Denmark Month: Help! I’m A Fish!


Try to imagine “Finding Nemo” and “Honey I Shrunk the Kid” mashed up into one big creepy animated movie. THAT is “Help! I’m A Fish!”

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Fly, his sister Stella, and their cousin Chuck, ends up in a hidden laboratory during a fishing trip. In the lab they meet Professor MacKrill, a goofy scientist who has invented a potion that can transform humans into fish so that humanity can survive ones the poles has melted and the entire planet is covered in water. Stella mistakes a bottle of fish potion for lemonade, and (unknown to the others) is transformed into a starfish. In the confusion, she accidentally gets thrown out of a window into the sea by Fly, and only upon consulting a video tape do the other three find out what happened to her. The boys and the professor gets a boat and tries to search the sea for Stella. But when they are caught in a terrible storm and the boat sinks, Fly and chuck has to drink the potion as well so that they won’t get killed. The boys, now as a flying fish and a jelly fish, manage to find Stella. But now they have to find the anti-dote that sank to the bottom of the ocean along with the boat.

By the way: if Fly, Chuck, and Stella don't get the antidote in 48 hours, they'll be stuck as fish forever.

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This movie has Alan Rickman as the villain. THERE! I don’t really have to give you any more reasons to watch it.

What, not enough? What if I told you that the gorgeous hand-drawn animation can rival that of Don Bluth's movies? That it gives time to fully appreciate the beautiful, yet intimidating world of the sea? That the plot is intelligent and the voice actors are great? And that the fishes that gained intelligence from the anti-potion are creepy as heck? Would that make you watch the movie?

This overlooked classic deserves to be watched. Unsure if I could call it a family movie since it’s pretty dark... but then again, the Lion King had Simba’s dad getting stomped to death, so why not?

That’s all for now. I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.