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Keiichi Segawa is Kamui Shiro’s class representative. He completely felt in love when he saw Kamui. When Kamui return to school after the death of Kotori Mono, Keiichi arrives and invites him to lunch. Kamui decides to see Subaru Sumeragi before. Indeed he asks him to help for his homework.

Keiichi Segawa joins Kamui and Subaru. He apologizes to disturb them. Subaru decides to let Kamui and Keiichi alone. The conversation is pleasant. Keiichi invites Kamui to dinner. He accepts. At this moment Kamui feels an earthquake. Instinctively, Keiichi protects him. He apologizes to be so rude, but he fears earthquakes. All the dragons of Heaven learn that it was Ikebukuro which was touched. They discuss about this event.

Kamui explains to Sorata Arisugawa that he is invited by a classmate. Sorata is happy Kamui sees persons who are not concerned by the "Jour de la Promesse". He is welcomed by Keiichi’s mother. Kamui, curious, asks Keiichi why his father isn’t there. Keiichi explains that his father died in the Nakano Sunplaza earthquake. After the dinner, Keiichi decides to take Kamui back. When Keiichi proposes Kamui to become his friend, a new earthquake is felt. This time again, Keiichi dares at Kamui to protect him. Kamui yells Keiichi to go home.

Kamui goes to school passing by Kotori’s grave. He learns that Keiichi lost his mother in the last earthquake. Keiichi arrives and is worried about Kamui’s wound. Kamui doesn’t care; he prefers to concentrate on Keiichi state. They become real friends.

Days past; Kamui decides to go to school. He meets Keiichi who is worried about Kamui. He is also scared at each earthquake. His wish is to have the possibility to stop earthquakes.

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