Manga-Mania May: Fairy Tail


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In a world where magic exists and is a part of everyday life the same way electricity is for us, Natsu Dragneel, a young and reckless mage, search the world for his adopted dragon dad. One day, he and his friend Happy(a blue cat with wings) run into a young mage by the name Lucy, who reveals that it's her dream to become a member of Fairy Tail, a mage guild. After rescuing her from an abduction attempt, Natsu reveals to Lucy that he so happens to be part of Fairy Tail, and offers her a home in his guild. Now a member of the guild, Lucy teams up with Natsu and joins him on his many adventures.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys: this seems like a light One Piece ripoff. The story takes place in a strange world with odd people and plenty of slapstick situations and even the powers and fighting styles in Fairy Tail seem somewhat One Piece-ish. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though.

What is a bad thing is the somewhat poor characterization. Yes, I know that this series is meant to be entertaining and doesn't have that much depth to its characters. But it kinda seems like the author decided to make them as basic as possible without giving them any chances to grow or at the very least work on their flaws. That may just be me, but that’s just the way I feel.

But it’s a fun manga with over the top action, plenty of fan service and quirky characters. But just not that interesting enough to make me invested enough to read more than a few chapters and then move on to something with a bit more dept, like My Hero Academia. I guess you could call Fairy Tail a kids manga. So give it a shot if you are under 15.

That’s one down, 12 to go.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


Top 5 Yugioh duels


In my top five dumbest Yugioh moments list, I mentioned that I preferred the earlier mangas where the cardgame wasn’t that relevant to the plot. That isn’t to say that the Magic and Wizards games didn’t have their charms. I actually enjoyed the Duelist Kingdom story line quite a lot. So, since it’s still Manga-Mania May, I decided to make a list of my five favorite Yugioh duels… from the manga series.

Number 5: Jounouchi VS Marik

I think we can all agree that Jounouchi(or Joey, if you prefer his Yankee dub name) is the true hero of the Yugioh franchise. He is the underdog, his motivation to go from a trading card noob to pro is noble and pure, and he is the one who evolve the most in the manga. He stumbles during Pegasus’ tournament but learns from each of his duels and does pretty well in the Battle City contest despite lacking his Red Eyes Black Dragon. He makes it to the semi finals and face no one else but Marik, one of the duelists with a god card. And not just any god card, but the most powerful one: Ra.

And he won!

… Okay, yeah, he didn’t. But he SHOULD have won if it wasn’t for magic and stuff. He would have won. Unlike Yugi who won because Marik’s better half took over and gave up. But Jounouchi doesn’t need convenient magic stuff, he would have won fair and square. A true triumph of an underdog who made it to the top.

Number 4: Jounouchi VS Bandit Keith.

Despite his almost-victory against Marik, it’s his duel against Bandit Keith that was his finest hour if you ask me.

Pegasus actually hit the nail right on the head when he called it a battle between light and darkness. Jounouchi made it to the castle duels motivated by his pure ambitions of getting money to pay for his sister’s operation. Keith made it to the castle as, well thanks to his lust for revenge and not so clean methods. And there is already a less than friendly atmosphere between them since Keith first abused Jounouchi in order to get him into an arena where he would have a serious disadvantage AND then seals him inside the crypt.

Beside the setting, the duel itself is pretty cool. Keith’s machines cards are ruthless and Jounouchi is on top of his game when he faces him, proving that it wasn’t luck that got his to the castle.

Number 3: Yugi VS Bakura.

Yami Yugi may be the king of games, but I would bet my shades that Yami Bakura is a better duelist. Why? Simple: he is a far better strategist. He plays the long game and doesn’t reveal his hand until the very last moment. He is even ready to take some serious punishment for the sake of his strategy, and it pays off in the end. And that’s exactly what makes him the main villain of the series: Yami Bakura is one sneaky bastard. And it really shows in his duel against Yugi where he seemingly plays the game like a newbee by summoning weak monsters in attack mode, looses most of his points in three turns… and then turns the table completely with one heck of a twisted strategy. But what really takes the cake is when Bakura loses the duel and he decline Marik’s offer of “help” and saves his host body from harm, losing on his own terms. It’s not an act of compassion, but it does show that he does care about his host’s condition (he needs Bakura to carry out his plans). Might have also been a point of pride, too. Bakura doesn’t strike to me as someone who likes being used and the thought of Marik as his puppeteer pulling the strings must have royally ticked him off.

Number 2: Yugi VS Kaiba(round 3)

This is the REAL showdown between Yugi and Kaiba. their first two duels weren’t exactly honorable since the firt one was about Kaiba stealing grandpa’s Blue Eyes and the second was one he forced Yugi into by sending grandpa to the hospital. But the third one was their first true confrontation. Kaiba didn’t use dirty tricks to make Yugi due him, he made Yugi face him because they were both fighting for worthy causes.

But what I REALLY enjoyed was the expert rules. It was such an interesting way to play the game and saddened me that it was the first and last time we saw someone play like that. It was a fascinating idea for a strategy game.

Kaiba threatening to commit suicide if he lost has by many been called downright stupid… and I have to admit, it was kinda dumb, especially when he had cards on his field that would have made him victorious anyway… but you have to admit: it was in character. Kaiba is extreme like that. He has been raised to believe that losing is unforgivable. It’s very likely that he would have thrown himself from the castle if he had actually lost. Especially if he had lost his chance to save his little brother, the only person in the world he actually gives a damn about.

Number 1: Kaiba VS Pegasus.

This duel is so awesome on so many levels. First of all, Pegasus dominates Kaiba from the start, not only by having the Millennium Eye, being the creator of the game with access to all the cards he wants INCLUDING the toons, but also through his manipulation skills. Before the game even starts, he forces Kaiba to duel him with the regular rules instead of expert rules by telling him that the only way he will play with the duel disk is by letting Mokuba play in his place. Kaiba never had a chance.

What makes this duel even better is that we root for Kaiba DESPITE the fact that we want Yugi to save his grandpa and Jounouchi to get the cash for his sister. One of the best Yugioh moments is Yugi yelling to Kaiba that using Blue Eyes is unwise since Pegasus had Dragon Capture Jar that can steal dragon cards. When Jounouch asks Yugi why he would give Kaiba advice, he says that he do want to face Pegasus… but he would hate to see Kaiba lose his chance to save Mokuba.

And that was my top five Yugioh duels. You got any, then please tell me which one and what makes it special.

That’s all for now. I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


Manga-Mania May: The Walking Man


The world is dead and rotting. The military have lost the battle. Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up from coma and he finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Not knowing what to do he sets out to find his family, after he's done that he makes it his goal to make his family and the other survivors stay alive until help will arrive. IF it arrives.


No, wait. That’s “The Walking DEAD”, not “The Walking MAN”.

My bad.

“The Walking Man” is about a thirty-something man who strolls around randomly. And... that’s about it.

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This is a quiet manga. It’s about a man who could be real and how he enjoys the real world for what it is. He sees the beauty in it. How simply yet complex it is at the same time. This manga is not for everyone, but if you have patience and if you can appreciate the little things of everyday life, then you should buy this masterpiece. A great cure for stress.

That’s one down, 15 to go.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


Manga-Mania May: Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball used to be about exploring a crazy world where animals could sometimes talk and you didn’t question it. Then Dragon Ball became a series about fighting and training in order to push your limit. In Dragon Ball Super, Goku is gonna push the limit to a whole new level. So much that it’s not about martial art fighting anymore.

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Our manga begins with Goku doing something as normal as farming. He has become as strong as it is possible for him to get, and now he is bored since he can’t find any new challenges.

That is, until the God of Destruction shows up.

Dragon ball Super is a fresh look in the world of Dragon ball, offering the right combination of comedy relief and sharkjumping action. As usual, most of the sportive characters (except for Bulma) is left in the background and we don’t get to see that much of them, but we already knew that. I don’t know with you guys, but I miss the days where Yamcha used to be relevant.

But if you loved seeing guys yelling at each other until one of them exploded(and I know you do) then Dragon Ball Super is a treat. Sure, Goku is kind of a dick, but who really reads Dragon Ball for the sake of character development these days, am I right?

That’s one down, 16 to go.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


Manga-Mania May: The Demon Ororon

This manga is lame.

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A lame manga, that’s what it is. Man it’s so lame, why would anyone even read such a lame series?

Know what’s not lame? Medabots. Especially the anime series. So instead of reading “The Demon Ororon”, you should go watch the Medabots anime instead.

Or you could read “My Hero Academia”. Because unlike “The Demon Ororon”, it’s a great mange.

You can do anything, really. As long as you don’t read “The Demon Ororon”.

Because Ororon is lame.

That’s one down, 17 to go.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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Manga-Mania May: Chrono Crusade

In Chrono Crusade, Sister Rosette Christopher and her soul-bound demon partner, Chrono works for the demon fighting organization known as the Order of Magdalene. A organization that is much needed as demons rapidly appears in America after World War 1. Beside fighting demons, Rosette and Chrono are also on a quest to find Rosette’s lost brother Joshua who is shown to have been taken from her and is now part of a scheme by a demon who shares a dark history with Chrono.

Sounds kinda cool, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Unfortunately, it’s a clumsy told story. Sure, the concept has potential, but it’s told kinda awkwardly. Also, there is something about the character chemistry that is a little off. Not sure what, but it’s not as easy for me to think of the characters in the series as people. They just seem a little flat from time to time.

And there are times where the humor just seems… weird, even inappropriate. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the witch Satella Harvenheit is presented as being… well… pedophile. And we are suppose to find it funny.

I could be wrong. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

Despite it’s faults, Chrono Crusade is a good little manga and very creative as well. I liked the idea about butt-kicking nuns who fights evil, and there is plenty of religious symbolism. It might be a little halting in it’s execution, but it at least deserves praise for trying to do something different than guys who gets powerups to blow other guys up.

That’s one down, 18 to go.

I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

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Manga-Mania May: Sumomomo Momomo

You know how mangas usually are all about believing in yourself and that you can do anything as long as you put your mind into it?

This one is... different.

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Momoko is a teenage girl who has spent the most of her young life in the mountains and forests with her martial art father. But Momoko must now return to civilization to fulfill her destiny: to marry Koushi, the son of another great martial art fighter who is a friend of Momoko’s father.

Problem is that Koushi doesn’t want anything to do with martial art fighting. He wants to be a lawyer. And he most defiantly doesn’t want to marry Momoko. Not that THAT is going to stop Momoko from trying to make Koushi fall in love with her.

Look... If you like this manga... I get it, it’s fun, the art work is not bad and I do get what it tried to do. It’s not a bad story.

But I can’t stand it.

First of all, everyone is on Koushi’s case on how he HAS to learn martial arts in order to defend himself from other fighters who want a shot at him since his family has been martial artist for generations. And, well... they are right. He HAS to learn how to defend himself. It still bothers me that the moral of the story is that it’s wrong not to want to continue a generation long family tradition.

But what REALLY bothers me is Momoko and her “love” for Koushi. Not only does it eventually get uncomfortable with all her attempts to seduce him and bed him, but it gets REALLY bad when she tries to TRICK him into falling in love with him. And YES, it’s for the sake of humor, but it would work better if this was mainly a slapstick humor series. It’s not. It wants you to take the characters somewhat serious, it wants you to root for Momoko. But the truth about Momoko’s feelings for Koushi is that it’s not real love. It’s an obsession.

Princes Bubblegum can explain it better than me:

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If the series had been brave enough to take chances and rip the fighting genre apart instead of giving us the ending we knew we would get... well, who knows?

That’s one down, 19 to go.

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


Top five DUMBEST Yu-Gi-Oh moments ever.

Remember when Yu-Gi-Oh used to be cool? Me neither.

Beside the fact that the cardgame keeps changing and makes your favorite cards useless, the manga and anime was... well, kinda stupid, really.

I collected the mangas back when they were translated to Danish and have them all today. But re-reading them.... Well, it's still fun, but not as great as I remembered it. Plenty of the moments I thought was so great are now just head-scratchingling strange if not downright dumb. And here are the top 5, the dumbest of the dumb moments in Yugioh.

Number 5: Yugi "bets his life."

Yugi's first duel in Pegasus' tournament is against Weevil Underwood, but Yugi only has one starchip to gamble with. But he makes Weevil bet both of his starchips by...

... In the anime, he used his deck as bargaining chip. That is actually kinda cool.

But in the manga...

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And Weevil is down with it!

What the hell, man?!

Forget Yugi being ready to bet his life. What is your deal, Weevil?! I get that you are a creep, but that’s not the same as saying that you are a god damn psychopath!!!

It would be frightening if it wasn't for the fact that it was so stupid!

Number 4: Battle City

I get that Kaiba is rich.

But HOLY CRAP, did he spend a shitload of money on Battle City!

First of all, he gave out dueldisk to the contenders for FREE! Those alone had to cost thousands of dollars each! THEN, he spend a fortune on a blimp that the eight duelist who collected the locator cards(not starchips, LOCATOR CARD, big difference) are suppose to duel on top of, and THEN they are suppose to have some sort of complicated elevator duel to figure out who the last four duelist are suppose to face in the semi-finals that will take place in closed down military base that he will then blow up.

NO WONDER the winner doesn’t get prize money like they did in Pegasus’ tournament! Kaiba most likely ended up bankrupt after this little ego party!

And he didn’t even sell tickets or televise the contest to somehow make a profit!

Number 3: The videotape.

Yugi gets a videotape by mail from Pegasus, the man who invented the Magic and Wizards card game. The video recording on the tape shows Pegasus who challenge Yugi to a duel. Yugi is a strange little geek, so he accepts the challenge... and gets his ass handed to him. Pegasus on the tape not only plays the game, he also somehow knows what monsters Yugi is laying on the field.

The most natural explanation would be:

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But NOOOOOOOOO! We just had to see Yugi be SO brilliant that he figured out that the tape showed him pictures of monsters(like a dragon, a zombie or a fish) so fast that he didn’t notice it but his subconscious would make him play a card with the type he saw.

That... is just stupid! WHY even try to put in the science when all you needed was magic? It’s clearly an enchanted tape since it stole Yugi’s grandfather’s soul. And the whole idea about manipulating Yugi into playing specific types of monsters only works if he actually have one on his hand. STUPID!

Number 2: The Shadow RPG.

So Yugi managed to get all the millennium artifacts and Yami Yugi is sent into a dream world where he experience his past.

Only, that’s not what really happens. See, after a while, it’s revealed that the Yami Yugi who is experiencing his past... is not really Yami Yugi...Maybe?

See, everything gets a whole lt more complicated with THIS page:

No Caption Provided

... What?

So... Yami Yugi is playing a board game against Florence(bonus points if you caught the joke)? Does that mean that he is the player while at the same time being in the dream world reliving his life as pharaoh? Or is the pharaoh just a game piece? Is Yami Yugi and Atem two different people?

Know what? It doesn’t matter. The whole idea about introducing the board game into this story line was STUPID! Completely unnecessary! So, what, the dream flashback is not a real flashback but an illusion created by the board game? Was the whole story the equivalent of a photograph of the negatives of something? What the hell, man? Way to ruin a perfectly fine story!

Number one...


This is just amazing. It's a shark-jumper like you wouldn't believe.

No pun intended.

So get this: Yugi is playing against Mako, a guy who uses fish cards, meaning that they can hide under the ocean so Yugi can't attack them. So in order to get rid of the ocean, he...

... It has to be seen.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

... Wow... Yugi attacks the moon in order to make the ocean go bye-bye.

I'm not sure if I'm suppose to be impressed by the ridiculousness or amazed by the fact that me and my friends at school used to be impressed by this. This is as ludicrous as it gets. These two pages killed any kind of flee-sized chances this manga ever had and ever will have of ever be taken somewhat serious.

You may think that I HATE the Yugioh manga based on this list. I don't. I love it, if for no other reasons than the nostalgia of it. It's tale about wit and courage, about loyalty, about never giving up. And I consider the first seven books in the series as damn great, despite the less than brilliant artwork. You ever get the chance, check them out. The cardgames plays an surprisingly small role, they are dark as hell, and the games are creative and creepy.

That's all for now. I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.


Manga-Mania May: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo


Two bananas kissed under the purple moon.

The capital city of two plus two is Homer Simpson.

Jontron’s Kiseru is bigger than sound.

I’m Moby Depp.

Llew sa eno hsilgnE eht dna bud senapaJ lanigiro eht htob ,emina stobadeM eht hctaw.

A dancing King Kong is the secret to success.


Did any of that make sense to you? No?

That’s pretty much what it feels like to read Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. It’s freaking weird and doesn’t make any sense.


So go read it!

That’s one down, 21 to go.

I’m Waezi2 and thanks for wasting time with me.