Showcase issue 17 in 5 panels.

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My name is Adam, and I’m an archaeologist.

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I managed to discover a legendary Inca city, the discovery of a lifetime.

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But the locals were anything but pleased by my presence and I had to run for my life.

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And THEN I got randomly teleported to another planet where I met a hot babe!

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Ah, okay… this origin is… kinda inconsistent.

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Five bad-ish things about OK KO

Look, I love OK KO, but…

Scratch that. I love OK KO way more than anyone else! EVER!

But even I, the absolute OK KO fan, shouldn’t be blind to the shows’ flaws… that it practically doesn’t have.

So here are five problems that aren’t really problems but should still be mentioned… not that they are too bad, still love the show.

Carol is a bit too perfect.

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Carol is awesome. She is KO’s wonderful mom and sensei, she is a level 10 hero AND she was part of POINT as the cool Silver Spark who once took down the Kaktus Krew.

But she is a bit perfect. Sure, there are great Carol episodes, but her almost flawlessness means that she can’t grow as a character. KO, Rad, Enid and even Gar have flaws, meaning they can get better, meaning more material for episodes as well as more memorable moments since we see then grow.

Not that I’m complaining as such. I love Carol and what the show did with her. Just saying.

The Boxbots goes back to being villains.

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I actually made a whole post about why it was reasonable that the Boxmore robots would and could become heroes (you can red it HERE) and I thought it was a interesting idea to let the Boxbots discover themselves without their daddy. But then they just went back to be evil with their now nicer father and they are all wearing cowboy hats? That just kinda feels… I don’t know, cheep. I get it, they got separated and Boxman found inner peace, making him a better father, but I just feel like it would have been more fun if they had moved on like Mister Logic.

Not enough POINT Prep student.

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POINT Prep is such a classic idea. A hero academy where you get pushed and pushed to be the absolute best hero. And it is fun that the students are practically just wearing a red blazer over their goofy hero costumes.

But I DO think that there should have been more students. Lakewood has so many background characters, POINT Prep should have more than a total of NINE students. Nine COOL students, but still only NINE!

The "Monster Party" episode.

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The episode just kinda felt like a repeat of "Parents Day" but just a bit more awkward. I did like the Ghoul School cameo and that we get to learn more about Enid’s childhood. But even KO flat out tells Enid that she already went through this phase. I do like the idea about Enid looking forward to seeing her old friends but panics, but the episode felt like one of the weaker ones.

Lord Cowboy Darrell’s reign was a bit short.

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Darrell stabbing his old man in the back was one of the most awesome moments in the series as well as a very interesting one since the reason for his betrayal is more or less Boxman’s own fault for programming him into being WAY to clingy, so clingy that he would betray him to show how evil he was to win his love. And Darrell did do some pretty impressive things as leader of Boxmore, proving to be a way better villain than Boxy and making such schemes as winning the film festival to get the trophy made of plutonium as well as poisoning the mind of school students with ineffective teaching. But it felt like his reign was WAY to short. Honestly, Boxman should have returned to Boxmore in the final episode of season 2 if you ask me.


Five obscure cartoon shows that should get a reboot

Since the Ducktales and She-Ra reboot seems to go well, here is a list of five TV cartoons you most likely don't know that I think could potentially be pretty great if they got rebooted.

Fat chance for that, though:P

Totally Spies.

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The three teenage girls Sam, Alex and Clover lives a double life as spies working for the World Organization of Human Protection AKA WOOHP. Under the leadership of Jerry, the head of WOOHP, the girls are sent across the globe to stop extraordinary crimes and prevent international disasters. Said crimes and disasters often being ridicules.

Dave the Barbarian.

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After the king and queen of Udrogoth decides to travel the world and fight evil, the only defenders of the barbarian kingdom is their three children Dave, Fang and Candy as well as the queen's brother and the kingdom's wizard called Oswidge.

Problem is that Dave, despite his massive muscles, is a coward, Fang is a short little monkey-looking girl with a Napoleon complex, Candy is a self-absorbed pretty-girl and Oswidge is actually a cook who used to work in a school for actual wizards.

Not ideal, but they are all Udrogoth has to defend the kingdom from such villains as the dark mage Chuckles the Silly Piggy.

American Dragon: Jake Long.

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Jake Long is a kid from Manhattan who descends from a family of dragons, meaning he too can turn into one as he turns thirteen. He becomes the apprentice of his grandfather Lao Shi who is the current dragon of Manhattan who teaches him how to use his powers as well as how to handle his responsibility as the protector of the many magical creatures in the city.

Secret Files of the Spy Dogs.

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Man's best friend is actually extremely intelligent and every single one of them serves as secret agents who protects the globe from disaster. Such as the disappearance of meat.


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Five teenage girls has been chosen to be the new Guardians of Kandrakar(the center of the universe) and they must fight those who wish to cause harm to it. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin has been given the power of the five elements to do so


Some other obscure stuff about heroes that you probably don't know.

Destiny was suppose to have been Nightcrawler's birth mom.

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Mystique and Destiny's romance was one of the earliest, if not FIRST same-sex romances in Marvel comics. Editors allowed it, since Mystique turned into a man when she was with her in public, which apparently made it straight enough(?). But it was apparently TOO much when comic book writer Claremont wanted BOTH Mystique and Destiny to be Nightcrawler's biological parents, with the explanation being that Mystique could make Destiny pregnant as a man.

So Nightcrawler's dad became a demon thingy instead:P

Mary Marvel once lost her powers... and kept fighting crime!

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Mary is one of the original female counterparts to a male superhero, even before Supergirl.

And she was one heck of a hero. Once when she lost her powers, she didn't cry about it. She made a homemade costume she didn't need to say Shazam to get, and then fought crooks with her guts and wit.

The first Teen Titans series was a racial game-changer.

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The first Teen Titans series had the very first interracial hug in DC comics. AND DCs first Afro-American female hero.

Yet all we remember it for is the silly stuff like Ding Dong Daddy...

Wasp has an archenemy/super-stalker.

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Whirlwind is more of a Wasp enemy than he is an Hank Pym one. He is completely fixated with Jan, even pretended to be her chauffeur for months. Once in a while, he even makes prostitutes dress up in Wasp costumes and then kills them.

And Jan has to kick his ass over and over again as he tries to beat her senseless while mansplaining that she actually loves him, she just doesn't know it yet.


Captain Marvel Junior has a personal enemy.

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CMJ is more than just Captain Marvel's sidekick, he once had his own comic nook series AND enemies. His worst foe that he hates personally is Captain Nazi. Not only did the prick cripple his normal body, he also murdered his grandpa when the old man just tried to help him


Five weird super-villains you don't know.


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Onomatopoeia is a serial killer who targets superheroes that do not have powers.

And he never speaks, he only says onomatopoeia words. BTW, onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named, like "snap", "bang", "krash" and "ptaff".

And if you think THIS guy is weird, wooo boy! He is just COOL weird.

Not like...


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Cocaine gives this guy super powers. Because why the hell not?!

Asbestos Lady

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As the name implies, Asbestos Lady(AKA Victoria Murdock) was a woman who wrapped herself in asbestos so she could fight the original Human Torch.

So she eventually died of cancer.

Lady Stilt-Man

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Sure, there are plenty of women who takes the name of an already existing super criminal. Like Lady Bullseye, the Beetle, or Soranik Natu who decided to become the new Sinestro.

... But who the hell names themselves LADY STILT-MAN?! WILLINGLY?!

She once fought Spider-Man and Deadpool. The battle ended with Lady Stilt-Man sticking her stilt inside a sewer hole. She fell to the ground... and then she cried.

... Yeah...


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Jenna Duffy, otherwise known as the Carpenter, is... that. A carpenter. And she becomes a super villain who uses tools to do crime.

Not making it up, this woman is a Batman villain. She was one of the Mad Hatter's goons.


Five reasons to why Dreamworks' "Trolls" is secretly brilliant.

For some reason, I keep underestimating the brilliance of Pixar and Dreamworks movies.

But can you blame me on this one? Making a movie about a weird ugly toy from the 90s? Sounds like Emoji Movie shit.

And the fact that the movie looks like the result of a unicorn eating too much slush-ice and then puked makes you think annoying kids movie. We talking Care Bear annoying. But since a friend of mine mentioned loving the movie, I swallowed my pride, bought the Blue Ray from my local movie shop... and was amazed by how good this feel good film actually was.

Here are five reasons to why this on the surface seemingly dumb movie is secretly brilliant.

The trolls.

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Making a fantasy race of small people, you need a gimmick and an unique appearance so they aren't just slightly different gnomes.

Like the Smurfs. They are blue, have a weird little tail, and they have a society build around everyone having one job that they are extremely good at.

(... It makes you wonder if the whole Smurfs society would completely fall apart if one of those Smurfs became unavailable.)

So, how do you do that with creepy ugly dolls that 90s people for some reason liked?

The trolls are all about being happy little buggers, so why not make them colorful instead of uncharmingly paper brown? In fact, let them have fur that only have color when they are happy. And since their hair was their most notable trait, why not make their hair into an important part of their body? Like making it alive and be a muscle. It can be used for fun and festive purposes, but it also has a function as in it can be used to help you survive when you are a tiny creature lost in a forest with wild animals who wants to eat you.

The selection of songs.

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I love musicals. I freaking LOVE them. And as a musical fan, I think the selection of songs and the variety as well as relevance to the plot is of the utmost importance.

And that's why "Mama Mia" didn't work. Sure, the music was nice, but the selection of songs and the timing was a messy. Even inappropriate at times.

"Trolls" however has a nice collection of songs, not only feel good and upbeat ones. The trolls are all about happiness and joy, but that is not the same as saying that they are strangers to sadness and loneliness. Music can be an instrument (no pun intended... okay, maybe a little... a lot) used to calm or comfort. Poppy realizes that Branch is not interested in her happy and upbeat music, so she instead sings "The Sound of Silence", a song about being aware of loneliness as well as bitterness towards materialistic tendencies. And it actually moves Branch, though he is too proud to admit it.

Also, the movie has the song "Clint Eastwood", but more of that later.

The evil of creating a need.

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The villains of the "Trolls" movie are the Bergens, more specifically the chef of the Bergens. they are big, grey orc-like creatures who are plagued by unhappiness. And seemingly, the only way for them to gain something that resembles joy is by eating the little trolls who are basically small balls of joy.

But it is just a fix. And the chef who feeds the Bergens is very much aware of this. But being the one who provides the people "happiness" gives her a position of power not even the king has. So she let's the drown in misery so she can on occasions feed them trolls. She creates a need that shouldn't be there to begin with.

Not that it is all on the chef, the Bergens are as much to blame for letting her be their source of happiness for the sake of convenience.

Our hero is optimistic, not stupid.

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Poppy seems like a run-of-the-mill happy idiot who needs to be taught a lesson about how the real world works. But instead, she is a confident princess, a soon-to-be monarch who cares deeply about her people and is proud of being the daughter of the king who bravely put himself in harms way in order to save the trolls. She is a strong believer in optimism, not to say that she is unaware that bad things can happen, she just choose to hope for the best. That optimism gives her an incredible willpower that helps her through many hurdles. In fact, when she goes through hell to get to the Bergen city, in is only after several hours of travel and physical pain that she finally faints, but she already had a plan in order to "force" Branch to join her so he could save her bacon if it came to that.

It is surprisingly often that kindness and optimism is mistaken for weakness and stupidity. Poppy is anything but that, she doesn't learn a lesson. Her philosophy about optimism and happiness doesn't change.

A freaking Gorillaz song is in this movie, and it fits in perfectly.

Ironically, I think including the song "Clint Eastwood" in the movie was a stroke of genius since so many others thinks it's dumb. The reason being that the song is about doing drugs.

Let's take a look at the part of the song included in the movie:

“I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad

I got sunshine in a bag

I'm useless but not for long

The future is coming on”

As a old-school Gorillaz fan, I say that it is simplifying the song. I think it is about not being happy and then create a stimuli that resembles happiness and escape reality because you don't have the guts to face it. There are several ways you can do that, drugs is one, but it can also be listening to music non-stop till the point that it becomes addicting noise. OR play online games to create a sense of pointless success.

OR, in the Bergens' case: Eating trolls. We see them walk around, walloping in misery, singing this song about stimuli. They miss being able to eat trolls for the sake of a quick fix instead of trying to have the nerves to get out of their toxic funk. They just want the convenient solution.


Top 5 Moville Mysteries episodes

I am a lover of the obscure. But it doesn't get more obscure than Jetix shows.

Back when I was a kid, there was a ton of spooky if not downright creepy shows. We talking Goosebumps, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Black Hole High AND, today's subject; Moville Mysteries.

The show follows the adventures of Mosley "Mo" Moville who is fascinated by the supernatural, especially since supernatural things happens in the town of Ouija Falls. Joined by his best friends Hitch and Mimi, Mo investigates the strange phenomenons in his hometown, OR at least narrates them to us the viewers.

These are the five best episodes of a horror series that is an unappreciated creepy classic.

Number 5: Ghoooul!!

The school's soccer team Coach Konkout(BTW, his first name is ACTUALLY Coach) is hated by everyone since the team has never won a single game. To make matters worse, Coach is actually a VERY nice guy who would never blame the kids for not having made at least ONE goal and he only ask of them that they do their best(which is awful, by the way). But when Coach finally had enough and decides to become the coach of a new team, he must find out what he is ready to do to become a winner.

Number 4: Follow That Mo.

Mo and his friends finds what looks like a very fancy doorknob. Not only that, it has a mysterious light that somehow make people happy. Mo seems to be the only one not affected by it's magic due to being a cynic. Being in possession of the "magic doorknob" give Mo the unwanted status of a holy man among his peers, and our hero finds it impossible to get rid of his followers. And to make it worse, the local conman Luther Bosco lose customers because of Mo's doorknob, and he is prepared to go the distance to get those customers back.

Number 3:The Day Rico Became Smart.

The town's sports prodigy and all around nice-guy Rico Caliente get's hit in the head and becomes a genius. But intelligence is a curse since no one cares for the new lifestyle he gets because of his boost in intellect. His parents and fans shuns him, and the poor guy feels isolated and instead tries to look for someone who can appreciate his new smarts. And WOO BOY, does that backfire for poor Rico.

What makes this episode extra special is that in most dumb-become-smart episode, the person becomes rude and pretentious. But not Rico, he is still the same nice guy he was before the blow to his head. It's everyone else who is the problem, especially his parents who sees their son as a meat ticket since him becoming a sport star who makes millions of bucks is good for them.

Number 2: Swarm Enough For Ya?

Ouija Falls suffer from a mosquito invasion. A really bad one. But conveniently, a new bug exterminator named Mr. Royal move to the town where he becomes VERY busy due to the many tiny bloodsuckers. But Mo realizes that there is something fishy about Mr. Royal, and after investigating the bug exterminator with Hitch and Mimi, he comes to the shocking conclusion that Mr. Royal is actually ATTRACTING the bugs to Ouija Falls.

And that's just the top of the iceberg. EW!

Number 1: The Novelty Kid.

Norman is that guy who can talk people into borrowing him money through a combination of persistence and a slick mouth. And he is a little prick who never pays back what he owes, always making excuses. But he becomes downright a conman when he finds a comic book that advertises gimmick products like x-ray glasses that actually WORKS! And since the seller of these amazing products offer you the service of paying them back later, Norman abuses the hell out of it with the intention of NEVER paying for them as he uses the products to become extremely rich.

I didn't feel an inch of sympathy when Norman got his horrifying comeuppance


Five MORE movies that SHOULD have sucked, but didn't.

(Sort of a follow up to THIS:

A Goofy Movie

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This is a tale about a father and son who has to adapt to the new relationship they now have since the boy is growing older. The kid is immature and lies since it is convenient on a short basis and the father tries to solve what he believes is the problem too forcefully as well as trusting his son a bit too much. But after much hardship, they get a better relationship and the son even realizes that his father is an adult he can rely on, making his life easier.

Why it should suck: It's a spinoff movie based on the TV-series Goof Troop!

Hotel Transylvania

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A man lost his wife due to the bigotry and the cruelty of the world, and decides to make it his life goal to protect his daughter. Knowing he can't shelter her when she becomes an adult, he instead manipulates her, knowing fully well that he will eventually break her trust. But when he finally comes face-to-face with the real world, and his daughter does as well, the father has to rethink his ideology and have the courage to hope that the world has changed for the better as well as being brave enough to let his baby girl stumble and make mistakes like adults do when they live.

Why it should suck: It's a movie made by the company who is NOT Pixar or Dreamworks AND the lead role is Adam Sandler.


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Dude, it's a movie about AQUAMAN!

Why it should suck: Dude, it's a movie about AQUAMAN!


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In a colorful, creatively-made felt-like world of wonders, we get a classic adventure with the surprisingly adult message that happiness is not something you can force upon yourself or others, that you need to get help and be ready to get that help to achieve it, and that you can get something that SEEMS like happiness through a convenient method, but it is only a temporarily fix that will make you feel worse when you eventually lose that convenient method. And it has a great collection of songs that fits the movie's atmosphere, even a Gorillaz song that (normally) shouldn't be in a family film.

Why it should suck: It's a movie based on a toy from the 90s that only old people can remember and it even has a Gorillaz song that shouldn't be in a family film.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

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It is the followup o the story about the father and son who now has to adapt once again since the son has become a young adult and now tries to get his own life that doesn't involve his father. Meanwhile, the father who for years has made it his identity to be his son's single dad has a hard time accepting that his boy is no longer, well... a boy. But when fate brings them together again, both of them makes fatal mistakes that could jeopardize their relationship. The father sees it as a chance to be part of his son's life, but comes on too strong, and the son becomes obsessed with finding ways to separate himself from his dad, and it backfires completely for him. In the end, the father finds out that he still has his whole life in front of him despite not having to take care of his son and be proud that the son has become a man. And the son realizes that being a man is not the same as saying that your parent can't be part of your life.

Why it should suck: It's a sequel to spinoff movie based on the TV-series Goof Troop!


5 disturbing kids show villains you might not know.

Luther Bosco. (Moville Mysteries)

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A classic conman who sold getting-rich-and-successful scam books with success, but then found a threat to his business when a scepter did for free what he claimed his books would do: Made people happy.

And that's when Luther realized that there was money in starting a sect. That's right, this dude with a mentality of a used car salesman started a cult with ACTUAL human sacrifices and all that to make money!

The Beast.(Over the Garden Wall)

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The Beast was scary. Why he was scary was unclear, which made him even more intimidating. He simply represented the fears of the unknown. With his chilling voice, he commanded people to do his bidding, which was to chop wood to fuel his lantern.

Also, his true form looks like THIS:

No Caption Provided

Baby Doll.(Batman)

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Child actor who kept looking like a child due to an advanced type of dwarfism. Tried to be a theater actor after the show where she played the role of cute kid got canceled, but never got the roles due to her bizarre appearance. Went insane and now goes from naughty child to furious adult in the blink of an eye. Both are very dangerous and destructive.

Bill Cipher.(Gravity Falls)

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Two-dimensional being turned into demon. Bill describes his two-dimensional birth universe as a "flat world with flat minds and flat dreams", but then he began to worship chaos and turned into a monster that "liberated" his world from order. After destroying his dimension completely, Bill wanted to access ours, but could only manage to enter the Nightmare Realm where he was simply a thought-creature and therefor vulnerable. He has used billions of years manipulating humans into doing his bidding, he even ended up getting worshipers. But his goal is to find a way to get into our world as a physical being so he can do to it what he did to his own.

Zipperneck. (The Tick)

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The zipper is real.

Let's leave it at that.

... Ew...