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The comic title named Section Zero first appeared in the published works by both Gorilla Imprint and than Image Comics. He was created by Karl Kesel's and Tom Grummett's who also created the Section Zero concept. The concept behind the book is an Amalgam from Marvels Comics Fantastic Four and DC Comics the Silver Age Challengers of the Unknown.

Publication History

Section Zero was originally part of Image’s Gorilla Comics imprint back in 2000, alongside Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen’s Shockrockets, Mark Waid and Barry Kitson’s Empire, George Perez’s Crimson Plague, and Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo’s Tellos. Lost civilizations, alien beings, strange creatures from beyond time and space are the subject matter which Tom Grummett and Karl Kesel’s developed the intentions behind the creator-owned comic.

Section Zero was originally proposed as an ongoing series, but due to financial problems experienced by the organizers of Gorilla Comics, only three issues were ultimately published; and then only after Image Comics stepped in to help out. A fourth issue was solicited, but was never published. Gorilla Comics was designed to be a creator owned company financed by a comics related website called The website proved to be a financial failure, leaving the creators to personally finance their own books. Along with the other Gorilla Comics creators, Kesel and Grummett attempted to continue the series they started, but these efforts proved to be unsuccessful.


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The organization called Section Zero was created by the United Nations in the late 1940s to investigate unexplained phenomena around the world and to protect mankind from everything that "doesn’t" exist. The organization has has been in existence, albeit secretly, ever since. Over the many years that passed the charter has changed, members either aged, stepped down, died, or were replaced as time went on. However the group has changed the adventures continue whatever assigned task to investigate and, if necessary, fight the strange and unusual.

The original members of Section Zero, first operated during the 1950's and 1960's. These group of like minded explorers had to contend with "atomic power, giant insects, and little green men. The leader was Everest Pike, followed by the beautiful Sarina Ursari, the dapper Georges "Gorgeous" Seine, and Bernie Cork. These four faced the fantastic, and unknown and none of them had any special powers.

By the 1970s, the lineup of the team had changed. Everest Pike still lead the group, but he'd been joined by Tele Moteka, Sargasso the mer-monster, and Jesse Presley.

As the 1980s started the roster changed again, Tele Moteka was in charge of a team that consisted of Johnny Colossus, Artifax the mechanical man, and A.J. Keeler. Capturing the urban legend called the Jersey Devil on one of their outings. Tele would come to a tragic demise during this tenure.

Section Zero's latest members included Dr. Titania Challenger, the last living member of a family of scientific adventurers; Sam Wildman, the team's field leader and Doc Challenger's ex-husband; Tesla, a childlike alien who pilots the team's flying saucer. Tesla has no memory of his life before he began working for Section Zero; Thom Talesi, who went by the codename the 24-Hour Bug, an Asian-American teenager with a magical tattoo that allows him to transform into an insect-like being for a twenty-four hour period; Sargasso, a reptilian being who worked for Section Zero in the 1960's and 1970's only to be found in the present and A. J. Keeler, the group's leader. Keeler secretly also leads the Ghost Soldiers, a second covert group that may or may not be working against the best interests of Section Zero.


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