again, the Sacred Sword may have changed its appearance.

Kamui looked down at the ground, and, in a hushed tone, he told Sorata that he had come to Tokyo to take away the Sacred Sword, after which he planned to leave as quickly as possible in the hopes that no one he knew would become involved in his battle. Sorata then asked Kamui where he had heard of the Sacred Sword from, and then asked if Kamui’s mother was the one who had told him. Kamui only remained silent at this comment.

Sorata then, growing aggravated that Kamui would not tell him told him that he could understand why he was so untrusting, but that the fate of the world rested on his shoulders, and that he would have to trust someone if he wished to make the right choice. A voice then agreed with Sorata from behind, and turning, they discovered a woman carrying an umbrella. The shadows from the umbrella obscured her face, allowing them to only see her lips and her jaw. She then lifted her umbrella, and Kamui recognized her as the nurse he had seen when he had found Kotori unconscious. She smiled, and confirmed what he said, much to the Sorata’s confusion.

The nurse then smiled, and reached up to her glasses, and she asked Kamui if he couldn’t recognize her yet. She took off her glasses, and to the shock of Kamui, he appeared to be staring at a black-haired version of his mother.

Kamui saw before him the unbelievable resemblance between the girl before him and his mother, and he felt the words mother leave his lips, shocking Sorata that his mother could look so beautiful. The woman then laughed at the comment, and told both Sorata and Kamui that she was only 29, and would have been only 14 when Kamui was born, also assuring them that she wasn’t giving birth at the age of fourteen. Kamui then asked her who she was, and, with a smile, she told him that she was his only living relative.

The Mysterious Aunt


Kamui and Sorata made their way to the woman’s house, and, looking out the window, Kamui saw the ruins of his former home next to them, and began questioning why this was. He then began thinking about the woman, and he began questioning her eyes, which looked almost the exact same as his mother’s eyes. As he contemplated, though, a towel descended onto him, and he turned to see the woman, and she told him to dry off, since he seemed cold. She then offered him a cup of hot chocolate, and as he took it into his hands, he began finding an even deeper resemblance between her and his mother. She then gave Sorata a cup of hot chocolate and sat down in a chair before the both of them.

Again, she was smiling, and as she sat down, she inferred that they probably had multiple questions for her, due to her claims of being Kamui’s only relative. Before he could stop himself, Kamui had already asked her who she was. She introduced herself as Tokiko Magami, the nurse at the high school which Kamui had transferred to. Then, she told Kamui that her elder sister’s name was Tooru, The same name as Kamui’s mother. Then, still smiling, she confirmed what Kamui had thought, telling him straight out that she was his aunt.

This revelation surprised Sorata and Kamui, and Kamui began to say that his mother had never mentioned her before, but his sentence was finished for him by his aunt. She then told him that the last time she had seen her sister, she had been in middle school, and that year, Tooru left the Magami Household forever. Kamui questioned the surname Magami, to which she responded that it was his mother’s maiden name. Then, Sorata spoke up, and, by realizing how the name’s Kanji was written, he seemed to have realized who the Magamis were.

As Sorata made his revelation, Tokiko complimented him on his knowledge, and then, turning to Kamui, she asked him if his mother had ever decided to mention the Magami family. Before he could answer though, she asked him another question, if he knew about anything relating to his father. Kamui froze, as he had never known anything of his father, and Tokiko told him that she had expected that Tooru wouldn’t have mentioned him, and that she had carried the information to the grave. She then grew stern, and she told Kamui that on the night before Tooru left the Magami household, she had come to her as she slept, woke her, and told her one final thing:

”I bear the child of a man. This is a child I bear for the sake of the earth.”

Just then, both of them felt a surge of energy, and realized that someone had just set up a Kekkai in the area, and they turned to discover a giant pyramid- shaped Kekkai. Tokiko then returned to her normal smile and stated that those related to Armageddon were now gathering in Tokyo. Then, as he looked over, Kamui realized that the Kekkai was centered on the shrine where he had left Kotori, and he and Sorata then began moving towards the temple.

As Kamui opened the door to the room that they were in, Tokiko turned towards him, and told him that he should return after the battle, and she would tell him about his mother and the Magami Family, and Kamui’s destiny. Kamui then turned and rushed out of the door, closely followed by Sorata.

As Kamui and Sorata rushed to where the Kekkai had been created, they saw as it quickly shrank, and Sorata commented on it being dispelled. Kamui, not knowing what was going on, remembered the dream he had had in which Kotori was torn limb from limb. Again, he began moving, and as he reached Kotori’s house, he saw the girl from before who had materialized the sword from her hand. She then looked in Kamui’s direction, and he jumped in front of her, asking her why she was there. She told him that she was there to find him, causing Kamui to forcefully ask her what she meant.

Sorata then moved in between the two and told Kamui to get a hold of himself, before turning to the woman and asked her if she was the one who had created the Kekkai. She then asked if he was the person who had come from Kouyasan, and he commented on how she was one of the seven seals. She then told Sorata that there had been another of the seals there, but that he had been called away by his beeper and therefore had to leave.

Kamui then interrupted the two of them talking and asked the girl why she had interfered with him when he had fought the wind user. She turned to him and told him that the battle had already ended, and that he had no more reason to beat up his opponent. She then turned to him slowly and asked him if he had intended to kill the man, and smiling maliciously, Kamui told her:

”I’ll kill anyone who screws with me, no matter who he is”

The two then began glaring at each other before Sorata broke their mutual glare by making a comment about how beautiful people should look so angry. Then, when the girl looked over at him, he stared at her for a second before saying suddenly that he chose her.

Kamui and Sorata, as well as the girl, the moved to see if anything had happened to Kotori, but it seemed that she was in a safe state, much to Kamui’s relief, and Sorata then turned to Kamui. In a taunting voice, he mentioned how Kamui’s face had lost all of its color when he realized that the shrine was the location of the Kekkai, and how he had screamed out Kotori’s name when he made the connection. He then took Kamui in one arm and told him that they had to be getting back to Tokiko Magami’s house.

As they turned to leave, the girl who they had met, Arashi Kishu, commented on the name Magami, and Sorata smiled, saying how she obviously wasn’t normal if she knew about that name.

The three of them then rushed back to the house, but as they approached the house, they saw it on fire. Kamui landed next to it, and Sorata told him that the seven angels had beaten them to the house. They had burned it to hide Kamui’s past from him.

Kamui continued staring at the burning remains of his aunts house, and he remembered what she had told him about telling him about his mother and her family, and eventually, his destiny. As he continued to stare at the flames, his mind began reliving his attempt to save his mother as she burned in their house, and he felt himself moving into the blaze.

Sorata quickly grabbed him by the arm and told him to think about what he was doing, but he turned, telling him that she was still inside, and that he could save her. As he was about to attempt to go again, Arashi spoke up from behind the two, and told Kamui that there was no one inside the building. Kamui, hearing these words, asked himself if she had escaped, only for Sorata to tell him a darker outcome, she could have been taken by the Dragons of Earth.

He then told his two friends that they should be making a swift retreat, since it was around the time that the spectators and the police would be showing up, and he turned to Arashi and asked her if she would be kind enough to join Kamui and him.

Then, he turned back to Kamui, and told him that thing was presently proceeding amazingly fast. Already, the holy sword had been stolen, a preacher had been killed, and Kamui’s only relative’s house was now in flames, and giving a dark smile, he told Kamui that these were the starting sign of the war of the apocalypse. The three of them then left the scene, but, as they were leaving, Kamui looked back to discover a scantily clad woman staring at them from atop telephone pole. Seeing that he saw her, she smiled, and was gone.

Two Destinies


When Kamui sees that the yumemi princess is Hinoto, the one who showed him Kotori's death, he becomes completely mad and tries to attack her. Sorata stops him whereas Hinoto apologizes herself and begs him to listen to her. Sorata pushes Kamui to talk to Hinoto.

Hinoto brings him in one of her vision: a ravaged Tokyo full of corpses. She shows him that this future is due to the destruction of the kekkai of Tokyo by the fight among the dragons of Heaven and the dragons of Earth. She explains that the dragons of Earth try to destroy the Earth whereas the dragons of Heaven try to save it. She tells Kamui that it is his duty to save the Earth because he is the one who has the destiny of the Earth in his hands. Hinoto reveals that Kamui means "the one who takes the place of gods' authority".

Kanoe enters their conversation. She explains that Kamui could means also "the one who chase gods' authority". She reveals also that Kamui has the choice to become a dragon of Heaven or a dragon of Earth. Kamui has two destinies. Kanoe tries to show him the other future; but Hinoto uses her powers to chase her from her vision.

Kamui wakes up. Hinoto begs him to save the Earth and become a seal. Kamui asks her to explain why she did not tell him that he has two destinies. He moves closer and closer to her. Hien and Sohi intervene to protect their mistress. Kamui drives away them and takes Hinoto by her neck. He asks her who killed his mother. She responds she committed suicide. A wind attack hurts him. It was launched by Daisuke. He argues he cannot believe that he is the real Kamui. Kamui begins to prepare an attack when an inugami, a wolf spirit, does his entrance.

Ally and Enemy


Whereas Kamui observes the inugami, the inugami's owner arrives, Yuzuriha Nekoi. She asks everyone to introduce themselves. They do it, except Kamui. It is Sorata who introduces Kamui. Yuzuriha teases Kamui. Kamui decides to leave. He says he is not concerned by the "jour de la promesse". Daisuke upset provokes Kamui. They begin a fight when everyone falls in an illusion created by an angel. Arashi uses her saber, Sorata his electric powers and Yuzuriha transforms Inuki in a sword. Kamui, upset by this loss of time, uses his psionic powers to destroy this illusion. This mirage breaks into cherry tree petals. Hinoto understands that the illusion was created by the Sakurazukamori.

This event gives way to a massive earthquake meaning the destruction of a kekkai in Tokyo. Hinoto explains that this destruction is one sign of the destruction of Tokyo. She confirms that Kamui has two destinies. He can choose among the dragons of Earth and the dragons of Heaven. If Kamui becomes an angel, the vision of a deserted Tokyo full of corpses would come true. Hinoto begs Kamui to become a seal and with the help of the other dragons of Heaven to save the Earth. Kamui, exasperated, leave the Diet Building distressing Hinoto. Sorata reassures her telling her that Kamui has still something to protect. Whereas Sorata, Arashi and Yuzuriha discuss the other seals, Kamui thinks about his destiny.

The Master of Illusions


Kamui decides to go at his previous house. He is disoriented to see Kotori. Embarrassed by this situation, Kotori loses her balance. Kamui catches her just in time. More embarrassed than ever, Kotori tumbles them down. This scene reminds old memories to Kamui and Kotori. Kamui remembers the day when Kotori felt from a tree whereas Kotori remembers the day when Kamui bring her back her hat stuck in a cherry tree. She thanks him a lot to take care of her.

Kamui remembers old memories about his mother. Kamui remembers he could not save his mother, even if he is the one who could change destinies. Kamui still interrogates himself about his destiny. He could save neither the person he loves nor a distant person. He understands to be distant with persons he cares do not protect them.

As Kamui looked into Kotori’s eyes, a single Sakura pedal floated slowly to the ground. Then, as he realized that there were no Sakura trees around, he turned as a large gust of wind brought a swirl of Sakura blossoms into view, and Arashi and Sorata disappeared as Kamui found himself and Kotori on the edge of a ledge hundreds of feet above the ground. A sudden blast of energy made its way to the two standing on the ledge, and Kamui pulled Kotori away from the blast of energy, the attack grazing his cheek and sending blood behind him, much to the horror of Kotori. Kamui then fell to his knees, bringing his hand down and summoning a burst of energy to counter the other burst. More bursts continued to follow him, and he summoned so much energy that it blew away all other attacks. A man then walked forward, clothed in an overcoat and wearing sunglasses.

He smiled as Kamui asked him if he was the one who had attacked them at the Diet Building, and he told him that he was correct. He then joked that Kamui hadn’t seemed to enjoy his company, and Kamui smirked, saying:

”What’s her name, Hinoto, she called you the guardian of the cherry blossom burial mound”

The man’s smile never wavered, and he mentioned how Hinoto seemed to know a bit of everything, and he held out his hand and began chanting. A swirl of energy began forming in his palm. He brought up his arm, and a giant raptor appeared above him. He sent it flying at Kamui, who summoned an energy shield to deflect the attack. The man continued to fire energy at his opponent, but Kamui was able to keep up a perfect defense. Then, firing out a powerful strike, an explosion destroyed much of the surroundings, and Kamui found himself dazed at the man’s strength. He then told Kamui that he was in a world of illusions and that the entire world was under his control. It was not a dimension at the same extent of a Kekkai, but that it was effective none the less.

Seeing the man’s continuing power, Kamui pulled Kotori into an embrace, and telling her to hold on, he summoned a wave of energy much as he had done at the Diet Building, and the Illusion around him cracked and broke. As he prepared to leave, though, the pieces of the illusion then began to reform, and the man before him happily told him that he had reinforced the illusion this time after it was easily dispelled earlier. Then, pulling out a deck of cards, the man through them into the air, and they began to swirl around him menacingly. He brought his hand forward, and in a second, all of the cards had changed into a large flock of raptors, just like the one he had summoned before.

The man then jumped at Kamui, sending his birds at him, but Kamui quickly destroyed the Shikis, and he held out his hand as energy formed in it. Kamui released his energy, but before it made contact, the man’s cards formed a pentagram before him and created a shield, deflecting the full force of Kamui’s attack. However, it still sent him flying backwards, and his sunglasses flew off his face, revealing a glass right eye to Kamui. The one eyed man did not hesitate at the attack, though, and fired two more attacks at Kamui, and though he was able to block it, Kotori was flung from the ledge by the force of the attack. Kamui turned, and caught her by her arm, falling to his stomach to do so.

The man controlling the illusion advanced on Kamui, smiling menacingly as he told him that he would be unable to defend himself if he saved the girl. He raised his hand for the final strike, when suddenly someone called Kamui’s name, and Kamui turned to see Fuma breaking through the barrier that the man had created. Fuma put his body in between the man in the overcoat and Kamui, and the man stared on shocked as the illusion broke down around him. The man, seeing his Illusion fall apart, decided to retreat. Only later would Kamui ever learn that his assailant was the famous Sakurazukamori, Seichiro Sakurazuka

Kamui was the first of the two to wake up, turning to see Kotori asleep, but unharmed. His hope is then assured by Fuma, who tells him that she is unharmed, and is only unconcious. Looking towards the ground, Kamui then tells Fuma that he is sorry for putting them through all this, even though he promised to protect them. Fuma puts out a comforting hand to Kamui, but then, suddenly, is demeanor changes, and he pulls Kamui close to him and whispers quietly:

"I am... Your..."

However, his revelation is cut short as Kotori awakes to find the two, and quickly rushes over to Kamui, seeing the blood on his arm. This interjection seemed to snap Fuma out of his strange state. Kotori then begins to freak out at all of Kamui's wounds, but he assures her that he is fine. He then tells them that he is sorry he put them through any trouble, and stands, quickly turning to leave. However, Fuma calls to him, and asks him what happen when he left six years ago, and what is happening now. He then turns, looking at the two, and follows them back into their house.



Inside of the Mono's house, Kamui goes to sit on the couch as he thinks over all that has happened since he returned to Tokyo. However, his toughts are cut short by the arrival of Fuma, telling him that Kotori is now asleep. Then, he again asks Kamui what has been going on with him. Kamui refuses to tell him, though, and stands, only to be pulled into a hug by Fuma, telling Kamui that he plans to keep his promise from six years ago, that he will always be there to protect him.

Kamui then pulls away from him, and Fuma asks if he doesn't trust him. Kamui tells him that it is more complicated then that. He tells him that he does not want the two involoved in his problem. He tells them that he wanted them to be happy forever, but whenever he got back to tokyo, their father died. Suddenly, Fuma's handgoes straight to his chin, pulling it up, and says in his strange voice yet again:

"Kamui... They overlap... My fate and yours...Don't you see i was born for your sake... I am your..."

However, Kamui calls his name, attempting to snap him out of this trance. Fuma then asks if he had called him, but is proved to not even remember what he had done after that, in his strange trance-like state. Before he could respond to this, though, as, as they talked, the door opened, and a bloody body fell into the room.

Kamui and Fuma then rushed to the body, and Kamui was horrified to recognize that the body was his Aunt Tokiko. He runs forward and asks what has happened to her. She then smiles at him and brings a hand to his cheek, and tells him that, being the last of the Magami family, she had to end this way. She then tells him to not call a doctor, and that the first sacred sword was destined to be taken, and that the second was to be born at the shrine through the body of a woman.

She tells Kamui that six years ago, Kamui's mother was supposed to die, but that Saya took his mother's place. Kamui then questions this, and Tokiko tells him that she is going to show him what she means. Tokiko then began to raise up into the air, her clothes tearing off, and, slowly, a sword began to tear out of her stomach, and Kamui tried to stop her, but Fuma, not knowing what is going on, hold Kamui back. Her body then tears apart, falling to the ground in pieces as the sword appears before Kamui.

Kamui bursts into tears when he sees his aunt dismembered. Once again, he could not modify the destiny of a person he loves. The spirit of Tokiko is called by the sacred sword. She comforts Kamui saying she chose this destiny and he must hide the sacred sword inside the Clamp School. She says goodbye to Kamui and her spirit disappears.

Kotori arrives and sees Tokiko's corpse. The memory of her mother's true death comes back in her mind. Kotori cannot endure this and confounds Tokiko with her mother. Kamui tries to protect her yelling to look at him. Kotori is into a trance. She dares at Tokiko's corpse. Kamui tries to stop her but Fuma blocks him. He is also into a trance. He tells Kamui there are two swords and two Kamui.

Kotori takes Tokiko's head and falls into a catatonic state. Fuma requires Kamui to choose his destiny, to choose the destiny of the Earth. Fuma uses his psionic powers on Kamui. Fuma becomes normal and Kotori wakes up. She tells them what she saw in her vision: the destruction of Nakano. An earthquake destroys a new kekkai.

Three men arrive at the Togakushi Shrine. They introduce themselves as Nokoru Imonoyama, Akira Iyuin and Takamura Suo from Clamp School. Tokiko called them to take the sacred sword and protect her at the heart of five-branch star until the "jour de la Promesse".

Kotori, Fuma and Kamui arrive at Clamp School. The sacred sword stolen by Nataku calls the other sacred sword. Kotori has another vision with Kakyo who explains the sacred sword lament. Kamui feels that too. He doesn't understand why there are two sacred swords. Nokoru shows him a video of Tokiko. She explains that Kamui must follow his heart before deciding to become a dragon. If he wants to protect people he loves then he must become a dragon of Heaven. And if he wants to protect the Earth then he must become a dragon of Earth.

Kamui thinks a lot about his aunt's word. It is when he sees Kotori and Fuma that he decides to protect them instead of the Earth. This declaration transforms Fuma's behavior. He attacks Kamui with telekinetic powers and tells Kamui that if Kamui is a dragon of Heaven, then he will be a dragon of Earth. Fuma catches his sister, fixes her on a cross and kills her with the sacred sword under Kamui's eye.



After killing his sister, Fuma wants to kill Kamui. Fuma tries to retire the sacred sword. But Kakyo takes possession of Kotori's corpse and stops him. Kotori doesn't want her brother to kill Kamui. Arashi, Sorata, Yuzuhira, Inuki, Subaru, Seiichiro and Daisuke arrive and see this awful scene. Fuma dismembers his sister and runs away without the sacred sword. Kamui doesn't support the situation. Once again, a person he loves was killed.

Kamui is a catatonic state with Kotori's head in his hands. Dragons of Heaven are completely afflicted by the last events. Sorata thinks that Kamui will always stay in this state. Subaru decides to see Kamui and uses his powers to enter Kamui's spirit. Kamui tries to eject him, but Subaru succeeds to enter. He sees the death of Kotori and then he falls under the sea of tears to see the childhood of Kamui. But Fuma appears and kills the young Fuma and the young Kotori. Subaru tries to enter contact with the young Kamui.

In Kamui's spirit, Subaru succeeds to take the attention of young Kamui. He explains he knows his feelings. Subaru shows him how his sister was killed by the person he loves. He asks Kamui to do a choice. Kamui decides to come back to save Fuma. Subaru brings him to the reality.



Kotori was buried inside Clamp School. Kamui remembers his old memories in front of Kotori's grave. Sorata arrives, hugs Kamui and tries to comfort him. The other seals do their appearance, even Karen Kasumi. Karen introduces herself to Kamui. She delivers him Tokiko's message: to bring the sacred sword at the heart of Clamp School. It is that Nokoru, Akira and Takamura do their appearance. They will show them the emplacement to protect the sacred sword.

Nokoru, Akira, Takamura and the seven seals arrive at a fountain in the center of Clamp School. Nokoru asks Kamui to put his hand on the symbol of the school. Kamui does it and a secret passage is opened. They go in. At the approach of the zone of seal, the other sacred sword liberates itself and asks Nataku to bring it back to Kamui. Nokoru explains that Clamp School was built star-shaped to seal the sacred sword. He tells him also that Kamui must seal his sacred sword to seal the other sacred sword. Kamui remembers what Subaru said and then agrees to seal his sacred sword. Whereas Kamui seals it, Nataku steals the other one to bring it to Fuma.

Whereas the dragons of Earth bring together, Kamui decides to see Hinoto to have some answers. Kamui arrives. Hinoto brings him into a dream. Kamui asks her why his mother is dead. Hinoto shows the past. Toru requires Saya to leave Togakushi Shrine to save her life. Saya refuses saying she is ready to die for Toru. Kyogo, his husband, reveals he knows that Saya doesn't love him, but she loves Toru. Kyogo agrees to protect the sacred sword for Kamui. Fuma is present. He dares at his mother's head and leaks her blood. Hinoto reveals that Kotori's destiny was foreordained: she would be dead even if Kamui chose to be an angel. Hinoto reveals also that Toru was the kagenie of the Earth. Her death is due to global warming. It is that Kakyo appears. He shows him the two possible futures: the rebirth of the Earth in case of victory of the Dragons of Earth or the death of the Earth due to global warming in case of victory of the Dragons of Heaven. Kamui wakes up, but he still wish to bring back Fuma.



Three month had past since the seal of the sacred sword, but Kamui still has nightmares about the events happened after his return. Kamui lives with Sorata, Arashi and Yuzuriha. They go to Clamp School. Arashi and Sorata are worried about Kamui, but they are also wondering about the non activity of the seven angels. Kamui goes to see Kotori like everyday. Keiichi Segawa, Kamui's class representative, arrives and invites him to lunch. Kamui decides to see Subaru before. Indeed he asks him to help for his homework.

Keiichi Segawa joins Kamui and Sorata. He apologizes to disturb them. Sorata decides to let Kamui and Keiichi alone. The conversation is pleasant. Keiichi invites Kamui to dinner. He accepts. Kamui feels an earthquake. Instinctively, Keiichi protects him. He apologizes to be so rude, but he fears earthquakes. All the dragons of Heaven learn that it was Ikebukuro which was touched.

Kamui explains to Sorata that he is invited by a classmate. Sorata is happy Kamui sees persons who are not concerned by the "jour de la promesse". He goes and is welcomed by Keiichi's mother. Kamui, curious, asks Keiichi why his father is not there. Keiichi explains that his father died in the Nakano Sunplaza's earthquake. After the dinner, Keiichi decides to take Kamui back. When Keiichi proposes Kamui to become his friend, a new earthquake is felt. This time again, Keiichi dares at Kamui to protect him. Kamui yells Keiichi to go home. He goes to the Sunshine 60. On the roof, Kamui finds Fuma. Fuma tells him he must create a kekkai if he wants to protect people. He goes to attack him, but Fuma shows him Tomoharu Tojyo. Fuma attacks Kamui knowing he will protect the old man. Fuma is ready to finish him when Subaru arrives and creates a kekkai.

Subaru creates a kekkai. To destroy the building, the kekkai must disappear. And to make a kekkai disappear, one way is to kill the kekkai's creator. So Nataku attacks Subaru, but Subaru is too strong. Understanding that, Fuma decides to finish the battle. He fixes Kamui in the building. Then he attacks Subaru. The onmyoji dodges every attack. Moreover, he succeeds to shut Fuma up. But for Subaru, Fuma looks like Seichiro which perturb him. Fuma takes advantage of the situation. He breaks the barrier launched by Subaru and hurts him severely. Kamui doesn't support this scene, liberates himself and attacks Fuma. Fuma dodges it, but he had the time to put out Subaru's eye. The kekkai disappears and the Sunshine 60 collapses. Kamui brings Subaru at the hospital where he will be operated.



Arashi and Sorata visit Subaru at the hospital. Kamui is already here. Subaru lost his right eye. Kamui apologizes not to rescue Subaru sooner. Subaru reassures him telling him that is what he wants. Indeed he wants to look like Seichiro. Sorata promises to Subaru to protect Kamui.

Kamui is tired to be useless. He cannot protect correctly Subaru. Sorata, worried about Kamui, goes to his room to see him. He comforts him and succeeds to make him win back his trust in himself. Kamui goes to school passing by Kotori's grave. He learns that Keiichi lost his mother in the last earthquake. Keiichi arrives and is worried about Kamui's wound. Kamui doesn't care; he prefers to concentrate on Keiichi state. They become real friends. Kamui wants to know how to create a kekkai. Hinoto communicate by telepathy with Kamui. She apologizes to do not see what happened to Subaru. She explains it is due to Kakyo. He excuses her.

Kamui arrives at the Diet Building. Hinoto tells him the person he saved is Tomoharu Tojyo, the president of Tojyo's laboratories. She orders Daisuke to bring Kamui at Tomoharu's bedside. Kamui has an ultimate interrogation: how to create a kekkai. She responds only a dragon of Heaven knows the answer. Daisuke tells Kamui that Seiichiro explained he creates a kekkai thinking of a precious thing. Kamui apologizes about his previous behavior. Daisuke accepts it.

Kamui and Daisuke arrive at Tojyo Laboratories where Tomoharu is. He thanks Kamui to save him. Kamui asks why Fuma was there. Tomoharu explains that Sunshine 60 is a kekkai. He explains also that Nataku is a clone of his grand-daughter and his son.

Kamui sees Yuzuhira creating a kekkai and decides to join her. Kamui arrives, but it is too late. He decides to join Daisuke; but when he arrives he finds a decapitated Daisuke. Fuma is there and tells it is his wish. Kamui, upset, attacks Fuma. Arashi and Sorata decide to join them. Kamui run Fuma through his shoulder. Fuma shows him he must run him through his heart. He says he had his chance, but now it is too late. Fuma attacks Kamui and wants to finish him. Sorata and Arashi do their appearance. Sorata tries to create a kekkai. But it is too late; Shinjuku's buildings are destroying by Beast.



Kamui has a conversation with Kakyo in a dream. Kamui tells him he wants to be stronger than Fuma to bring him back. He is ready to hurt him if it is necessary because he doesn't want Fuma to continue to kill. Kakyo reveals that Fuma is the dark side of Kamui and everyone has a dark and a bright side. He says also that Kamui must be careful because one of his allies hides her dark side. Kamui asks why he tries to help him. Kakyo answers he hopes that Kotori's last message is true.

Kamui wakes up. Subaru stays at Kamui's bedside. Kamui explains his dream. He says he cannot stop to wish. Subaru comforts him telling him his sister always said a person must realize his wish to be happy. Kamui understands he needs Fuma as Subaru needs Seichiro. Arashi and Sorata arrive. Sorata says they could not find Daisuke's corpse. Kamui wants to apologize to Hinoto. He falls in a dream where he meets Hinoto. She doesn't want Kamui's apologize because she thinks she is the only responsible of Daisuke's death. Hinoto has a crisis and her behavior changes suddenly. Kamui tells him about the conversation he had with Kakyo. She responds she doesn't know what it means and disappears. Kamui wakes up worried about Hinoto's behavior.

Kamui decides to go to school. He meets Keiichi who is worried about Kamui. He is also scared at each earthquake. His wish is to have the possibility to stop earthquakes. Kamui remembers what Daisuke said about kekkai.



Even if they are worried about Yuzuhira, Sorata jokes with Kamui and Arashi. Yuzuhira meets once again Fuma. She understands quickly he is one of the dragons of Earth when he attacks a kekkai. She decides to protect people by the creation of a kekkai. Fuma is curious and wants to test Yuzuhira. He attacks but lets Yuzuhira dodges it. He sees in her mind that she wants to live. He tells her she must live if she wants to protect people. He wants to sees if her wish is sincere and tries to kill her. At this moment, a huge telekinetic attack saves Yuzuhira. It is Kamui who launched it. Kamui takes the advantage on Fuma; but his wish to not kill Fuma reverse it. Fuma tries to kill Kamui. Yuzuhira, upset to see people dying wants to be stronger. Her wish is so sincere that an Inugami born to help her. Fuma is amused to see that and decides to run away. Yuzuhira introduces the Inugami to Kamui as Inuki. She cancels her kekkai.

Yuzuhira, Kamui, Arashi and Sorata go to the Diet Building to see Hinoto. Yuzuhira tries to introduce Inuki; but the Inugami barks at her. Yuzuhira, Sorata and Arashi don’t understand whereas Kamui thinks it confirms there is something wrong with Hinoto. Hinoto reveals the next target: Yasukuni Shrine. Arrived there, Sorata creates a kekkai despairing Kamui who cannot create one. When they arrive, they feel the creation of a kekkai at the Rainbow Bridge. Kamui and Arashi decide to go there whereas Yuzuhira and Sorata stay.

Kamui and Arashi arrive and see that Subaru’s kekkai dissolves. Arashi and Kamui are looking for Subaru. They find the Sakurazukamori with his heart pierced by Subaru’s hand. Because Subaru’s kekkai was dissolved, the damage caused on the bridge is real. Kamui has just the time to save Subaru before the total destruction of the Rainbow Bridge.

Kamui visits Subaru and asks if everything is ok. Subaru explains his relation he had between him and Seichiro. Seichiro requires Kamui to take a rest. Kamui lets Subaru alone. Subaru leaves them because he could not be a seal anymore.



Even if it is not a moment to joke, Sorata continues to tease Arashi. Nokoru put the conversation in a serious way. He explains that it is impossible to know the next target; because if they go to a kekkai, Fuma will learn by the intermediary of his Yumemi and will attack another one. Sorata to separate in three groups of two: Arashi / Yuzuhira, Sorata / Kamui, Karen / Seiichiro. Kakyo learns that through his dream and tells Fuma that the dragons of Heaven will go at Inokashira and Ginza.

Arashi creates a kekkai around Inokashira. Kamui and Sorata feel it. Kamui and Sorata are ready to go to help the girls when a huge phoenix appears. The phoenix transforms into Hinoto. She tells them to stay to protect Ginza. She reveals that Ginza will be attacked soon. Then she disappears and shows this spell is a Shiki. Kamui recognizes this Shiki. It is the same as those which reveal to be men in black. Kamui requires Sorata to create a kekkai. He is ready to create a kekkai when Kamui stops him. He wants a Buddhist kekkai and not a seal's kekkai to talk in privacy. Sorata does it. Kamui explains he was attacks by Hinoto's Shiki when he arrived at Tokyo. But he feels this is a different Hinoto, more violent and evil. Sorata launches a spell which transforms the Shiki into a goho. So they could find the truth.

Kamui is wondering about himself. Indeed every seal knows how to create a kekkai because they have something to protect. But him, even if he wants to protect Fuma, he cannot create a kekkai.

Yuzuhira and Kamui go to see Sorata. Sorata gets out of his bedroom completely worried. He did not find Arashi anywhere. In fact, Arashi left the dragons of Heaven because she lost her powers.

The seals are worried about the number of kekkai already destroyed. Kamui thinks when Kakyo showed him the two possible futures, he preferred the angel's one. Kamui decides to join Karen at Kotori's grave to change his mind. Karen is there because she buried Nataku near Kotori. Nataku died during a fight among him, Fuma, Karen and Seiichiro. She explains she considered Nataku like her child. She is sad as Fuma is. She reveals to Kamui that Fuma said the more a person is for us, the more we hurt him. Karen tells Kamui to question Fuma the next time he will see him. Kamui has come to ask a question. He asks her if Kotori's kidnappers are some men in black. She confirms it at the great despair of Kamui.

Jour de la Promesse


Others kekkai are destroyed. Kamui doesn't understand why he could not change the future as his mother said. He receives the call of the sacred sword. He goes to unseal it. Kakyo tells him if he unseals the sacred sword, tragedies will come. Kamui doesn't listen to him and unseals it. The "jour de la Promesse" could begin. Kamui still interrogates himself about his capacity to change the future. The four remaining seals encourage him.

Suddenly, Kamui receives a vision from Hinoto which reveals Fuma killing Kanoe. Kamui questions Fuma this. Fuma doesn't want to answer. For him, whatever he will say, Kamui always thinks the same thing. Fuma launches the battle with their angels. The fight is rough. Kamui doesn't understand Fuma. Fuma responds he doesn't even know his dearest wish. Fuma continues his attack and takes the advantage. Kamui doesn't want to believe he has another wish than bring back Fuma. Subaru confirms what Fuma said. He begs Kamui to find his dearest wish. Kamui remembers what Karen said at Nataku's grave. Kamui understands what Fuma wants, but Fuma is ready to kill him.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Due to Kamui’s impressive physical abilities, as well as his ability to use magic, he is capable of making leaps at a level which is physically impossible for a normal human. He is capable of jumping from the ground up to the top of a telephone pole, and perhaps higher, without any danger to himself.

Telekinetic Attack

Using the magical abilities which he was born with, Kamui is capable of manipulating his energy into a variety of attacks and defenses, ranging from creating a powerful energy shield to summoning blasts capable of decimating buildings in a single attack.


Kamui is capable of healing at a level far above those of an average human, and even above those of a normal seal. He has been able to heal himself after his stomach has been slit open in a few hours, and being able to heal minor injuries in a matter of minutes. This comes in handy when he is fighting.

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