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    British spy Colin King works for MI6, a master in stealth & deception, Ninjak works to complete each task he is given.

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    Ninjak was originally created by Joe Quesada and Mark Moretti and first appeared in "Death at 10,000 feet" in Bloodshot #6 (July, 1993).

    For the 2012 Valiant relaunch, Ninjak was re-introduced by writer Robert Venditti and artist Lee Garbett. His first reappearance was in the story "Clandestine Gatherings" in X-O Manowar #5 (Sep. 2012).

    Major Story Arcs

    Enter Ninjak

    After the Vine's first attempt to recover the Manowar armor ended in failure, MI6 head Patrick Clement - secretly a Vine "plantling" - contacted Ninjak and tasked him with retrieving the armor. Making his way to Peru, Ninjak found Vine operative Alexander Dorian being tortured and interrogated by Aric. He successfully snuck up on Aric while he was out of the X-O Manowar armor and used tranquillizer shurikens to knock him out and capture him. He loaded the unconscious Visigoth onto his ship and retrieved Alexander.

    X-O Manowar vs. Ninjak
    X-O Manowar vs. Ninjak

    However, after some time Aric regained consciousness, and was able to bond with the armor using his mind to bring it towards him. A fight then ensued between Ninjak and Aric, where Aric was able to overcome Ninjak. Ninjak was able to redirect one of Aric's blasts which resulted in the ship crashing. Ninjak escaped by jumping onto a falling cargo box and landing on a roof. Aric flew Dorian 14 kilometers away to an abandoned building, where Dorian explained that he was a Vine planting. He told him of the Vine's plans for invading earth and stealing the X-O Manowar armor, essentially plotting against his own people in order to save the human race.

    Ninjak used tracking drones to locate Aric by filtering the X-O Manowar armor's special properties. He then ran across rooftops until he met Aric in combat for a second time. The brief conflict halted when Ninjak took Dorian as a hostage. Dorian convinced Ninjak that his employer was a Vine plantling, and showed him and Aric that their rivalry would need to be put to rest in order to save the human race from the approaching Vine invasion. The two heroes decided to band together in storming the base of MI6.

    Ninjak and Aric successfully stormed the MI6 base, killing many of their operatives, including Ninjaks original contractor Patrick Clement. The Vine's base in the United Kingdom now in ruin, Ninjak and Aric decided that they would make a truce. At least until the next time they would become enemies.

    To Kill A King

    X-O Manowar claimed his ancient homeland (modern day Romania) as him and his people's sovereign homeland. After laying waste to Russian forces, it is up to new superhero team Unity to take him down. The team is initially comprised of Ninjak, Livewire and Eternal Warrior. It was founded by Toyo Harada, because of his fear that Aric's attacks on Russian forces could provoke a nuclear war between the major forces of the world.

    Harada vs. Ninjak
    Harada vs. Ninjak

    Ninjak is first sent alone to infiltrate X-O Manowar's alien ship which he used to transport his people to earth. Despite the armor's impressive sensors and Aric being on high alert, Ninjak is able to steal past him and his Visigoth guards using his Mini-Photo Reflectors, which make him near-invisible. Ninjak successfully hacks the lock on the alien spaceship despite how advanced it was, further infiltrates the inside using explosive foam on a door, and is then able to manually switch off the ships defenses. While Ninjak was doing this, a team of Psiots originally intended to be Harada's Unity team were to engage X-O Manowar and take him down. However, Aric was easily capable of destroying them in moments. Due to the Psiots failure, Aric was able to spot Ninjak and attack him while he tried to escape. Aric flew into Ninjak at high speeds, nearly killing him, but Ninjak was able to make his sword vibrate at a supersonic frequency as Aric slammed into him, cushioning the blow and allowing him only to sustain an injury to the ribs. Aric then stabbed Ninjak and took him captive.

    After these events, Ninjak was confirmed as missing by Harada. So he assembled the Eternal Warrior and Livewire to go on a rescue mission for the stranded super spy. Meanwhile, Ninjak was able to escape his metal chains by dislocating his own thumb. He recovered his weapons, suit and equipment. Once Harada and the team had made their way into the alien ship, they had triggered the alarm, ensuing a fight between Aric's visigoth warriors and themselves.

    The warriors were dispatched, but their problems were not yet over. Aric, using his armor to interact with the ship, flew them all into space. Harada established a telepathic link between himself and Ninjak and tried his best to find him. Livewire focused on hacking into the alien ship, while Eternal Warrior engaged Aric directly. Ninjak and Harada soon join him, and with their combined efforts, they manage to unbalance Aric. As a result, Livewire was able to use her powers to take over control of the suit from Aric. This then caused the ship to begin rapidly falling back down to earth, plummeting into the ocean.

    Meanwhile the Russians have targetted the alien battleship and have launched a nuclear warhead, hoping to destroy the X-O Manowar armor once and for all. Livewire is able to pick up their transmissions through her own power and the armor, and disposes of the missile, throwing it up into the sky. Harada tries to trap Aric and his Visigoth kin underwater by causing a flood and locking them in the ship, while he transports Ninjak and Eternal Warrior to safety. Livewire feels sympathy for Aric and saves him and his people, leading to their incarceration.

    Team Unity discusses what to do with the X-O Manowar armor. Harada decides that he is going to keep the armor in storage, but Eternal Warrior, Livewire and Ninjak all disagree with this decision, stating that the armor is too powerful for anyone on earth to hold. So they decide to plot against Harada and steal the armor back. Ninjak sneaks into the storage facility where it is being guarded by an invulnerable Psiot named Anchor. After a brief struggle Ninjak knocks out the Psiot with knockout gas and recovers the armor.

    Livewire dons the armor and after a brief fight between the trio and Harada, she grabs him and flies him high into the clouds, where she then drops him. Harada falls while unconscious but is unharmed when he lands due to a natural protective barrier around his body. The armor is given back to Aric as the trio decide it is better to have a strong ally than an enemy. Livewire is put under MI6's intentions. Harada makes it clear to Eternal Warrior in a future conversation that he will be seeking out Livewire again, even at the risk of a war between the Harbinger foundation and Britain.


    24 hours after newly recruited MI-6 agent Livewire went missing and got captured by Dr. Silk on a mission to Taiwan, Ninjak was tasked by MI-6 to call in Eternal Warrior and X-O Manowar and head to Livewire's last known position to rescue her and put and end to whatever Dr. Silk is scheming. The trio end up in Tai'an; a small village in rural Taiwan. As they walk around the area, they hear someone sobbing from inside a house. Ninjak goes in to investigate and sees an old lady sitting alone at a dining table.

    Ninjak talks to the old lady hoping to get much needed information about the situation. The information he gets leads to a toy factory just a few walks away from the house. She also mentions the term "Silk" during the conversation, implying Ninjak that Silk is involved. This was further confirmed when the old lady started muttering Dr. Silk's name after she tried to shoot Ninjak after the conversation. Luckily, Ninjak was able to evade her gunfire without prior warning and disarm her. Ninjak was also able to deduce the fact that Dr. Silk has brainwashed all the civilians in the village after the encounter with the old lady. Ninjak reminds his teammates to tread lightly given the fact that they are dealing with innocents.

    Unity vs. Dr. Silk
    Unity vs. Dr. Silk

    As the three approach the factory's main entrance, they were greeted with gunfire. Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior took cover behind X-O Manowar to protect themselves. Suddenly, one of the armed men inside the factory came out of the front door and started shooting as well. X-O Manowar easily dispatches the man, disregarding Ninjak's reminder. As they enter the factory, Ninjak opts his teammates to approach the situation using stealth, but X-O Manowar blows his teammates' position and more than a hundred armed men open fire on the three. X-O Manowar just stands still, unscathed by the gunfire, while Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior took cover behind a bunch of crates. The team soon finds out that the men have a leader. As the man talks to X-O Manowar, Ninjak scans the man. Ninjak finds out that it is another one of Fitzhugh's clones.

    Prior to the rescue mission, Ninjak has killed a previous clone.

    The three were forced to surrender to Fitzhugh and the men since they cannot really hurt the brainwashed civilians.

    Ninjak and his teammates were buried twenty feet below the surface in a pod if broken, will instantly kill the brainwashed factory workers. Ninjak thinks Fitzhugh was bluffing and tempts X-O Manowar to break them out. The Eternal Warrior was not inclined to the plan and thinks that what Fitzhugh said was true, but X-O Manowar breaks the team out anyway.

    The team was slightly shocked to find out Fitzhugh was not lying. Fitzhugh was just standing next to the pod's burial site waiting for the three to come out. The Eternal Warrior quickly dispatches Fitzhugh and proceeds to find Livewire.

    They find her in one of Dr. Silk's headquarters hidden in a jungle within Taiwan. Ninjak, The Eternal Warrior, and X-O Manowar find out how exactly Dr. Silk managed to brainwash the civilians from Tai'an. The people were brainwashed in a form of a visual and microbe virus.

    Dr. Silk stated that the virus has no cure. Too make matters worse, Dr. Silk has already long began spreading the virus all over the globe.

    The team split up in different parts of the globe to prevent the virus from spreading any further. While Livewire, X-O Manowar, and The Eternal Warrior were trying to neutralize the virus carriers, Ninjak was tasked to locate Dr. Silk's original body using the coordinates Livewire found in Dr. Silk's database to weaken all of his other clones. Ninjak quickly eliminates four of Dr. Silk's soldiers and prevents a plane that carries the virus from going airborne by cutting through a metal beam attaching a plane to it's front wheel.

    Ninjak approaches the abandoned nuclear facility, where Dr. Silk's "original" body is located. Ninjak discovers Dr. Silk's body is being preserved in a cryogenic pod and then he proceeds to decapitate him after being granted permission by his handler to terminate the body.

    Armor Hunters

    After a squad of Armor Hunters went into a maximum security installation in Russia and destroyed Mexico City, Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior were directed to go the same installation, which stores extra-terrestrial Armors and mechs used by The Vine that the Russians salvaged. They are to extract at least one of the Vine Armors or Mechs for examination and to replicate it to have a better chance against the aliens.

    During the mission, Ninjak was updated by Livewire that she was able to successfully convince Bloodshot into joining Unity. Livewire and Bloodshot were on the way to M.E.R.O.'s base during the conversation.

    Prior to engaging the armor hunters Helix and Quartz, the two briefly observed the aliens hidden from their sights. The aliens were destroying the armors, forcing Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior to act immediately. While The Eternal Warrior distracts the armor hunters, Ninjak goes to a unscathed mech and places a device on it for Ninjak's stealth jet to extract the armor.

    Ninjak then creates a hole on the ceiling by throwing a handful of explosive shurikens for the mech's extraction, but at the cost of revealing himself to the other hunters. Ninjak was able to defend himself from a lethal blow from Quartz unscathed thanks to his katanas.

    In a few seconds, Ninjak's stealth jet arrives and fires four magnetic winches through the hole Ninjak made and latches onto the mech. Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior held onto the mech as it went airborne, but Helix chased them before going any higher.

    Luckily, the duo were able to successfully extract the mech without any signs of damage, though the two returned bloodied and beaten.

    The two patched themselves up before doing another mission: neutralize the alien hounds that the armor hunters dispatched around the world. Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior were tasked to go to areas unprotected and filled with civilians where the hounds are rampant.

    One of the pods that contains the hounds also crashed to M.E.R.O.'s headquarters. Not only that but one of the Armor Hunters; Lilt accompanied the hounds to find Malgam, who is being held in the headquarters as prisoner. Many of the men in the headquarters were quickly neutralized by the armor hunter and the alien hounds. While the survivors evacuate, Bloodshot were to neutralize the threat and prevent the prisoner from escaping.

    Meanwhile, Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior first cleared London of the alien infestation. While doing so, the two figure out that the hounds' sonic screeches can interfere with signals, impeding communication with each other, MI6 and M.E.R.O.

    During Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior's mission, Livewire was able to drop the armor hunters' vessel; GIN-GR from orbit, crash landing to Los Angeles. Livewire used X-O Manowar's armor after he gave up on the mission and gave up the armor itself. The losses were too heavy for Aric to shoulder.

    Meanwhile, Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior were able to neutralize all of the hounds that wrecked havoc around populated areas and by doing so, preventing anymore harm from the hounds to the civilians.

    Unity vs. The Armor Hunters
    Unity vs. The Armor Hunters

    The two then went to Los Angeles where the rest of the team and where the armor hunters make their last stand. GIN-GR spawned self-sentient drones to defend her squad mates from aerial attack by M.E.R.O. and cause further havoc. Not only that, but some of the drones formed around GIN-GR, creating a forcefield around her. Livewire tried to destroy the drones, but communicating to one drone already proves a challenge to the technopath. The forcefield cannot be destroyed by the military. To make matters worse, the drones can repair and duplicate themselves when they come into contact with any tech, and a few of the drones have managed to enter Ninjak's jet.

    On the brink of a fatal loss, Ninjak taps into his mind, recalling previous experiences and events from the past, and was able to formulate a solution in a split second.

    Ninjak then pulls out exotic tech from his sword hilt and belt, puts them together, and simultaneously grabs a drone and jumps out of the jet, using the drone to remain airborne.

    Ninjak uploads a toxic virus into the drones' closed system using the tech he put together.

    The Eternal Warrior, on the other hand, jumped out of the jet and fell through a skyscraper and building to the ground unscathed, leaving an opening for Ninjak to enter on the building The Eternal Warrior fell through.

    As Ninjak meets up with The Eternal Warrior, all the drones simultaneously blew up. The two walked inside the building and came out from the building's exit. Amidst the destruction, Ninjak gave his garment to a fallen woman to cover and comfort her. The Eternal Warrior was stunned for a brief moment.

    The two then immediately took off afterwards. As the two get ready to board their jet, a passenger plane being controlled by the same looking drones that Ninjak supposedly destroyed, attempts to perform a kamikaze attack on the two. Luckily, the duo was able to avoid it and board the jet.

    Livewire then tells Ninjak the bad news via comms: GIN-GR is not stopping deploying more drones.

    In the midst of all the chaos, Aric was able to gather the courage and motivation needed from Saana to wear the armor again.

    While Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior are inboard the stealth jet, X-O Manowar tells the jet's passengers that he needs the vehicle. The two then jumps out of the jet for X-O Manowar to use. X-O Manowar tells Livewire to leave an opening for him from the forcefield GIN-GR's drones are making so he can throw the jet at GIN-GR.

    Livewire was able to do it, but passes out due to exhaustion. X-O Manowar was able to throw the jet at GIN-GR, causing heavy damage to the giant robot, further crashing her onto the ground.

    Primary Reebo, Quartz, and Helix came out of the fallen vessel as X-O Manowar, Ninjak, and The Eternal Warrior get ready to engage the hunters. Bloodshot shortly came by and confirmed Lilt's death by throwing his head to the hunters' feet. This angered the armor hunters and then they engaged the opposing team.

    Earth's last line of defense was able to come out victorious from the battle.

    Bloodshot was able to incapacitate Quartz by throwing an acid gland taken from Lilt and shooting it at the right moment. The acid splattered on his face and the pain brought him down.

    Ninjak was able to reduce Helix into a puddle of data goo by throwing a cord shuriken capable of surrounding a target and enclosing them in numerous blades, shredding them.

    X-O Manowar was able to kill Primary Reebo by stabbing him with his own spear, before succumbing to his wounds. His wounds were not being healed due to the spear's nature of disrupting the armor's functions.

    The fight was over. But the whole world knew what happened. Ninjak and the rest of Unity were sent out to rest. X-O Manowar was able to get medical care on time before dying.

    From this day forth, Unity was formally exposed to the public to suppress panic and ensure safety to the civilians.

    Infiltrating Weaponeer

    Ninjak was tasked with infiltrating and usurping the arms trading black market corporation of Weaponeer from it's current owner and one of his designated targets; Kannon.

    During a meeting with said assignment; Ninjak under the guise of Henry Collins had been tasked with using his own high connects by his agency handler, to find and allocate his mission's right hand assistant Roku from a Russian mobile prison deep within a rural jungle basin. After having freed her in his proper guise Colin next approached the company head as his humble entrepreneur persona with vast wealth and political ties who wanted the eponymous billionaire company head to construct a weapon for him. He first gained his marks trust by finding his way back to him and his office building after having been stripped naked and left alone penniless in unknown territory 5 miles outside of Tokyo, with an 8 A.M. sharp meeting to get too with said contact otherwise he would never do business with Henry again.

    He managed to make the deadline by knocking out two teens, stealing their cloths comprising of skinny jeans & a t-shirt and commandeering a moped a few hours later to make his appointment on time. The final test he had to pass was taking a beating without leaning towards retaliation to show that he wasn't any danger to his potential commissioner. After having passed the latter's tests Kannon welcomed Mr. Collins with open arms setting the pace for the secret agent to undergo his real work; infiltrating The Shadow Seven for his own personal vendetta against one of their members.

    After passing the trials, Collins finally got access to Kannon's private building. He drugged Kannon's wine to buy himself some time; 30 minutes to be exact. He changes into his Ninjak costume and went to Kannon's office. As he was hacking into Weaponeer's core computers, he was ambushed by Roku. Ensnared by her razor-sharp hair, he had no choice but to jump out of the window to try and escape, but Roku jumped out as well and the two fought their battle in free-fall.

    No Caption Provided

    While the two were fighting, Ninjak knew that his fight was being recorded due to Kannon's Exterior Security systems in place. He traces where the video feeds go with his contacts. He shoots out a smart grappling hook out of his wrist to get to where the video goes. He also simultaneously counted how much time he has to spare before going back to Kannon. Ninjak was able take Roku out of the fight using his gadgets; specifically shining a bright flash of light directly to her eyes and following up with a kick that was further amplified with hidden poisonous blades in the shoe-sole. Ninjak swings into the building and encounters three thugs. He quickly dispatches them all with lighter fluid and incendiary darts from his forearm. He deletes the video and as he cautiously comes out of the room, another one of the thugs points a gun behind Ninjak and fires away. Ninjak was able to angle his armor to take the brunt of the gunfire. He then also quickly dispatches the thug and sprints to a nearby restroom.

    He changes back into his undercover persona and patched himself up from the battle. Collins walks to Kannon, but soon finds out Roku beat him to the race and now Kannon knows who Collins really is.

    Ninjak gets into a fight against them. As Ninjak holds his own against Roku, Kannon calls her off and decides to end the fight himself. Ninjak eventually defeats Kannon and delivered him to MI6, limbless and blind, for the agency to pry more information regarding the rest of the heads of Weaponeer.

    Colin assumes the role as the company's C.E.O. in the wake of his victory against Kannon.

    Roku; on the other hand, got away as the two fought and proceeded to warn the rest of The Shadow Seven; the other heads of Weaponeer.

    Powers and Abilities

    Body Supremacy

    Shown to have undergone the same form of training that individuals like Rokurokubi and The Shadow Seven were taught under by the Undead Monk. Able to reach out and connect with his physical being becoming explicitly aware of each and every individual nerve ending on his body as he was of the feeling in the tips of his fingers.

    Colin mends his injuries without raising a finger.
    Colin mends his injuries without raising a finger.
    • Self-Healing: Once he had his back bone broken and right arm twisted out of place. In the following months that came Collin King was able to truly connect with his physical self, enabling the then broken man to mend himself in the coarse of the coming seasons.
    • Chemical Absorption: While under the training of the Undead Monk, Colin was able to eat poisonous food daily by absorbing and processing the poisonous compounds of the food. The upper limits of this uncanny ability is yet to be seen.
    • Longevity: As foretold in the Book of The Geomancers, Ninjak’s death will take place a hundred years in the future. Ninjak was able to increase his life span by a few decades by having complete control of the cells within his body. He was able to outlive X-O Manowar due to this.

    Ninjak is also considered one of the most skilled and dangerous beings on earth. He is a master weapon user and has extremely proficient stealth abilities, as shown when he is able to sneak past the X-O Manowar armor. He has also shown extremely advanced martial arts knowledge, being able to kill a man in one strike and even engage superhuman opponents such as X-O Manowar.

    He is very accurate with his choice of ranged weapon, the shuriken, and is capable of throwing many of them at one time in order to kill multiple targets. Above all else, Ninjak has shown that he can adapt to even the most perilous situations in order to either defeat a more powerful opponent, or at the very least live to fight another day.

    Ninjak has shown that he is in prime physical condition. He has shown his speed, agility and reflexes on numerous occasions, being able to dodge sword swipes from X-O Manowar, leap from a falling plane onto a cargo box, weave between multiple close range energy blasts and even dodge gunfire without looking.

    Weapons and Equipment


    Smart Boots and Gloves which allow Ninjak to stick to surfaces and even run up walls.
    Smart Boots and Gloves which allow Ninjak to stick to surfaces and even run up walls.

    Ninjaks strength in combat mainly comes from the diversity of his equipment. He seems to always have a weapon or gadget to pull out at exactly the right time. Due to his wealth he has been able to do things like waste a £2 million stealth aircraft just as a distraction. His usual gear consists of a Hex-Weave suit that is both bulletproof and fireproof, Smart Boots and Smart Gloves which allow him to stick to surfaces, allowing him to run up walls or stick to the ceiling. His suit has an inbuilt scanner which provides him information on people such as their name, place of birth, combat training level, weapons, heart rate, alertness level and if they have any powers or not. It also tells him if they are dead or not, but Ninjak can usually work this out for himself. He has also made use of a belt hologram to throw off X-O Manowar's targeting system.

    Ninjak has used Mini-Photo Reflectors in his suit allowing himself to become near-invisible and has access to Mini-Drone's which he can utilize to create a wide micro camera view-able area network, one with which he can look up the dossier of every known MI6 warranted crook within their most wanted database through his contact lens's, scope out infrastructure and architectural details from the locations their poised at and are capable of searching for human heat signatures, unique substances and any combination of other characteristics and compounds within a fifty-kilometer radius.

    Upon finding their target the Mini-Drones can pick up clean audio and feed it directly back to Ninjak. He also sports a set of contacts which enable him to do a full body scan and profile runner that gleans information on the various targets he lays eyes upon as well as scan the internal workings of a business complex as well as trace outlaying video feeds to and from their source.


    Ninjak always has an abundance of shuriken at the ready. They come in many forms including standard, explosive, flashbang and tranquilizers. He even has shuriken that spit out smaller blades that automatically target and kill foes, he also utilizes wire shuriken which entrap around the intended target and vivisect them with monomolecular thread and micro blades.

    Ninjak is able to throw multiple shuriken at one time accurately enough to kill four or more targets at once, or even to disarm distant enemies. He usually has a shuriken suited to aid him for any given situation.

    Ultra High-Frequency Katana

    Collin in his Ninjak guise primarily uses two katana which he is extremely skilled with, the compositions of the metal comprising them are a Tri-Silk alloy super metal which is significantly tougher than steel. The machinations of which sport a potent vibratory phase ocelator which sends reverberating frequencies up and down the blades edge continually sharpening them, significantly increasing their strength and cutting power.

    They can also be coated in various chemical solutions to aid in their effectiveness; among them being a potent tranquilizer that can knock out whoever it cuts. The last feature's shown lie within the hilt of the blade, for offensive usage the butt of the hilt has a potent high impact taser and for supplementary practice, the hilt has a Mini-Drone dispersal unit built into it.

    Other Weapons

    Ninjak also used knockout gas before, which came from his suit at the flick of a wrist. When he is without a weapon he still an extremely dangerous combatant, able to use his own body as a lethal weapon to dispatch his foes. He also sports the Multi-Tool a.k.a Aerial Spikes which is said to possess 30 different usages on hand the few shown so far are stun, shock, biochemical and lethal settings.


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