Roland Daggett

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    The corrupt and ruthless owner of Daggett Industries

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    Roland Daggett is the owner of Daggett Industries. Although he projects himself as an honest and caring businessman, he is really ruthless and despicable, caring only for his image, power and wealth.


    Roland Daggett was created by Bruce Timm for Batman: The Animated Series. His first appearance was in the two part "Feat of Clay" episode. Daggett has limited comic appearances.

    Major Story Arcs

    Daggett is responsible for the (animated) creation of Clayface (Matt Hagen). Using Hagen as a would-be assassin after getting him hooked on his miracle face-shaping drug ReNuYu, he eventually ordered Hagen to be killed with an overdose. This overdose changed him into Clayface.

    Daggett has also had other schemes making him the enemy of Catwoman, when her cat Isis was infected with a virus of his design. Daggett planned to release the virus and make a fortune from the cure.

    Other Media

    Daggett appeared in The Dark Knight Rises as John Daggett, hiring Catwoman and Bane to help bankrupt Bruce Wayne.


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