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Raze, although his given name was Koro, was born in an unknown place in East Africa during the 14th century. In the year 1373, when he was in his mid 30's, he was called upon to defend the land from European Vampires when the war spilled from Europe into Africa. Thuogh they didn't understand the source of their power, Koro and his warriors fought bravely. They were eventually defeated and Koro was taken into slavery.
After crossing the sea, he came to work for the family of a Nobleman in his silver mines. At some point during this time he was given the name Raze. Proving a strong and useful slave, Raze was also willful and unruly. As a way to appease his Vampire Lords and get rid of the trouble he knew Raze would cause, his master prepared him to venture forth with him to their citadel.

As his owner was travelling to the citadel, he managed to reach a check-point where the Death Dealers wre to come and escort him. Though he didn't know it, being forced to walk blind-folded behind the carriage, they had stopped to await their arrival. Just as Sonja arrived with her warriors Lycans lying in wait sprung a trap. They launched an assault against all of her warriors, managing to kill almost all of them. Instead of attempting to flee like his fellows, Raze took off his hood and fought back against the creatures attacking them. He managed to fend a few of them off with only his brute strenght alone. Only the timely arrival of Lucian, first of a new generation of Lycans, and an Alpha, saved their lives. Lucian was impressed with his battle prowess and courage. 

Raze watched as Lucian was punished for his valiant acts, not understanding the complexities of the new hell he had entered. While the rest of his fellows were afraid of Lucian and his ken, Raze spoke with him, managing to learn the extent of his new circumstances. He congratulated him on his courage, and it was Raze who pointed out how the beastial Lycans had followed him. The two became friends during this time, though Raze admitted to feeling fear towards his eventual fate. When he was taken before a hungry Lycan to be changed, he fought back against the Vampire guards and even the Lycan itself. After his turn, he listened to Lucian as he formalized his plans to escape and pledged to jiong him. 

When the time came for Lucain to make his escape, he then joined Lucian and the Lycans in their escape. Reaching the safety of the sun, and the woods surounding the citadel, Raze chose to stand by Lucian in his plan to return for the others who hadn't. Raze quickly became Lucian's trusted second-in-command within the Lycan rebels, leading him to his former masters to raid their stores of weaponry and free his slaves. As Lucain when to garner the support of the wild wolves, he left Raze in charge.
Going to other steadholts around the citadel, he defeated their soldiers and freed the slaves offering them the choice of Lycanhood or the chance to escape. He raised Lucian a vast army, and awaited his return. When Lucian learned of Sonja's capture and left to retrieve her, Raze was once more left in command. Hearing Lucian's call to battle, he led their forces or "pack", to do battle with the Vampires. He survived the battle, killing many of the Death Dealers who challenged him. Raze decided to stay by Lucian's side, serving as his Beta or second, in the war to come.


Centuries later, he was in charge of apprehending the human descendant of Alexander Corvinus, Michael Corvin. In a particular incident, Death Dealers were following him and fellow Lycan Trix. As Raze was following Michael, he sensed the vampires nearby and a shoot-out broke loose in the subway between the Death Dealers and them, allowing Michael to get away. He was scolded by Lucian for letting Michael escape, but due to his loyalty and age as a Lycan, Lucian did not punish him. Later, when Amelia and her entourage arrived, the Lycans, led by Raze, slaughtered the council. He bled her dry, under the orders of Lucian to fulfill the plans of creating a lycan-vampire hybrid. Upon reaching the Lycan lair underground, he found Lucian dead. Angered at Lucian's death, he got revenge by confronting Soren and killing him. He later was approached by Viktor and the Vampire Elder wrestled Raze to the ground with his bare hands and plunged his sword in the Lycan's chest, killing him.


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