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    A big petroleum corporation headed by Dario Agger. They make profits with unethical methods and are often involved in criminal activity.

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    The world's largest petroleum company, Roxxon is a ruthless corporation seemingly with no qualms in earning profit in the most unethical ways, even if they are violating several laws and morals. Roxxon is also directly responsible for the murders of Tony Stark's parents.

    Earth-1610 - Ultimate Universe

    In the Ultimate Universe, Roxxon is directly responsible for the creation of notorious supervillains, and is headed by Donald Roxxon instead of Lukin.

    Notable former employees include Herman Schultz known as Shocker in his villainous ego, who Roxxon fired, which forced Scultz to live a life of crime, and says even if Roxxon were to be eradicated, another or two would form. They have also hired Silver Sable to track Spider-Man as well.

    In the story arc "Spider-Man No-More!" of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Vol.2, Roxxon turns out to be responsible for experimenting on citizens and trying to create super soldiers. Thus bringing the birth of Cloak and Dagger. Roxxon is also held responsible for the death of Miles Morales' mother, Rio Morales, because one of their employees, Conrad Marcus, don the Venom Symbiote and went hunting for the new Spider-Man and Miles' family was caught in the crossfire.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies & TV shows)


    Ironman 2

    Ironman 3

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    Agent Carter

    In this show Roxxon appears as a main enemy within the show, having created deadly weapons, with the front of being a refinery. Agent Carter investigates Roxxon.

    Cloak and Dagger

    Throughout the entire first season Roxxon turns out to be a company that cuts corners on safety during an experimental dig.


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