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The Ghost Who Walks is modernized in this Lee Falk’s adaptation o 0

The Story: The Phantom tells the story of Chris Moore/Kit Walker whose family was murdered when he was a kid, but has no recollection of it. Years pass as Kit is happily living with his adoptive parents while trying to juggle law school and his love life, until his past comes back to haunt him. A friend of Kit’s father reaches out to him in his crisis and starts training him to become the next Phantom, a role which had been passed on from father to son in his family for generations. Unveiling a ...

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Black Scorpion Reborn 0

First off, I will admit that I am a Black Scorpion fan and the TV show was one of the few guilty pleasures that I enjoyed watching well over a decade ago. The show’s silliness and over-the-top humor and campiness was reminiscent to the 60’s Batman that even Frank Gorshin and Adam West would later guest star as villains, which I thought was a neat homage to those two icons and their legacy. Since the show’s cancellation after 1 season, Black Scorpion remained dormant for years until Blue Water C...

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Mortal Kombat: Abomination 0

Yes, the title says it all regarding this disaster of a sequel. While the success behind the Mortal Kombat franchise is its grisly violence, excessive gore and decent characters and plot line, sadly Annihilation doesn’t offer anything remotely redeeming other than trying to get as much characters in as little screen time, which results in cringe worthy acting, cheesy dialogues, bland special effects and boring fight sequences that are sure enough to make you commit hara-kiri just by watching thi...

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Vampirella Movie 0

This is without a doubt a really bad B-movie. The weak plot line, the wooden acting, the cheesy special effects, and the constant use of stock footages are inexcusable even for B-Movie standards. Talisa Soto as Vampirella along with Roger Daltrey as the rock star-menacing Vlad is certainly unintentional comedy put together with their laughable, over-the-top performance. Vampi fans familiar with the comic book incarnation of the character will be majorly disappointed by the the costume worn by Ta...

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