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    The right-hand woman of Kannon, one of 7 heads to the Weaponeer organization with a sordid past with Ninjak. A master martial artist and lethal mystic assassin, she is capable of telepathically manipulating opponents and has complete control over her physiological and anatomical functions; such as razor hair with incendiary properties.

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    Major Story Arcs


    The woman who'd come to be known as Roku was once an individual named Angelina Alcott, blood relation of the MI6 Agent; Neville Alcott. Who was once the secret service liaison and spy craft instructor to a novice trainee Colin King, while training the two fell in love and began a secret affair which was strictly prohibited within the agency due to compromising of hidden identities. When the next objective came up for her student's first assignment, the target being a top ten assassin named Xaman. Colin botched the termination order due to misaligned information the next night when the two consummated their passions, Angelina was thought killed by the very same hitman's hired guns.

    In reality however a clan of monks. Students of the Undead Monk had taken her dying self to their teachers monastery, where the hidden benefactor of their order; Master Darque, was looking to conduct an experiment using a new form of dark magic he'd developed. Awakening with little to no memory of who she was, Roku believed she'd come to their temple searching for her brother when she was found and taken in by hem. After undergoing a metaphysical surgical procedure that wiped her slate clean leaving her former life and past self in the afterthoughts of forgotten memory, she found herself buried deep beneath the earth appearing to be heavily wrapped in bandaging and with a sudden accolade of physical permeability.

    Suddenly finding she had total control over the billions of different types of cellular matter composing her body she used her shade changing hair to tunnel out of the earth she had been layered in only to find herself within a cave owned by perilous ghouls and demons. Each new demon she encountered asking her a question relating to her old self as she bested and slew them all one after another, until her final trial where she had to climb up from a deep dark well where she was met by the same monks who indoctrinated her into their order.

    Having forgotten her old name she took on the new alias to describe her new self going by the moniker Rokurokubi as she was met by the Shadow Seven heads of the Weaponeer organization, having been working under Kannon as his body guard and right hand woman ever since.

    Crossed Assignments

    While out on a routine mission Roku had been captured and imprisoned within a temporary and mobile Russian confinement cell and had recently escaped her confines using her unique assortment of attributes to execute her own escape taking less than two hours do so. Firstly by suggesting to her jailers to shoot themselves with their own pistols over the intercom, but as she was hacking their computers before her escape; Ninjak appeared be for her.

    As the two engaged in a vicious battle culminating in a triggered detonation on her adversary's part leaving her dazed momentarily, attempting to resume the fight Roku immediately attacked again only to be thrown clear from the facility told to go on and get by the latter who warned her that her tampering of their systems nearly triggered a mini nuke detonation. Blowing both her and the facility to smithereens had she continued her unlawful tampering, so with that she took her leave, but never forgetting her encounter with the assailant who bested and rescued her.


    After having finalized as deal between himself and her employer; Roku stepped up to defend their escape from the local bouncers in a night club, slaughtering them without hesitance as both men made their escape. sat idly by atop another building complex silently observing Ninjak in action as he had set himself to ruin Kannon and assume total control over the Weaponeer Industry where she pounced on him just as he was rewiring accounts upon his personal computer.

    During their battle as they out a 20 story window, Roku took the upper hand nearly decapitating Collin with her unique abilities. But Colin struck a nerve point which caused her to relax her grip and struck with a poisoned blade hidden within his shoe sole knocking her out, only to show up scant minuets later just as he had gotten back to his business partner revealing she had survived her fall and had informed her employer of the adversaries she'd faced true identity.

    Demanding to know who he truly was; revealing Roku had her suspicions about it from the start after putting it all together, before dispatching him on her masters order. Having torn away the clever disguise of Henry Collins, Ninjak donned his outfit mask and respected in kind by striking her with an explosive layered boot heel with Roku surviving without a scratch. Having made mental contact with her Ward however she relented; retreating as her employer and handler took to battle against their shared enemy instead.

    After Kannon's defeat Roku was last seen on the outskirts of Paris; France contacting a mysterious Individual whom she was exchanging code words with, another of the seclusive Shadow Seven whose home and he himself was surrounded by odd floating caltrop like devices.

    Siege of King's Castle

    When Colin King returns to England to relax after the events of Operation: Deadside, he finds his home rigged with explosives, and escapes right before his castle is completely destroyed. Angry and confused, Colin goes to MI6 headquarters to see who is behind the attack, only to realize that someone has framed him for murder, and sabotaged his identity. Left with virtually nothing, Colin goes on a quest to search for who framed him.

    It is later revealed that Roku, or Angelina Alcott, was behind all of the attacks as a way to seek revenge against Colin. Leading Colin to a bomb-rigged house in Venezuela, where Alain (Colin's former butler/father) is held captive, she reveals herself and attacks him. She goes on to talk about how she was revived in the undead Monk's monastery and during her monologue reveals Colin's parents whom she murdered to get to him. Colin explains to her that he tried to avenge her death. Alain comes in to save Colin by distracting Roku long enough for Colin to escape before the house explodes.

    After the explosion, Roku escapes from the rubble and realizes her hatred was not towards Colin; It was towards Master Darque. Locating the tree that encased Master Darque's dark magic (or him) she cuts it down with her Katana which supposedly freed her form his influence....

    Powers and Abilities

    Body Supremacy

    Undergoing an odd form of ritual has bestowed Rokurokubi with a penultimate control and mastery over her very physical form.

    Roku's Psychokinetic Hair (Specifications & Insights)
    Roku's Psychokinetic Hair (Specifications & Insights)
    • Joint Manipulation: Roku can voluntarily decouple and reintegrate the joints in her body at will, just as easily reattach a broken spine after it had been dislocated.
    • Elasticity: Roku can treat her body like a giant elastic band when she dislocates all of her joints, en-wrapping herself around opponents like a constrictor.
    • Hair Manipulation: One of the main facets of her abilities enables her to control every single hair and corresponding follicle upon her brow, enabling extension, shrinking and prehensility of it to a fine degree. A single strand has enough tensile strength to garrote and even hang a full grown adult male for an extended period, when working in conjunction she can wield it like lethal razor wire able to rend through dense materials with ease. Showcasing she could easily slice through flesh and bone as well as sheer tempered steel that is found within Ninjaks katana. She has such fine control over her hair strands she can even weave them into braids and ponytails which she can utilize like extra limbs, lifting herself off the ground and remaining perched in a set position for however long.


    She also retains some psychic abilities of her own as an effect of the procedure that wiped her former self away from memory.

    • Mind Reading: Can read minds and access buried memories
    • Pushing: Roku has the ability to influence the mental state of other individuals into acting against their wills.
    • Persuasion: Her ability to manipulate the actions of others is so potent she can even assuage people indirectly, like over an intercom and speaker system.
    • Telepathic Communication: Shown to be able to communicate on a mental scale with others.


    Described as a master martial artist and technological savant of the first order, Described by Ninjak's superior to be his equal if not his superior in every possible facet. Skilled in the ways of stealth and assassination to be able to deconstruct a heavily fortified mobile prison from the inside out relatively easy.


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