Movie » Scarface released on December 09, 1983.

    Tony Montana's rise to power

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    The movie begins with a gangster named Tony Montana being interrogated by politicians about his life. Because of a tattoo he has in his arm, they send Tony, along with his best friend and Army buddy, Manny Ribera, to Freedom Town, a prison for those who have no green cards.
    While there, Manny tells Tony of a news that someone will release him and Manny, but on one condition: kill Emilio Rebenga. One day, Tony kills Rebenga with stab to the stomach. Afterwards, he and Manny are released.
    In the night, they get a job as dish washers in a hut. They got into a deal with Omar Suarez, Frank Lopez's henchman, about getting a lot of money from a deal with Hector the Toad. Tony is shown to have strong dislike to Omar and reluctantly agrees to take the job. He tells Manny that he dislikes Columbians.
    The next day, Tony, along with his friend, Angel Fernandez, goes to a hotel to meet with Hector. However, the deal goes sour and Angel is killed by Hector. Manny and Chi Chi arrive and rescue Tony and enraged over losing Angel, he kills Hector with one shot in the head and escapes with the money and drugs.
    Tony and Manny go to Frank's house to deliver him the money and drugs. Impressed by this, Frank begins to distrust Omar, thinking he is in Hector's side or he doesn't know that Hector is a double-crosser. They go to the Babylonian Club afterwards.
    Inside the club, Frank begins to teach Tony about how to be a drug dealer. While driving, Tony tells Manny about how he could own the world and everything in it.
    2 months later, Tony visits his estrange family consist of his mother and sister, Gina. Although Gina is happy to see him, Mrs. Montana is not because she is aware of Tony's criminal activities. When Tony gives her money, she rejects it and orders Tony to leave, never again returning. However, Gina goes to Tony and tells him that the main cause of their mother's behavior is because their father left them. Tony gives Gina the money and they kissed. When Manny talks about Gina, Tony warns him not to have a relationship with her.
    Someday at Bolivia, Tony and Omar meet drug kingpin Alejandro Sosa as he gives them a tour to his drug factory. They have lunch at Sosa's mansion afterwards. While discussing of the distribution, Tony and Omar got into an argument. Sosa offers to take Omar back home by helicopter.
    Tony is amazed that Sosa has everything he has and Sosa admits that he likes him and it is not a lie. Unfortunately, Sosa can't say the same thing for the rest of Tony's organization. When Tony asks him about that, Sosa is talking about Omar, whom he reveals that he is an alleged informer for the police and hangs him for putting gangsters away in jail for life. Tony tells to Sosa that he really hates Omar because he thinks he's responsible for the death of Angel. Amazed by this, Sosa tells Tony that he will have a good business relationship with him, but with one condition: don't double-cross him.
    Back at Miami, Frank is upset that Tony has made a deal with Sosa in his own. Because of that, they end their business relationship. Afterwards, Tony proposes to Frank's mistress, Elvira Hancock, into marrying him.
    In one night at the Babylonian Club, Tony gets shaken by corrupt cop, Mel Bernstein, whom he knows that Frank sends him into shaking Tony up. After the conversation, Tony sees a man trying to have sex with Gina and enraged by it, attacks the man. He berates Gina for that and she is slapped by Tony. Manny is disappointed by that and tries to comfort Gina.
    While Tony is watching a comedy shown by a mascot, Manny tries to comfort Gina about Tony and reluctantly gets into a relationship with her.
    Meanwhile, Tony is attacked by two gangsters. He manages to take them out and escape.
    Tony and the gang visit Frank, who reveals that he ordered the two men to kill Tony. He tells the latter to spare him, but Tony refuses and Manny kills him. Tony kills Bernstein and offers Ernie with a job.
    Since then, Tony owns a mansion, buy a hair salon for Gina, and marries Elvira. What he didn't know is that Manny and Gina are having a relationship behind his back. However, Tony becomes paranoid and becomes distant to those around him.
    While he is laundering money, Tony is arrested by the police for tax evasion. Luckily, he is released by George Sheffield, his lawyer.
    Tony goes to Bolivia to do some work with Sosa. The latter introduces Tony the leaders of Bolivia. He shows Tony a video about a journalist who tries to reveal Sosa to the world. Sosa will try to help Tony with his prison problem, but only if he kills the journalist.
    In one night at a restaurant, Tony and Elvira got into a fight and become distant to each other.
    In the night at New York City, Tony has planted a bomb to the journalist's car. At the morning, Tony sees the journalist has bought his wife and kids with him to the meeting. Because of that, he refuses to kill the journalist, but Alberto, Sosa's hitman insists to kill also the wife and kids. Enraged that Alberto is about to activate the bomb, Tony kills him.
    When Tony comes calling for Manny, he is not in the mansion. Nick also reveals that Tony's mother is calling him about Gina.
    By the time he gets back to the mansion, Tony gets into an argument with Sosa about failing to kill the journalist. Sosa even warns him not to double-cross him. When Tony shouts about having war with him, Sosa puts the phone down.
    At his mother's house, Tony is told that Gina is living at a house of her own. When Tony gets there, Manny answers the door and Gina appears. Enraged that Manny has slept with his sister, Tony kills him and Gina sadly reveals that they're married. He takes her to his mansion.
    In his mansion, Tony plans to have war with Sosa. However, what he didn't know is that Sosa's army is attacking his men.
    Meanwhile, Gina goes to him and thinks that Tony is jealous with all of the men that comes near to her. She pulls out a gun, begging Tony to have sex with her. Gina manages to shoot Tony in the leg and is killed by one of Sosa's men. Tony kills him afterwards.
    Nick warns Tony to get out of the mansion since Sosa's army is attacking him. Just as Tony is about to prepare his weapons, he sees Gina dead. He begins to have remorse for killing Manny and for making her sad.
    Chi Chi is killed by one of Sosa's men. Tony prepares his weapon, M14 with a M203 grenade launcher, and blasts the door, yelling "Say hello to my little friend". He begins to shoot Sosa's gang, but he got shot while doing so. What Tony didn't notice is that the Skull is behind him. Tony gets shot repeatedly until the Skull kills him with one shot at the back and falls into the fountain.



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