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Tokyo Babylon


Powers and Abilities

As the Sakurazukamori and a Dragon of Earth Seichiro has a number of supernatural abilities. Most of his abilities are similar to Subaru Sumeragi and onmyogji in general. He can create psywaves powerful enough to crush concrete, or focused enough to act like a bullet. He can call upon shikigami or familiar spirits to attack with or act as spies and often take the form of black ravens. He can form shields in the shape of a reverse pentagram to protect himself. He is agile enough to jump the height of a typical building a traverse rooftops with ease and can use levitation to slow falls. His most notable ability as the sakurazukamori is the ability to cast illusions to such a degree that he can fool even the other Dragons. As a trained assassin Seichiro is skilled in hand to hand combat and favors impaling his target with his arm.

The Seichiro in Tsubasa displays different abilities. He can travel dimensions thanks to the magical eye given to him by Yuko. He is a skilled fighter having trained himself despite his lack of peripheral vision. After gaining Sakura's feather he gains the ability to summon demons and form them to his will, often forming them into blades and shields to use. Seichiro with his demons was able to go one on one with Kurogane for an extended period with both complimenting the others skill.

Alternate Realities

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles - An alternate version of Seichiro appears travelling dimensions as a treasure and vampire hunter. In particular he had been hunting a pair of vampires who were alternate versions of Kamui Shiro and Subaru Sumeragi. Seichiro received the ability to travel dimensions by trading his right eye (the same one he loses in Tokyo Babylon) to the Dimensional witch Yuko Ichihara.

Seichiro travelled to Clow Country in his journeys and met a young Syaoran who was being accosted by thugs for a book on vampires. Seichiro defeats the thugs and then gets Syaoran's trust to read the book. In exchange for Syaoran translating the script Seichiro teaches Syaoran how to fight, using a kicking style to optimize Syaoran's field of vision.

Seichiro doesn't meet Syaoran again until after his journey to collect Sakura's feathers starts. He appears in Oto Country with a feather and manipulates the demons oh that world in order to meet the A1 demon who he believed was one of the vampire twins he hunted. This turned out to be false and Oto Country was actually a virtual RPG. Seichiro appeared to kill both Fay D Flourite and Syaoran though he knew the nature of the virtual world. After going toe to toe with Kurogane Seichiro disappeared with the feather he had collected.

Seichiro's next appearance is in Nihon Country (Feudal Japan) after Syaoran is revealed to be a clone and the original Tsubasa Li has joined the group. He materializes before the main cast plus Princess Tomoyo, her sister Amaterasu, the ninja Soma, and his dimension travelling treasure hunter younger brother Fuma (alternate version of Fuma Mono). Seichiro interrogates Fay on his new vampire status and on the location of the vampire twins. After Tsubasa challenges Seichiro for the feather in his possession. Tomoyo creates a kekkai barrier for them to fight in so they don't damage the castle. The fight is vicious but Tsubasa claims the feather. Fuma states that this is what Seichiro wanted. He leaves for the next world to continue his hunt.

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