Five badass normals you (probably) don't know

Night Thrasher

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After his parents were murdered before his very eyes, the traumatized Dwayne Taylor swore to take out his anger on all criminals. With his waste fortune, Dwayne made a combat suit and a bulletproof skateboard in order to fight crime as Night Thrasher.

What makes Night Thrasher unique is the fact that he realized pretty early on that he wouldn't last long in a world where an awful lot of criminals, even the petty ones, had superpowers. So he made his own superhero team called the New Warriors who focused more on smaller scales crimes that the Avengers and FF were too busy to take care of, but still bigger than a single hero could handle

Colonel Stars and Stripes

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Sal Bertolinni was a mafia enforcers till the day he saw the errors of his ways and became a born-again Christian. Sal decided that the best way to try and make up for all his mistakes was to become a superhero. He adopted a German Shepherd, made a costume, painted a ball bat with the American flag and named himself Colonel Stars and Stripes.

When he is not beating up perverts and child traffickers, the Colonel is doing service to society in general by serving meals to homeless people and makes sure drunk teen girls get home safe. His fighting style is without elegance, but he can beat the stuffing out of actual gangsters. He also lead the superhero team Justice Forever that he was the founder of.

Connor Hawke

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Son of the original Green Arrow ad a woman he had a one-night stand with, Connor was sent to be raised in a vihara (Buddhist monastery). Connor knew the identity of his father and idolized the Emerald Archer, even training to be a bowman himself. When GA had a crisis and decided to live in the very same vihara as Connor, the young man decided not to tell Oliver who he really was besides that he was his biggest fan. They became friends and even decided to leave the vihara to fight crime together as the Green Arrows.

After Oliver Queen died in an explosion, Connor decided to keep fighting for justice as Green Arrow. Despite not being as good an archer as the original GA or having any of his trick arrows, Connor was a formidable superhero with his cool head, his precise aim and his talent for hand-to-hand combat.

The Phantom

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Hundreds of years ago, Kit Walker's ship was attacked by pirates. Kip was the sole survivor and managed to swim to the beach of the African country Bengalla. The natives took care of him. Kit repaid the kindness by helping the natives when their village was attacked by pirated by dressing in a suit similar to a demonic god the the people of Bengalla worshipped. Kit then swore to fight pirates and evil of all kind and became known as the Phantom.

Kit's son became the Phantom after his father died. And so did Kit's grandson who used his acting skills gained from performing with Shakespeare to convince people that he was his grandfather as well as immortal, thus gaining a new name: the Ghost Who Walks. Even today, Kip's decedents are fighting evil, using both skills gained from harsh training as well as the reputation of being a demigod to strike fear in the heart of anyone who dares to prey on others.

The Cat

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Cat is a masked vigilante in Twilight City, a town cursed to be in a state of eternal night. With his amazing reflexes, a high tolorence to pain and a quirky sense of humor, Cat...

Wait, I can't use heroes of my own making? Oh, okay.

Ah... fifth hero is...


OH! I know!

The Red Bee

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Rick Raleigh was an assistant district attorney in Superior City. Dressed in a red and yellow costume, he fought crime with his trained bees and "stinger gun". His favorite bee is named Michael and lives inside his belt buckle.

I couldn't make up this shit, even if I tried XD


"Superman Smashes the Klan" is the best comic of 2020

This is not just a comic about racism, it's about what a mess it is to try and fit in when you are a minority. Even when you are a white one.

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The comic takes place in 1946. The two heroes of this tale is naturally Superman as well as the little Chinese-American girl named Lan-Shin Lee who has to deal with her new name "Roberta" since her dad wants the family to fit in as much as possible when they move from Chinatown to Metropolis. Mr. Lee got a great new job as a scientist in a fancy lab, and he wants his family to stick out as little as possible so they don't attract trouble. Roberta has great difficulties fitting in the new and mainly white neighborhood since she is rather awkward and misses Chinatown that she can't even visit due to her weak stomach that can't handle the bus ride. Her brother "Tommy" however has no problem with moving to Metropolis and even joins a baseball team, which makes it somewhat WORSE for Roberta who thinks her brother is kind of a "fake".

But Superman is in the story as well, and he has his own problems as a minority, even though he looks like a "real" American. Everyone assumes he is a human who somehow got amazing powers, and the last son of Krypton is not correcting them since he really want to be a part of the country. But he soon enough learns that he can't run away from his alien roots and must accept the fact that he is different, even MORE different than he thought.

Roberta and Superman meet because of the Clan of the Fiery Cross (*cough* KKK *cough*) who doesn't take kindly to a Chinese family moving into Metropolis. Superman must fight these racist son of bitches with help from Roberta, something that is challenging than expected.

This series has great art work as well as great characters. the Lee family is complex with Roberta who must face the fact that perhaps she is unconsciously fighting to NOT be comfortable in Metropolis, Tommy who finds it MUCH too easy to be one of the boys, Mr. Lee who is so desperate to appear "white" that he refuses to accept help when his family if attacked by the clan(especially since the chief of police if black), and poor Mrs. Lee who barely speaks English at all.

We also have the boy Chuck Riggs who at first looks like a regular racist douchebag... and he kinda is. After all, he is in the clan since his uncle is the "Grand Scorpion" of the clan. He loves his uncle for taking care of him and his mother and consider him a father figure. But Chuck also idolizes Superman, meaning he has to consider if his uncle's values are worth sharing.

And then we have Superman, the more or less ultimate American. Him being an immigrant is a facet of his character that has not been used enough. He has reached a point where he has to decide if he will keep pretending to be a white guy or embrace his background, something I can relate to a half-Persian who just so happens to have my mother's skin color. The story also plays with the idea that Superman moving from just jumping to actually flying being him suppressing his powers so he will keep looking like a very powerful but still human guy instead of a creature not of this world. We even get the origin of his costume and why it is great at hiding his identity as Clark Kent.

"Superman Smashes the Klan" is the best comic of 2020. It's a great Superman story, it is a great superhero story, it is a great minority story, it is a great anti-racism story, it is a great American story, it is just genuinely GREAT!


Chapter 196 is as close as we get to a happy ending in "Beastars"

Most of us feared the worst. Few were way to optimistic. So... was chapter 196 a somewhat happy ending?


So, Haru and Legosi are gonna get married... for better or worse.

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We are presented to an issue we have not considered before: The amount of stress Haru has to suffer from being with Legosi who is a wolf as well as... well, LEGOSI! So even if Legosi can keep himself from eating Haru, she has to suffer a lot of stress, something that is not healthy for smaller animals. Seriously, some animals can actually die of being in a way too stressful situation. And a cop sees them hug and assumes right away that Legosi is trying to attack Haru. That will most likely never change. But they love each other very much and will face a difficult future together.

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Gouhin is now working in an actual hospital. His job is not exactly without risks, but it is a heck lot safer than being the vigilante shrink of the BAM, and he deserves to have a more relaxed life after all the shit he has gone through.

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Cherryton has interspecies education again, important for the future of herbivore/carnivore relationships in the future.

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Yafya stepped down from the position as Sublime Beastar, but is still fighting crime as a vigilante.

Some thought it was weird that Yafya would retire if he intended to keep doing what he always did. But here is the thing... Yafya has realized that he is a very flawed creature and has only recently done things to try and make the relationships between meat and plant eaters more relaxed. So he doesn’t think he deserves the privileges, wealth and power he gets as the unofficial ruler of animal society. But he can still do his part in improving society on his own with help from the rats. Hopefully in a less prejudice and harsh manner.

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The lion mobsters are in the slammer right now. But they will get out eventually and get actual jobs in Louis’ company(most likely very well-paid jobs). Sure, it sucks that the ONE THING they got arrested for was “kidnapping” Louis, but it could be far worse AND their future looks rather bright.

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Louis married a female he doesn’t love for the sake of business. But he still intend to try and make the relationship work in a way so it is not all business. Azuki is his wife now, but she can also be his companion. They may never get to actually love each other, but they can appreciate and care for each other. I think it is great that Louis makes an effort to make their relationship as... “friendly” as possible.

So this is a pretty nice ending all things considered:)


W2's five favorite boxing comics/movies

Battlin' Jack Murdock

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Jack Murdock is one of the most famous superhero dads in comics ever. The simpleminded palooka who desperately wanted his son to be smarter than him and even refused to take a dive while his son was (metaphorically speaking) watching.

In the comic series "Battlin' Jack Murdock" we see the story from Jack's perspective. He has anything but high thoughts about himself and we get to see a man desperately trying to be decent as well as staying alive, something that is easier said than done when you are an old boxer who also works for a mobster.

The comic has a gritty artstyle provided by Carmine Di Giandomenico who also worked on Spider-Man Noir. His style matches the tone of the story perfectly.


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Jake Mahoney is an old washed-up has-been contender who has nothing left besides an EXTREMELY patient stripper girlfriend named Kitten, but that actually makes Jake feel even worse in some ways. But he finally gets a job... as a money collector for a sleazy loan shark.

Jake has lost a lot. Did he lose his self respect as well?

"Pug" is a pretty standard story all things considered. But it is a work of art with its art style as well as the craftmanship behind the comic's structure. There is some pretty solid symbolism, like something ringing at the first and last panel of every chapter... or rather "round". Every chapter starts with young Jake at his corner where he gets more beat up as the story progress and Kitten is even ring girl, holding the number of the chapter and she is part of the symbolism of the story as well.


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"Rocky" is one of those movies that it is a miracle that it was even made at all since it is a low-budget movie among low-budget movies. But it still worked. Not only that, it is one of the best movies ever made since it is partly about a gentle giant who is a bum due to being dealt an unlucky hand in but then gets the chance to prove his worth, but it is also the love story of two extremely awkward people. A piece of beauty, simple as that.


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Tommy Riley is a young man with a big problem: His dad is in debt because of gambling. Tommy agrees to fight a single fight in an underground boxing arena to get enough cash to make the collectors leave him and his dad alone for a while so they can figure something out. But that was a mistake since Jimmy Horn, a former boxer turned promotor of these illegal fights, thinks Tommy has talent. So he pays the dept, meaning he owns Tommy till he has worked off his dept in the ring.

This movie shows us boxing at its absolute worst. Brian Dennehy plays Horn who takes advantage of teenagers in the extremely poor neighborhood that Tommy lives in by making them fight for cash in matches that are potentially deadly since the referee is basically just a spectator who can count to ten. The movie can give you a bad taste in your mouth which is the intention as Tommy is surrounded by awfulness and violence. But that makes the ending so much more satisfying when Tommy not just takes a beating to save a friend but also figures out how to beat Horn in his own game.

Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu

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The series follows 16-year-old Saotome Yae, a highschool boxing star who is described as ”the hope for all of girl’s boxing”. Everyone admires her and has high expectations of her as a boxer. Unfortunately, this is the reason to why she gets rejected by Tsukishima Satoru, a guy who is also in the school’s boxing club, only he sucks at it despite his impressive knowledge about the sport. It’s not that Satoru doesn’t like her or that he is intimidated by strong women. He likes Saotome a lot. He just worries that he would distract her as she is on her way to become one of Japan’s greatest amateur boxers. That, and he is kinda worried that if them dating goes sour that he would become the school’s persona non grata.

However, the rejection really bothers Saotome, and being a teenager who has hormones and stuff AND is already under a lot of pressure and stress due to her status as a boxing prodigy makes her somewhat more vulnerable. After their coach learns about the confession disaster, she suggests that Satoru with his waste knowledge about boxing could become Saotome’s trainer as well as secretly date her.

This series deal with the definition of masculinity and femininity. Saotome likes boxing and she is amazing at the sport, but the prize she pays is that she is seen as somewhat less feminine. Because she is a girl athlete, she is expected to devote her entire being to the sport and her training, and it makes people like the city’s mayor and her school’s principal very happy that she intimidate boys at her own age, so she won’t “waste time” with a boyfriend. If that is not a gender double-standard, I don’t know what is. And even before she became her city’s hero, she has been used to not being treated like a girl simply because she is tall and has big hands.


Nero, the greatest GL villain never known

Back when Kyle Rayner was the only Green Lantern in the DCU, he faced a villain who was his match since he was an artist just like Kyle.

But unlike Kyle, Alexander Nero was a nutjob. An artistic, schizophrenia man who had a yellow power ring. Scary, right?


Kyle made a name for himself by being the most CREATIVE Green Lantern. His artistic mind made all sorts of constructs with energy from his ring. And he even pushed the limit to what you could do with the ring. Kyle even realized what he SHOULDN'T do with the ring, such as splitting an atom in half. He uncovered all of the ring's secrets and knew what to do and NOT to do.

Imagine someone just as creative and artistic as Kyle... But with NO boundaries and with a PERVERSE imagination.

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Not very nice, is it?

Nero was deluded and a mental wreck, possibly because his parents abused him(do not that there were no proof of this, so maybe Nero just THOUGHT they abused him). He had this idea that he was a hero picked by a hire power. that idea got PLENTY of fuel after he got a yellow power ring, one that suits even more in retrospective when it is canon that it specializes in making others afraid.

Kyle realized how dangerous Nero was and ended calling in the whole JLA, telling them that THIS might be the guy they actually had to kill.

Nero's first performance as a villain was terrifying. His ring had gotten a boost due to events in the series that are too complicated to explain, but he masterfully FIRST defeated Alan Scott and THEN terrorized a whole city while the JLA could do nothing but keep his creations from making more destruction than they already did. Kyle managed to defeat him by making light object with the shape of Nero's parents.

Resulting in... off, THAT:

Nero was a prominent villain in the under appreciated Judd Winick run on Green Lantern and only ever made ONE cameo afterwards. He wasn't even made a member of the Sinestro Corps... but that makes sense since even though he was a master at instilling great fear in others, Nero was not exactly a... team player.


Pina accepts his mortality

Pina is a fan favorite, and I get why. He is smug, in-universe handsome and aware of it, EXTREMELY honest to the point of being rude. But he is also the kindest character in the series since he, unlike most of the Beastars cast, is happy about being the kind of animal he is, meaning he is not burdened by self doubt or self loathing. And he spends that mental energy he has plenty of to be kind to his fellow students just... because.

But Pina is a side character. You could argue he is a plot convenience character. But he does have his own solo chapter where he deals with the fact that he is most likely going to be murdered.

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In chapter 87, we see Pina flirting with a cute goat girl, something he often does since he is sort of a "player”. But he is losing his touch as he accidental calls his current fling by the wrong name. Forgetting or mixing up names is a classic sign of stress.

And Pina SHOULD be stressed. He KNOWS that Riz is the murderer of Tem.

And he even has negative thoughts that grows worse and worse as the chapter goes on.

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Pina starts to think things like he is the right guy to die tragically at the end. He is naturally referring to the school play. But it has a double meaning since he is LITERALLY in danger. As he thinks about his role in the play and how it is sort of a sick reflection of his situation and society(the play is about the grim reaper who reaps the soul of a handsome love interest) he tries to get by through dark humor...

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Buuuut then Riz takes him by surprise and sucks his finger to prove his dominance. And we see Pina being sincerely shocked and scared out of his mind for the first time. This smug SOAB actually looks... fragile for once.

No Caption Provided

This chapter has a somewhat similar feel to chapter 100 where Sebun realizes that she is suicidal. Pina is a nonchalant guy who takes the relationship between meat eaters and vegetarians lightly. He triks himself into thinking that he is that way because he accepts reality for what it is. But the truth is that he HAS to be smug and joke to get through another day. Having reality smack him in the kisser by making Riz suck his finger is so shocking for Pina that he drops his guards and is horrified how relieved he is that the bear actually didn’t eat him. that he is desperate to live. Coping mechanisms can be quite unhealthy.

So... Pina must face the fact that he is scared. How does he handle it?

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He declares on stage at the drama club (while playing his role) that he may be afraid, but that is not the same as saying that he has to cower before the bear.

He is terrified, but not paralyzed. He won’t let the psycho bear get the satisfaction of watching him squirm. He may be a handsome twink who is only good at dating chicks for five minute each, but he still has pride enough to face the end standing tall.


These five movies should ALSO have sucked, but didn't

Toy Story

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Our hero is well-respected and appreciated by his peers in a small community that he loves and would do anything for. But a newcomer steals his thunder, resulting in our hero worrying about his importance. The newcomer is deluded by thoughts of grandeur and once he realizes that he is not who he believes himself to be, it shakes his entire world to the point that he loses the will to go on. But they form an unlikely friendship over the fact that a child needs them.

Why it should suck: It's a movie about living toys. Gee, how clever and original!


No Caption Provided

Its the ultimate american dream tale. A thug who honestly ain't that bad of a guy is given the chance of a lifetime when he is given the chance to prove his worth as an athlete. He trains so hard that he nearly faints, but realizes that he won't be able to win. But he still fights and proves that he is no pushover despite losing since he has heart and stamina to go the distance. It is also the love story about two people who are extremely awkward in completely different ways.

Why it should suck: The smuck who wrote the script(in less than four days, sheesh) wanted to play the lead so badly he ended up with barely any money to make the movie since no one wanted to invest in it.

Trolls: World Tour

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It's Lord of The Rings but with music.

Why it should suck: It's Lord of The Rings but with music!

Kingsman: The Secret Service

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A young man lives a life of missed opportunities since life made him take decisions he felt he HAD to take. But when he is offered the chance to be someone, he proves his worth despite being frowned upon due to his social status. Through dedication and staying true to who he is, our hero learns what it means to be a man as he finally grows up.

Why it should suck: It's "My fair Lady" but with guns.

Lion King 2

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A young king is struggling with being a parent as well as his past that he has a hard time moving on from, meaning he finds it almost impossible to forgive. These two problems becomes a third and even bigger one once his daughter falls in love with the heir to his enemy.

Why it should suck: It's a Disney sequel that's NOT a Pixar movie.


Zuko VS Azula analyzed by W2

Oh my, Avatar is trending!

This has probably been done a hundred times before, but Avatar is trending and I have been called an “intellectual” so many times that I feel like sharing my thoughts in general:P

Even though Azula only says it to taunt Zuko, she was right when she said it was the showdown that was meant to be. They have been enemies their entire life and a final clash was unavoidable.

Their battle has been long and started at the first episode of season 2(OR Book 2 if you prefer).

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Zuko was a threat to Aang and his friends since he was a great firebender with command over a small group of soldiers. But when we are introduced to Azula, we see that he is nowhere close to being an amazing one. His sister mops the floor with him since she is a naturally gifted bender as well as a much more skilled fighter unlike her brother who has no patience and keeps wasting his breath despite breathing being essential for a firebender.

But a thing that is worth noticing is that Azula often let her men do the fighting for her. Either to tire out her opponents or to simply evade conflict. Kind of odd since she is so powerful and has mastered many bending moves Zuko probably don’t have the talent for, including the ability to summon LIGHTNING. She could end a fight in seconds and save time.

But it is my theory that Azula is actually horrible at conflict. She is mentally unstable and her life is build around pleasing her father. She plans ahead and is always two steps ahead since she HAS to be, or she would panic. She needs to be in control of a situation, or it makes her uncomfortable. She relies on her massive firepower(pun not intended) and her agility to either crush her enemies quickly OR send them fleeing for their life. She dominates.

No Caption Provided

But unlike Zuko, she doesn’t improve. Zuko changes his fighting style as he realizes that he may never become the most powerful firebender, but he can be a very skilled one. AND he get’s allies, something that used to be Azula’s advantage. The fight when Sokka and Zuko escapes the Boiling Rock shows how much Zuko has improved as he is much more focused and manage to fight her to a standstill with aid from Sokka since they take advantage of the limited space that is NOT in Azula’s favor. And sure, she is still focused, but it is clear how much it ANNOYS her that she can’t just humiliate Zuko the way she used to.

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Their next clash at the Air Temple shows how much they have both changed. Azula has experienced a lot of stress after her two “best friends” turned on her and it affects her as her fighting stance changes and becomes more aggressive. She still dominates Zuko, but not the same way as before. She is not as smug as she used to be as she realizes that she has to take Zuku serious now that he has made a fighting style based on timing.

But enough of the build up. Let us talk about the agni kai for the crown.

When Zuko and Katara crashes her crowning, Azula realizes that she can’t take on both of them OR that it will at the very least be difficult. So she challenges Zuko to a fire duel, first one to burn the other wins. Azula has never been interested in a fair fight where she had no advantages, even declined challenges despite being a dishonorable thing to do by Fire Natio standards. But she is out of options and therefor tries to split up Zuko and Katara in order to make a big problem into two smaller ones she can solve one at a time. Zuko knows, but he still accepts the challenge since he has gained wisdom and therefor can see that Azula is about to blow a fuse AND that a one-on-one fight is the best way to keep more people from getting hurt.

No Caption Provided

Two things makes this fight interesting(beside the awesome action): First of all, their roles have shifted completely since season two. Azula is now the mental mess with a temper, Zuko is the calm and collected fighter. But what is VERY special about the fight is the music. It is not glorious or action-packed the way it is when Aang confronts Ozai. Azula and Zuko’s fight theme is... sad. which makes sense since this is the final battle against brother and sister. these two should be close, they should be more than good friends, they should be family. Zuko knows this as he tells Azula that she is lying about being sorry that it has come to this.

This fight could have and SHOULD HAVE been evaded.


Anyways, the actual fight:

Azula fights aggressively now. She has much better and advanced attacks compared to Zuko who struggles to either evade of block the powerful flames. He has to be focused ALL the time or he will get burned. But it annoys Azula who has completely lost it, so she keeps attacking wildly...

No Caption Provided

... Which results in her panting.

Azula breaks a golden rule of agni kai: she wastes her breath. She is panting because she went on to strongly and she is already low on gas.

Zuko sees an opening and makes a simple but effective and precise attack.

No Caption Provided

Azula uses her ability to fly at high speed by using her bending as a jet-pack as she bombards Zuko with smaller attacks this time. It’s impressive that she can do it from a technical point of view, but it is downright stupid during an agni kai. Beside breath, the stance is essential. Removing herself from the ground makes her unbalanced AND she wastes stamina when she flies. It is almost TOO easy for Zuko to knock her over, and Azula is once again panting as she can do nothing but stare angrily at Zuko who used the classic rope-a-dope tactic.

Zuko is now the one taunting Azula as he tells her that he DID notice that she did not use her lighting that is usually her triumph card. Azula knows that Zuko can now redirect lighting, something that is dangerous since creating lighting require a lot of energy and precision. She is vulnerable after using it, so that would mean she would be unable to defend herself as Zuko throws her attack right back at her.

Buuuut Azula has gone coco for cocopops at this point and creates lightning simply to spite Zuko.

No Caption Provided

But she apparently has a moment of clarity as she probably realizes that she made a big mistake. She takes a moment to what I can only assume is considering her options which would be a) attack Zuko anyways and hope he won’t redirect the attack(unlikely), b) shoot the lighting into the air so it can’t be used against her even though she would have wasted energy for nothing... or c) aim at Katara instead, knowing that Zuko would jump in front of the attack and he would then take the whole attack since his stance is off.

No Caption Provided

For the record, Katara is NOT stupid here. She watched the fight in case she had to step in(like Iroh did in Zuko's duel in book 1), like if Azula had laid a trap. And how should she be able to evade fricking lightning? Zuko could only jump and take the attack because he was focused on Azula and therefor noticed in time to save his friend.

So Katara now have to fight Azula herself. And Azula is even more crazy now that she has “defeated” her brother and she just lashes out attacks left and right. And unlike Zuko, Katara is JUST a waterbender, she doesn’t have the raw power to fight her one-on-one like Zuko did. Sure, Azula’s attacks are sloppy, but she only have to hit Katara ONCE to kill her. So Katara fights smartly and makes one of the most creative waterbending attacks in the show.

So, Zuko finally defeated Azula with help from Katara.

No Caption Provided

... Yay.

This is a hollow victory since Azula finally collapse and cries like the abused child she really is. For the first time in her life, she wasn’t perfect. She has been defeated and her dream of being Fire Lord has been washed away by her useless brother and a Water Tribe peasant. It is simply too much for one little psychopath to bear.

And Zuko and Katara just looks at this poor monster with pity. There is no satisfaction gained from defeating Azula.


Why Zootopia and Beastars has nothing in common

Zootopia is a story about animals living together and how someone tries to use fear to tear the seemingly perfect city apart. It’s a story about stereotypes and that everyone is at least a bit prejudice, and that you have to be aware of it to do your part in making the world a friendlier place. Our hero, Judy Hopps, likes to think of herself as a very open-minded person, but that is because she is a rabbit and it is therefore easier for her to not judge others since she is rather low on the social food-chain. But she realizes that she is very much a bigot, making her more humble.

Beastars… is a story about justified bigotry.

The story takes place in a world with tons of creatures who has no business living in the same society yet does so anyways. And unlike Zootopia, fearing carnivores is justified.

However, what you do BASED on fear is not. So you have to consider how you will handle your fear without hurting anyone. That said, you also have to make sure that you SURVIVE long enough to be a not-douche to others. So being careful around strangers(sometimes even friends) is just as important as being aware of yourself.

And unlike Zootopia where carnivores ends up being the minority who the bad guy wants to dominate to boost her political career, the meat eaters are very much part of the problem in Beastars since they DO turn "savage" and attack other animals.

As said, the world of Beastars is essentially one where mixed animals are neighbored despite it being a horrible idea. It is no wonder the meat eaters often give into their instincts, especially when stress makes it harder to keep said instincts under control.

But a problem no one in that world addresses is that just like carnivores are born to eat meat, herbivores are born to fear the carnivores. And since they are afraid and therefor makes rules and society norms that most of the time stresses the carnivores and makes them miserable, they ironically enough make the problem worse.

So it is a two-way street. The carnivores have to control themselves and not underestimate the power of their instincts. And the herbivores have to understand that they make life harder for the carnivores who often tries their best to be well-behaved.

So in short: Zootopia is about acceptances and that being aware of your flaws is the first step to make a better world. Beastars is about rolling with the punches in a shitty and chaotic world.


Five Golden Age heroes that should get revived and updated to mainstream comics

Red Tornado.

No Caption Provided

Red Tornado, a heroine who is anything but thin but still kicks ass and defends her neighborhood. Not a big-time hero, just a lady who makes sure her kids would grow up in a safe environment by beating up crooks with a homemade costume and a pot on her head.

Mr. Terrific.

No Caption Provided

The original Mr. Terrific was a man who had achived everything he could have hoped for before turning 30 and therefor decided to commit suicide since the rest of his life seemed pointless. But after preventing a woman from jumping off the same bridge he was about to leap from, he decided to share his talents with the rest of the world and fight for fair play as a superhero.


No Caption Provided

The Sandman was a wealthy inventor who has prophetic nightmares about evil deeds that are about to happen. He tries to prevent by arming himself with a gasgun that puts criminals to sleep.

The Phantom.

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The Phantom is an identity used by a family of crimefighters. During the sixteenth century, Christopher Walker was the only survivor after a gang of pirates attacked the ship he was on. Chris swore to dedicate his life to fight piracy, greed, cruelty and injustice of any kinds as the Phantom and made the jungle of Bangalla his home. His son took over the identity as the Phantom, and so did all of Chris’ decedents. Eventually, the Phantom became known as the Ghost Who Walks since many started to believe the Phantom was an immortal creature who protected the jungle, something the Walker family used to their advantage to spread fear in the hearth of criminals. It was the third Phantom who made people believe he was his grandfather and immortal since he had trained as an actor under William Shakespeare.

The Woman In Red.

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Policewoman Peggy Allen got fed up by the limitations of her job and decided to fight crime as the Woman in Red. With her brilliant detective skills, her simple but effective right hook and remarkable marksmanship, the Woman in Red was the first female superhero, making her the greatest feminist icon you don’t know.