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    Black Scorpion Reborn

    First off, I will admit that I am a Black Scorpion fan and the TV show was one of the few guilty pleasures that I enjoyed watching well over a decade ago. The show’s silliness and over-the-top humor and campiness was reminiscent to the 60’s Batman that even Frank Gorshin and Adam West would later guest star as villains, which I thought was a neat homage to those two icons and their legacy. Since the show’s cancellation after 1 season, Black Scorpion remained dormant for years until Blue Water Comics would later revive it into a comic book series.

    Recently I had the chance to check out the 1 issue and while I expected it to be the same ole campy stuff, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall change of direction. Paul Salamoff manages to make the series more dark and gritty in a Nolan-esque fashion. The art and coloring is top notch but what I really liked is that this is an origin story of Darcy Walker and the traumatic events that eventually leads her to become the Black Scorpion, which is something the TV show never clearly explains. But besides that, this issue has made me intrigued about the series arc which is definitely well worth checking out for all Black Scorpion fans and even the newer ones getting into the series.

    Rating: 4/5

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