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    Catwoman's trained pet cat.

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    Isis is owned by the vigilante Catwoman. She is usually shown as a Siamese cat, but in BTAS she is usually depicted as a black cat with green eyes. She is an enemy of Krypto the Superdog and companions, using her stealth and cleverness to get her way. Catwoman seems to favor Isis and is usually the only cat you see her call by name. Not much else is known of her in the comic world. 


    Isis is a normal cat, though extremely intelligent. Catwoman has trained Isis to be the ultimate partner in crime, and to this end Isis has learned to detect, and evade laser based security systems and retrieve priceless jewels and artifacts she is strong enough to pick up in her mouth, as well as disable security devices so Catwoman can retrieve larger items. Aside that she has typical cat characteristics, sharp teeth and claws, great agility and balance, night vision, and a keen sense of smell and hearing.

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