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    Werewolves are cursed humans with the ability to shape-shift into wolves or anthropomorphic wolves (lycanthropy). Their appearance is often associated with lunar cycles.

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    Throughout human history there have been tales of humans metamorphosing into beasts of the night, usually through means of sin or black magic. Predominantly in Eastern Europe however, the recurring theme drawn out is of a man infected with a curse than turns him into a shadow of his former self; a veritable monster who salivates for the kill and howls at the moon like a wild dog. Modern takes on the legend suggest that werewolves are in fact caused by a rabies-like virus being passed through victims in scratches and bites, slowly turning them in the space of a month into werewolves themselves. In some types - or breeds - of werewolves, the disease can actually be transmitted from parent to child.

    The standard werewolf resembles an enlarged and rabid looking wolf standing on two legs with dexterous front paws and defined musculature resembling that of a human. Sometimes a tail is present. However, different types of werewolves exist, much like different dog breeds exist. Some resemble humans with fur on their bodies, while others fully transform into wolf-like creatures, running around and hunting on four limbs like a true wolf would.

    Over time, it is possible for a human to learn control over their transformations, but, much like Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde, the beast emerges, usually in a stressful situation or through influence of the moon or even certain spell chants.

    Despite being eternal enemies with vampires, werewolves are linked to them by way of ancient legends, stating that the body of a werewolf would return as a vampire if not blessed and decapitated prior to burial.

    Powers & Abilities


    • Super Strength: Werewolves have incredible physical strength, on par with that of vampires even. Alpha werewolves or pure blooded ones can shake the earth with brute force.
    • Super Speed: At their top speed, werewolves are incredibly fast, so much so it's almost as if they appear as mist or gusts of wind.
    • Enhanced Senses: Werewolves have incredibly heightened senses, such as enhanced sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. They are able to track down their prey from miles away with ease.
    • Immortality: Werewolves are (for the most part) mortal, but able to last several centuries if left to their own devices. However, certain types, possibly through magic, are able to survive at levels on par with vampire life spans.
    • Regeneration: Werewolves are capable of regrowing and regenerating from the gravest of injuries dealt to them in mere moments. They're able to heal from minor wounds like cuts, scrapes or bruises in seconds and even major wounds like lacerations, missing limbs, crushed bones and destroyed organs in minutes.
    • Endurance: On top of enhanced healing and strength, werewolves are incredibly resilient, able to stand up to high caliber firearms or heavy blows from inhumanly strong impacts with ease.
    • Agility: in spite of a werewolf's bulk and musculature structure, they are super-humanly limber and flexible. They can run, move and jump nearly twenty times that of the finest human athlete.
    • Claws & Fangs: Werewolves also have pronounced canines within their snouts and retractable claws in their hands and feet which reach as long as two to three inches. They are easily able to rend most substances with their tooth-and-claw fighting style - like wood, stone, steel and most easily human flesh with little effort.


    • Silver: Throughout common folklore, silver is said to be toxic to werewolves, so much so that it will burn their flesh on contact. A silver bullet straight through the heart or head of a werewolf is lethal.
    • Wolfsbane: In some folklore, wolfsbane is said to induce a werewolf's transformation, in other stories it cures the curse, and yet in other cases it is described as highly toxic to werewolves.
    • Lunar Cycle: A common belief throughout all folklore and myth is that all werewolves are forced to shift during the cycle of the full moon. To some this is a gift, to others a curse.
    • Mountain Ash: There is an old superstition stating that no house was safe unless under the shade of a mountain ash, exhibiting control over werewolves who seek to harm people.

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