Zoe Walsh

    Character » Zoe Walsh appears in 9 issues.

    Daughter of the C.E.O. of Houston's Roxxon corp. Slept with Scarlet Spider.

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    Brief History

    Kaine swings through downtown Houston when the Roxxon building's top floor explodes. After he saves the civilians on the ground from falling debris, he catches Zoe. She is extremely grateful for Kaine having saved her. She shows her affection by kissing him with the mask on. She raises the mask up to his nose and continues. She doesn't stop, and he doesn't either. Later in bed, Kaine inquires what happened back at the building. She reveals to him that everything was a blur after she fired that first rocket.

    After her farther was possessed by Mammon and left in a coma she blamed the Scarlet Spider for it vowing revenge.


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