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The Ghost Who Walks is modernized in this Lee Falk’s adaptation o

The Story: The Phantom tells the story of Chris Moore/Kit Walker whose family was murdered when he was a kid, but has no recollection of it. Years pass as Kit is happily living with his adoptive parents while trying to juggle law school and his love life, until his past comes back to haunt him. A friend of Kit’s father reaches out to him in his crisis and starts training him to become the next Phantom, a role which had been passed on from father to son in his family for generations. Unveiling a heritage he never could have dreamed possible, Kit must uphold and honor his ancestors’ sacred code to fight crime and injustice against The Singh Crime Syndicate, a terrorist organization who are about to start an international war which could lead to disastrous consequence.  

Thoughts: I liked the pilot very much. I thought the plot, the dialogues and the action were top notch quality, which had all the makings to be a great TV series. Most of all I liked how some of the Phantom mythos were added in and retooled a little just to give it a more modern feel to allow Phantom to operate beyond the Bangala jungles. Okay, now a lot of folks have been giving flak with the new costume. While I do agree it could have been designed a little bit better, but it is what it is.

Verdict: I would definitely recommend watching it. Phantom fans won’t be disappointed if they can get past the costume, but even then the mini-series complements Falk’s original work that made Phantom into an icon. Here’s hoping that SYFY makes this a series in the near future.

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