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    A Cuban exile, Tony Montana is a man of rough beginnings. Coming from extreme poverty, and swearing to bring himself out of it, he goes to many lengths to take him piece of the American Dream. Becoming a druglord and gangster of 1980s Miami, his drive leads him into the kingpin spot, before his unquenchable hunger caused his own downfall.

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    Tony Montana was born in central Havana in 1941, to a mother of Spanish heritage and a father of Italian descent. Being American, his father, who he recalled having a good relationship with, taught him English in his youth. However, his father one day abandoned the family, leaving Miss Georgina Montana alone with two children - Tony and his little sister Gina.

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    Not much is known after that, except that Tony would also abandon his family, five years before coming to the United States. Leaving home to become a gangster, in admiration of the Cuban and Italian mobsters would ran Cuba at the time, Tony rebelled against his mothers warnings so he could find a place in the flashy life of luxury that was the mafia-built casinos that littered the Latin Las Vegas. And this disobedience drove a wedge through his relationship with his mother.

    Arrival in Florida / Fresh Start

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    In May of 1980, Fidel Castro relaxed the tightened laws that chocked Cuba's borders in the Mariel Harbor. Allowing Cubans to leave for the United States, who opened their own borders to take in refugees that were fleeing the Communist regimen, Castro sent many former criminals and undesirables along with the desperate to immigrate to the city of Miami. Amongst the 125,000 Cubans, Tony was one. He lies to the US authorities about his life, about his family being dead, and his status as a political prisoner. However, he was denied a green card after a hand tattoo revealed he was an assassin of his former homeland. So, he was sent to Freedom Town.

    A refugee camp that held the Cubans without green cards, Tony stayed with his friend Manny Ribera. Soon enough, his former role would attract local druglord Frank Lopez, who offered to obtain green cards for them, in return of their services. Asking them to murder Emilio Rebenga. With Manny causing a camp riot, Tony would take advantage and stab Emilio under the fog of the chaos. So, they receive their green cards and are released to find jobs as short-order workers at a small-time food stand in Little Havana, until they were approached by the second of Lopez - Omar Suarez. Offering them reasonable money to work for Lopez and smuggle marijuana from Mexico, Tony refused the easy money for a demand of more pay. So, a defeated Omar offers him a cocaine deal that would pay him far more; but would be far more dangerous. Tony accepts.

    Montana, murdering the Toad, outside of the Sun Ray hotel
    Montana, murdering the Toad, outside of the Sun Ray hotel

    Later that week, along with his associates - Manny, Angel, and Chi Chi - they arrive at a the Sun Ray hotel, to meet with the Colombians for the deal. Tony and Angel head upstairs to the room, where they meet Hector the Toad and Marta. Upon the start of the meeting, Hector reveals that he doesn't have the product with him at the moment. Angered by Tony refusal to give the money, the Toad's men ambush them and handcuff Angel to the shower, while holding up Tony. Ordering the money, they threaten to kill them. But, when Tony still refuses, he begins tearing into Angel with a chainsaw, forcing Montana to watch. Although, outside of the hotel, Manny realizes fifteen minutes had passed without Tony returning, and decides to go check on them. Furthered by the obvious sound of commotion within the room, when he approached, he barged into the room with a sub-machine gun. A short gunfight ensues, before Tony and his crew escape with the money and product.

    Instead of delivering the cocaine to Omar, Tony delivers it personally to Frank. Taking a liking to each other, Frank would admit his appreciation for Tony and Manny's work. Favoring Tony, Montana would later confess to Manny that he believed Frank was not hard enough for his position, and that he was too 'soft'. But, they would still agree to begin working as dealers for the druglord, following their celebration at Babylon Nightclub.

    Business under Frank Lopez / Working with Sosa

    Montana would leave for Bolivia, where he and Omar would organize a deal to smuggle for Alejandro Sosa - a major cartel leader. Frank sent Tony as a replacement for him. Since, he was facing a criminal trail at the time. However, he immediately began overstepping his role, by making major decisions on distribution through Panama. Anger Omar, who believed Frank was the only one who could decide that, they argued over the issue, annoying Sosa. Offering a helicopter ride back to Miami to speak with Lopez, Sosa would have Omar hung from the helicopter once in the air. Revealing that he was an informant, Sosa still trusted Montana enough to work with him. Though, he warned the Cuban never to betray him.

    Tony is berated, once he gets back to Miami. Between Omar's death and the Sosa deal, Frank warns Montana about the cartel lord's untrustworthy ways. They would stop dealing together, and end their relationship. Tony would even start to flirt with Elvira - Frank's girlfriend - opening before him. Though, later in the Babylon Nightclub, Tony would have an unfortunate runin with a corrupt narcotics detective named Mel Bernstein. Linking him to the murder of Rebenga and to the death of the Colombian dealers, Mel proposed a "tax" for police protection and information. He would even negotiate a larger bribe for himself.

    Tony was sure Frank had set him up, sine Lopez was the only one, besides Manny, who still knew about the Rebenga assassination. However, Tony is distracted by the sight of his sister Gina leaving for privacy with a local low-life drug dealer. getting in an argument with her over her life choices. Later on, two assassins would mate an attempt upon his life with sub-machine guns. Narrowly surviving, he escaped with minor wounds. Being convinced that it was Lopez who put out the hit on his life, he instructed for Frank to be called at 3 a.m. with word that Tony got away. Then, Montana and Manny would follow the man down to his dealership, where he was meeting Bernstein. Having tricked Frank into coming clean of the hit, his former boss began pleading and begging for mercy. Even offering ten million dollars. But, Montana only ordered Manny to execute him. And, Tony would proceed to murder Bernstein.

    Montana Cartel / 1981 - 82

    The blimp Montana sees in the sky when he claimed Elvira and began his Cartel.
    The blimp Montana sees in the sky when he claimed Elvira and began his Cartel.

    Heading to Elvira to claim her as his own, Tony would begin his imperial stamp on the world. Over a year would pass and Montana would accumulate $75 million off of cocaine. Making around fifteen million a month in profit from his relationship with Sosa, he married Elvira and fully claimed Frank's empire, starting the Montana Cartel.

    Living lavishly, he would own numerous businesses and mansions, and even a tiger. However, with so much access, Tony and his wife would growingly become addicted to the product. As a byproduct of this, he would become very violent and heavily paranoid. He becomes more selfish and greedy, hording him money from the banks, leading to his arrest for tax evasion and money laundering more than a million dollars. Bailing himself out and planning to make a plea, his lawyer alerts him that he would still be facing a minimum of three years in prison. So, Sosa called on Tony to assassinate an Bolivian activist. In return, the Bolivian would use his U.S. connections to keep Tony free. While hesitant, he takes the offer. Even with his friend - Manny, admitting to having a bad feeling about it, Tony leaves for New York.

    Arriving in New York, he would meet Alberto, a senior associate of Sosa. Having planted a bomb under the activist's car, they planned to set it off before the activist could get to the U.N. Building to make his speech. However, on the day, Montana discovers that the car would also seat the family of the man. Having a prior policy against killing wives and children, he looses his cool and orders the assassination off. But, when he notice Alberto not listening to him, he kills him instead, double-crossing Sosa in the possess.

    Downfall and Death

    He would return to Florida to find his mother furiously accusing him of corrupting his sister. Having learned that Tony had been giving Gina large amounts of money to take care of the two of them, going back to when they first arrived in America, he mother refused it then and still refused it to his face again. Furthermore, his wife would leave him, wanting a divorce, and Sosa would threaten him for not following the deal. In a call, the two would break off their relationship in a heated argument. in a drug-fueled rage, he would seek his friend Manny. Finding him with his sister, and realizing their situation, he shoots his longtime friend before learning that they got married.

    "Say hello to my little friend", Tony yelled as he made his last stand

    Tony would return to his mansion to wallow in his emotions and his cocaine, as a miny army of heavily armed men surrounded him home on Sosa's orders. Though, before Tony could notice, his sister entered his office, aiming a gun at him. Filled with grief, she shoots him in the leg, as he tries to calm her down. But, an assassin would break into the window, firing at them both. Killing her, Montana would push him out the window. With the commencement of a gun battle, Sosa's men would invade the house, as a cocaine-enraged Tony would unveil a M16 assault rifle with a M203 grenade launcher attachment. Blowing the doors appart before they could enter his office to assassinate him, he begins unloading on them. Clearing the staircases while screaming and yelling out insults, he kills dozens of men. As they fire back, the enraged Tony absorbs an unknown amount of bullets as he returns fire. Creating a mass of carnage, he is only put down by the silent Skull. The same man who hung Omar, the Skull blasts Montana in the back with a shotgun, sending in over his staircase and into death.


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