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Read this 5 random comic facts. I'M BEGGING YOU!

Foggy's mom is a famous lawyer.

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Foggy Nelson's biological mother is the controversial lawyer Rosalind "Razor" Sharpe.

She divorced her husband not long after Foggy was born and left her son to focus on her career. Needless to say that Sharpe and Foggy are not exactly close, but Foggy admired her as a lawyer and she was what motivated him to become a lawyer as well.

Sharpe actually hired both Foggy and Matt. She and Foggy was on first name basis, but the fact they were blood related was not really a factor in their relationship. When Foggy became the victim of one of Mysterio's schemes and suspected of being a rapist, Sharpe fired him from her law firm so she would not be associated with a suspected rapist. She even told Matt not to defend him, making Matt quit the law firm and lose any respect he had for her. When Foggy's name was cleared, Sharpe tried to rehire him, but Foggy was not interested and cut contact to her. Sharpe accepted she had lost her chance to have a relationship of any sort to her son.

Spider-Man is married to Black Cat.

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Felicia and Peter decided to work together to save two young people who were sadly part of rivaling crime families. See, the two families had agreed to let these two get married... and then fight to the death, with the winner therefor being the heir of both families. So Felicia and Pete wore disguises and attended the wedding... which means that they are technically married as the priest did pronounce them husband and wife.

There's more than one Batcave.

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Besides the one under Wayne Manor, there are at least four other caves around Gotham, one of them is under Arkham Asylum.

Ra's Al Ghul was once sent to Arkham.

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Ra's once decided to make his new HQ in Gotham City to provoke Batman... and he sure did.

Bats decided Ra's had crossed a line, so he crossed lines as well.

He ambushed Ra's in his new apartment. Ra's had figured that the detective would, but he expected a fair fight, not a needle in the neck.

When Ra's woke up, still groggy because of the drug, he saw that Bats disguised as a guard was handing fake transfer papers to a doctor in Arkham, talking to him about the "crazy old man" who claimed to be the leader of a secret ninja army and that he was thousands of years old. As Ra's was sent to his cell, Batman whispered to him that he would either be lucky and his soldiers would find him... or he would rot in Arkham, most likely be killed by one of the lunatics in the hellhole.

Ra's got out, but he never tried to attack Gotham that directly again.

Steve Rogers wrote and drew Captain America comics.

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Steve Rogers used to be an illustrator when he still had a secret identity and loved working on comics. The Cap series was not doing well, so he asked his boss if he could be allowed to both write and draw the series. Thanks to Steve's art and writing, the Captain America series sold very well. He pulled a Frank Miller so to say and made the series popular.

... so weird to use Frank Miller's name in a positive sense...


Black Hammer month(and a half): Age of Doom

Seven heroes save the world from Anti-God. Now they are stuck in a farm for some reason and have been so for ten years.

Time to find out why.

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What was charming about the original Black Hammer was the unsettling setting despite the heroes being the only supernatural part of a small dirt town. But in the follow-up series Age of Doom we finally get some answers as a person connected to their past arrive at the farm and the nice little town is finally reveal for what it is... and it is not exactly pretty.

"Black Hammer" was fun because of these absurd characters trying to appear as normal characters and just living a life. To have them reflect on their past and why they are either happy or angry about their new home. And we had the mystery, about the true nature of the farm, how Madam Dragonfly and Weird knew more than they let out.

Not to mention how getting home is affecting the heroes...

And the answer to all our questions... well... it was mostly enjoyable. There was a plot hole here and there if you think it through, but nothing too troubling that you can't accept the grand reveal and what it does to our heroes.

The ending was extremely satisfying. I would argue it could be considered a happy ending for the most part. I highly recommend that you read "Black Hammer" and then "Black Hammer: Age of Doom." Despite there being plenty of superheroes it is not a superhero comic. But it is about sacrifice.

This was a almost perfect comic series with a very satisfying conclusion... too bad it went on with "Black Hammer: Reborn"... But more of that later.


Black Hammer month(and a half): Black Hammer

The good thing about buying second-hand comic books is that it is a smaller collection of choices, cheap prices and you can be exposed to comics you either never knew about or wouldn't normally buy because you couldn't afford it.

My favorite second-hand store guy recently got the almost complete collection of the Black Hammer comics written by Jeff Lemire, best known for writing Essex County, Animal Man and Sweet Tooth.

So for a month... and a half... I will post about my new favorite Lemire comics. He made a whole little universe based around the comic we are gonna talk about.

Lemire has a way with narrative that is quite extraordinary. He writes heartbreaking as well as heartwarming tales of living with trauma.

And boy oh boy is there a lot of baggage the characters in "Black Hammer" deals with.

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Stop me if you heard this one before:

Seven superheroes unite as an enormous god-like being arrives on Earth, ready to consume the planet. Through team work, courage and some good ol' fashion luck, the team of heroes manage to beat the world eater.

... Aaaaand then they are on a farm.


Yeah, after saving the world, the seven heroes somehow ends up on a farm in a little town out in nowhere. They don't know how exactly they ended up there, but... well, they are there. More importantly, they can't leave, or they will die. Why and how? They don't know.

So, not knowing what else to do, the seven heroes just kind of... live on the farm, pretend to be a (dysfunctional) family, interact with the locals, hoping that something will somehow save them from the mundane countryside town or find out where exactly they are.

... for ten years.

A lot of superhero comics are telling us stories about who the heroes are when they are not fighting crime or saving people. But the comics still have to include the superheroes do... well, super stuff. In "Black Hammer" we see a gang of heroes forced to be mundane, it is impossible for them to do anything more amazing than driving a tractor, have an awkward conversation with the neighbors or drink a cup of coffee.

As always, it is the characters who makes the story work. The seven heroes are homages to classic superhero concepts rather than specific heroes. We have Abraham Slam, a Golden Age crime fighter without powers who is getting too old to pick fights and is therefor the one who accepts his situation better than his friends, possibly even enjoying his new life. We also have Golden Gail a very pissed-off lady in her fifties stuck in her immortal kid-body since the magic word that makes her change back to normal adult for some reason doesn't work. Not to mention Barbalien(as in barbarian alien), a Martian shapeshifter who has experience hiding who he truly is... and I'm not talking about him being a visitor from another planet.

Despite them being in a dull farm, the comic has a rather unsettling tone and a creepy as heck mystery as we wonder why the heroes are on a farm, who or what sent them there, if there is some sort of scheme at play, if they even are in their own dimension, so on and so on. I highly recommend this comic... as well as "Black Hammer: Age of Doom" that is part two of this mystery series where we get some answers to what the heck is going on. But more about that in next blog :)


9+2-7+6-5 random facts about comics

Batman used to be a drug addict

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We all know about "venom", the super drug that gives Bane his incredible strength. But did you know that Bats used the drug before meeting Bane? After failing to save a child from drowning, Bats is beating himself up over not being strong enough to dive after her successfully. The kid's father is a scientist who offers him his not-yet-tested drug to increase his strength. It works wonders, Batman is stronger than ever... but it takes a toll on his sanity and makes him high on his new power and even sadistic. It's revealed that the scientist actually arranged for his daughter to die to motivate Batman into trying the drug and make him his super soldier slave. Bruce manage to beat the addiction by locking himself inside the Batcave for a month.

Pied Piper was born deaf

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Hartley Rathaway was the son of an extremely wealthy family in Central City. He was born deaf, something his perfectionist parents couldn't handle, so they spent a small fortune on the best doctors and other scientists to fix him. Hartley eventually got mechanical implants that not only gave him hearing, it made him hear better than normal humans.

He still ended up alienating his parents by coming out as gay.

The Legion of Superheroes' headquarter is a guy

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Fortress Lad was a kid with the power to transform his body into a fortress-like structure. He tried to get into the Legion of Superheroes, but was denied membership. Mnemonic Kid, a girl with the power do delete memories, wanted revenge on the Legion for denying her membership, but when she attacked the heroes, Fortress Lad turned into his tower form to defend them. He saved the Legion, but Mnemonic Girl blasted him so many times with her power that he forgot he was ever a boy, believing he is actually a building.

And then he was used as HQ for the Legion.

Yeah, that's pretty fucked up

Red Skull was once a clone of Captain America

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When Red Skull died, Zola had his mind instantly transported into a clone body before Skull drew his last breath. But the body he was sent into was not a clone of Skull's body but of Steve Rogers. Skull had plans to use the new body to be a businessman, using his enemy's name, but was accidentally exposed to his own Dust of Death. He survived but his face got red and similar to his infamous mask. Having a cloned body of Cap naturally means he has the strength and agility that comes with the super serum.

Jon Kent technically first appeared in 1986

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Before the famous "Crisis on Infinite Earths" that would change comics forever, there was a brief period where writers were allowed to write the final stories of the DC universe while the rebooted timeline was being created

Alan Moore wrote the now iconic story "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"

In it, Lois Lane tells a reporter the story of Superman's final adventure in a flashback.

Lois herself is married to a man named "Jordan Elliot" (think about it) and they have a son, Jonathan

I'm not going to spoil the plot of the story itself, but the end result is Superman deciding to give up his powers, and no one had seen him since

meanwhile, we see Lois's son crushing a piece of coal into a diamond and it's pretty obvious that "Jordan" is just Clark living under a new name. (get it? JORdan ELliot? Like his own father?)

So in many ways, their son in this story is the pre-Crisis counterpart of Jon Kent.


Not three, not four, but FIVE obscure comic facts

Superboy was the defender of Hawaii

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The clone of the Man of Steel was sent on a world tour by his agent to build a reputation. But after fighting a villain on Hawaii and learning that his love interest Lana Moon lived there, Superboy decided to stay as the local superhero. He even went to high school there(till he got kicked out and had to be tutored)

Batman Beyond got cancelled because of the Justice League

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Not exactly a comic fact

The beloved series about Terry as the Batman of a dark dystopian future ended after three season. This was not because of lack of popularity, but because the studio that made the series also worked on the Justice League animated series. So it was decided that Batman Beyond had to end so there could be time to make the third season of Justice League, better known as Justice League Unlimited.

A shame, since there were more ideas for BB episodes. But Terry did get his own episode in JL where it is revealed that he is Bruce Wayne's biological son... sort of, it's complicated.

AND Terry had a pretty successful series that ended last year where he has officially become a part of the DC main universe.

There was a second Ventriloquist

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Daughter of Gotham's most notorious Irish gangster, Riley knew violence from an early age.

Married off to another mobster as part of a gang alliance, she got herself an abusive husband in Johnny Sabatino.

Sabatino eventually killed Riley's father and even shot her in the head. She survived and found the Scarface doll without owner since Weskers had recently died. She became the second Ventriloquist, one who had a romantic relationship to the doll.

She was as ruthless and cunning as the former Ventriloquist and even better at ventriloquism.

This could actually support the theory that the Scarface doll is supernatural and attracts hosts.

The Black Mercy was originally created as a force of good

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Best known from the Superman story "For The Man Who Has Everything", the parasite plant called Black Mercy attaches itself to someone and then creates a hallucination of a perfect world. The illusion is so strong and pleasing that even if you suspect that it is not real, you wouldn't want to be free.

Mongul used the Black Mercy on Superman, trapping in a dream where he lived on Krypton, his deepest desire

But the tragedy of it all is that the Black Mercy was created by the sentient plant alien Matris Ater Clementia AKA Mother Mercy who wanted to help

See, her intention was to create this plant and then use it on creatures who were either in extreme pain or dying, creating their deepest desire for a short while, making it less painful to die

But the evil tyrant Mongul found the plant and instead used it as a way to subdue his worst enemies by trapping them in their own mind. They are so happy they don't want to escape, and if they actually manage to do so, it would be as painful as ripping off their own arm :/

Peacemaker was supposed to have been in Watchmen

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In case you didn't know, Peacemaker and other superheroes such as Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and Question originally came from a comic company called Charlton Comics that later got bought up by DC in 1983. Alan Moore intended to use these characters in the dystopian graphic novel Watchmen, but the bosses of DC told him not to since making them part of such a dark series would make them unusable in other comics. So Moore just made new characters somewhat based on the Charlton heroes, like Comedian who is a twisted version of Peacemaker and Night Owl who is very similar to blue Beetle.


Top 10 comics I read in 2021

Red Hood and the Outlaws (vol. 2)

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I HATED the first Red Hood and the Outlaws series from the New 52. Not just because of the portrayal of Starfire or Roy's stupid trucker hat.

But Lobdell's second Outlaw series is actually extremely good. He really upped his game with this one. The Rebirth run is very organic, the humor and plot is solid, and the characters and their interaction is excellent.

This is the story about three outcasts who makes each other better. Perfect comic? No. But a very good read.

Red Hood and his relationship to Bizarro is the heart of this book.

TMNT Mutant town ark.

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After a mutagen bomb detonated in New York and turned a lot of people into mutants, Stockman (who had recently become mayor) had a barrier constructed around the area now known as "Mutant Town" to prevent free migration of people in and out of the zone.

Mutant Town is a ghetto in the worst sense of the word. Most of the newly turned mutants are now homeless, are fighting for food and deal with the trauma of being disowned by their families and friends. A large number of the homeless were children without their parents, many of whom remained human and abandoned their mutant children to their fates. The mutant cat and old turtle enemy Hob has the town under his control with his gang known as Mutanimals by collecting and controlling access to food.

So yeah, Mutant Town sucks.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles moves from the sewers to the surface of Mutant Town to try and bring something that resembles order. This is quite the game changer for Leonardo and his family as they are now part of an actual community and are no longer the weirdest-looking guys in the area.


No Caption Provided

Self-proclaimed "rock star" demon Damiano dates school teacher angel Angelina despite the two of them having little in common. And Damiano gets the short end of the stick since he is a horny little bastard... while Angelina wants to wait till marriage.

How they managed to be a couple for SEVEN YEARS is anyone's guess.

Filled with dark humor, lewd jokes, chaotic comedy and a very heart-warming but strange romance, "Un/Sacred" is a peculiar but very funny read:)

Spencer's run on Spider-Man.

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Besides a lot of story lines that elegantly fit together, Spencer also made Peter and MJ a thing again without it feeling suffocating. In fact, this run has some of the best Spider-Man and MJ in relationship stories we have read in a long time.

Plenty of superhero fun, like Spider-Man teaming up with Boomerang(much against Spidy's will) and the two of them form a (sort of) friendship.

Not to mention that Spider-Man and Jameson FIANLLY talk things out!

Detective Comics (Rebirth)

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It finally happened. Batman unites the heroes of Gotham into one task force. Picking a group of young or inexperienced vigilantes and giving Batwoman the role of drill sergeant and full control over leadership in every mission, the Gotham Knights hit hard against crime and other threats against Gotham.

And Gotham needs a team of heroes more than ever since others sees that there is strength in numbers...

One of the most surprising members of the Gotham Knights is Clay Face. James Tynion IV does one heck of a job of turning Basil into a tragic hero as well as being a pro at writing a ton of characters as the main character at the same time. Tynion is one of the best new writers DC has, and the Rebirth run on Detective Comics shows that.

Mae's Dungeon Diary

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Made by Danish talent Cecilie Thorsen, "Mae's Dungeon Diary" is about a human, elf and orc who buys a small boat and goes out on adventures for very different reasons. the journey is anything but smooth, especially since young Mae is naïve and self important.

You can read it right here: https://www.graphic-storytelling.com/maes-dungeon-diary

Justice League Dark (vol. 2)

No Caption Provided

A monkey, a princess and a stage magician goes to a bar.

That is not a joke, it is the start of one of the weirder teams DC has ever made.

Magic is in danger, so Wonder Woman decides to start the second incarnation of the Justice League Dark who specializes in the strange and dark world of magic. Problem is that no one in the DC's magic community takes her series as they see her as a superhero, not a creature associated with magic. Diana manage to make a odd little group that includes Zatanna, Detective Chimp, Man-Bat and Swamp Thing.

They prove to be a capable group... but a prophecy says that one of them will either be the one to save all magic... or destroy it.

James Tynion IV wrote this bizarre series that portraits the world of magic in DC as a world where rules are very bendable. Wonder Woman is the soul of the series as she leads the JLD with compassion and wisdom that could bring Captain America to shame.

JLA: Divided We Fall

No Caption Provided

The JLA is a mess after it was revealed that Batman made plans behind everyone's back to take them down in case they turned bad or got brainwashed. Everyone is at each others throat as they are unsure how to feel about it.

And then there is the attack of the Queen of Fables to worry about. Not to mention when wishes are granted that turns the world upside down, especially when the Leaguers' wishes are granted :l

Written by comic legend Mark Waid and so far my favorite Justice League TPB.

Beast Complex

No Caption Provided

Beast Complex is a lovely collection of bizarre stories about human-like animals.

We have strange and uncomfortable tales, like the one about the pig who stuff dead animals for a living or the one about a cult of albino animals. And let's not forget the one about a camel who lets a wolf eat half of his hand because they are in love :l

All the stories are one chapter long and are essentially about relationships. both romantically and platonically. But every single one of them are heart touching.

Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Secret Origin

No Caption Provided

Superboy Prime is both the most powerful supervillain of the DC Universe as well as the writer's punching bag by making his shitty existence worse and worse as he becomes more and more psychotic and even more hated by everyone he meets.

But the thing about Prime is that he is a child. A very angry and confused child who lost his entire world and then got tortured into thinking that the world he saved after losing his own was evil, that saving it was a mistake.

Like a dumb kid, he lashed out. We have all done that when we were kids. But this kid has hands that can turn coal into diamonds, meaning every strike from him is bone-crushing. So everyone he meets tries to take him down, and he lashes out against everyone who does so. It is an evil circle.

No one tried to help him or understand him, no one tried to comfort him. And that makes sense, no one owed him kindness after everything he had done. But that doesn't change that he needed kindness.

And Krypto the Superdog was kind to him. He is an animal, something pure and simple. And that was enough. That was all Prime needed to stop feeling sorry for himself and save the Multiverse. He died heroically with no one giving a damn about him besides a dog.

... And then something wonderful happened;)

After all these years, this feels like a good ending for Superboy Prime.


Holy 5 obscure villain facts, Batman!

Pyg is short for Pygmalion.

No Caption Provided

Professor Pyg's name is actually a reference to Pygmalion, a Greek myth character who thought all living women were flawed and ugly, so he made a sculpture of the perfect woman. He then prayed to Aphrodite, begging the love goddess to give the statue life. He got his wish and then married the statue

... in retrospective, that myth is messed up.

Anyways, Pyg apparently got inspiration from the myth in his own sick way.

Bane was engaged to Talia Al Ghul.

No Caption Provided

Batman keeps refusing to join the League of Shadows, So Ras decided to pick another man to be his heir: Bane. The man who broke Batman joins the the League of Assassins, and Ras even wants his daughter to marry him. Talia has a short sort-of romance with Bane, but later rejects the big guy since he is mentally like a child. A cunning and cruel child, but still a child. And after Batman kicks Bane's ass, Ras agrees that Bane is unworthy.

Two-Face was too creepy for comics.

No Caption Provided

Back when Two-Face was introduced in the Golden age of comics, he was an unusual grim bad guy for Batman. So much so that editors demanded that he got cured so Batman could fight more normal bad guys who was not as creepy.

Guys like like Mr. Freeze and Joker:P

Years later, Dennis O'Neil brought Two-Face back to the comics in 1971 as one of Batman's most prominent enemies.

Riddler was a private eye.

No Caption Provided

After waking up from a coma that was a result of being hit in the head by the superhero Shining Knight, Riddler is cured of his insanity and obsession with riddle-themed crimes. But still having a massive ego and wanting to prove how dang smart he is, Nigma decides to become a detective and is hired by rich Gotham socialists to solve cases. He even had a team-up with Batman.

Clayface stole Wonder Woman's powers.

No Caption Provided

So, one of Basil's many powers is that he can absorb clay, making himself grow even bigger.And Wonder Woman is made of clay.

So by using the absorbing power on WW, Clayface got super strength and the power of flight.


God DAMN I love comics!


First five obscure facts of 2022

Black Panther was once the defender of Hell's Kitchen

No Caption Provided

SUPER long story short:

T'Challa had to destroy all vibranium to stop Doctor Doom. Then he left the throne to his sister. Needing to do some soul searching after having lost everything, he decided to be Daredevil's replacement since Matt had to recover from being the leader of the Hand ninjas and being processed by a demon

Foggy assisted him in forging a new identity as Okonkwo, an immigrant from Congo and manager of the restaurant Devil's Kitchen.

Dr Sivana's sexy wife Venus

No Caption Provided

Sivana has four children. Venus is mother to Magnificus and Beautia.

Venus is actually Sivana's ex-wife, she divorced him after he became obsessed with Captain Marvel. But she loves him for some strange reason and even donated millions of dollars to a children's hospital in Kandaq so Black Adam would help find her missing ex-husband who had been kidnapped

She is awful and vane, treats her ugly step children with lack of love and respect and is even a racist, referring to Arabic as "speaking camel jockey"

I suppose she makes the perfect wife to the definition of evil scientist

Makes it even more insane that her daughter Beautia is practically a saint

Joker once beat Ras Al Ghul in chess

No Caption Provided

Joker claims that he is brilliant at board games since there is not much else to do in Arkham

Ras compliment Joker on playing so unpredictably that it is impossible to outsmart him

Lex Luthor had an Amazon as bodyguard

No Caption Provided

Originally a character from the animated Superman series, Mercy Grave was introduced to comics when Lex became president(yep, that actually happened). She was one of Lex's two bodyguards, the other being Hope Taya

They were both Amazons. Sure, they didn't have Wonder Woman's powers, but they had the same combat training from the paradise island

After Lex was kicked out of the White House, Mercy stayed with Lex, helping him rebuild Lex Corp

Btw, Hope apparently had SOME morality as she turned on Lex when he was president

That did not end well for her :/

Penguin was once part of the Suicide Squad

No Caption Provided

Waller made him part of a mission to rescue an author in Russia who had done nothing but speak her mind. Cobblepot was selected due to his expertise in robberies and could plan the rescue mission the same way he would plan a heist. He was forced to be part of the mission as well to motivate him into planning the mission properly so he could save his own skin

He didn't stay long on the team since the Russian mission was enough to get him out of jail


You want 5 more obscure comic facts? No? Too bad, here they are

Elongated Man became a hero due to an obsession with contortionists.

No Caption Provided

As a kid, Ralph Dibny was a beanstalk who wanted people to notice him.

So he decided to become a contortionists since he lacked the skills and physic to be anything else that would catch people's attention.

Sure, why not?! XD

Ralph managed to replicate a soft drink enjoyed by Indian rubber men who drank it since they felt it made them extra elastic. It is called Gingold and is made of a very rare fruit called Gingo.

Ralph's improved version of the drink made him very elastic and able to stretch way more than he had hoped. So he became the elongated Man, one of the first superheroes to ditch his secret identity because he wanted to be famous.

The inconsistency of the origin of the "canary cry"

No Caption Provided

We all know that Dinah Lance has the power to scream so loudly that it is sonic. But how she got this power has been retconned over and over and over again.

At one point, Dinah's 'Canary Cry' was the result of being cursed by the golden age villain the Wizard when she was a little girl. Another explanation was that Dinah was simply born with a metagene, making her a super-powered metahuman since birth AKA a mutant(yep, DC has those as well). And then there was the explanation that it was because she was exposed to magic and strange radiation from an early age from all the JSA members with powers since they helped raising her as her "uncles"

One of her latest origin for her powers was that she was part of a military task force called Team 7. She gained her superhuman powers after a mission where she and her team was going to retrieve the mystic Black Diamond that corrupting the souls of those around it. Being exposed to the diamond gave her sonic powers.

The first Atom was a (short) badass normal

Most of you probably know Ray Palmer, scientist who made a belt that could shrink him to the size of an atom. But before Ray, the name was used by Al Pratt.

No Caption Provided

Al was a short guy and was constantly made the butt of everyone's jokes when he was in college. But after a former boxer trained him into be a very muscular guy, Al decided to fight for justice and even used the nickname he had gotten by the ones who made fun of him.

Superheroes are usually tall and handsome, so I think it is kind of awesome that Atom is a short fella who is also a badass normal, not because he has a superpower, but just because he kicks ass.

... Well, he DID get superpowers some years later, but you get the idea.

Black Manta is evil because of... autism?! WHAT?!

Okay, so this origin of Black Manta is really weird and I get why it was never used again.

No Caption Provided

Apparently, Black Manta was an autistic child who was placed inside Arkham Asylum where he was treated with cruelty. He seemed to be fascinated by the ocean and was only calm when he was in cold water. One day, an experimental cure was used on him. It seemingly made him "normal" as he did not panic due to minor disturbances and he could speak in sentences... but it actually turned him into a murdering psychopath.

Yeah... I get why no one talks about this origin anymore.

The Thing has three master's degrees

No Caption Provided

5 obscure comic facts... hope someone is here to actually read them...

Iris West Allen is a world famous foto journalist.

No Caption Provided

After graduating from Columbia and having a short internship at the Daily Planet, Iris made a name for herself as a badass freelance journalist who took her own photos. Her big break was a couple of exclusive photos of the wild riots in Markovia

She traveled the world, dated princes and celebrities, but eventually decided to take it a bit slow and got a job in Central City at the paper Picture News.

The rest is history.

Tony Stark is an expert chess player.

No Caption Provided

After Tony lost his company and recovered from alcoholism, he taught himself to play chess since Obadiah Stane who stole the company from him was a master at the game. Tony ended up being an expert himself and can beat Mr. Fantastic in a game where they use three boards at the same time.

AND has checkmate on all five boards at the same time.

Lex Luthor never EVER covers his face.

No Caption Provided

Lex has a battle suit he uses when he tries to confront the Man of Steel physically, but he doesn't use a helmet. His head IS protected since he has an advanced forcefield around his head generated from the collar of the suit. That is super impractical compared to a helmet, but Lex wants everyone to see his face so there is no doubt who he is. Even a glass dome is not good enough since it could get dirty or kinda smudged. That's how big an ego maniac he is.

Wally West used to be conservative.

No Caption Provided

Wally used to be extremely conservative, so much that he hated the Russian superhero Red Star with a burning passion simply because he was Russian. Wally mellowed up with time after he became friends with Pied Piper who is a socialist. Lucky, since his wife, Linda Park, is very liberal.

The Flash ALMOST had an affair with Black Canary.

No Caption Provided

Back when it was canon that black Canary was a founding member of the JLA instead of Wonder Woman, she quickly became friends with the Flash.

Barry was thrilled to be part of a superhero team since he due to his easy-to-distract mind that made him famously late for everything had resulted in him not having many friends as he spent hours in the police lab. But hanging out with his super friends meant he neglected his fiancé Iris who started to wonder why it was that Barry never told her about his so-called "police friends" he spent so long time with... and if the reason was that he didn't want her to know about any FEMALE friends.

In a moment of passion and stress, Flash and Canary (to both of their surprise) actually shared a kiss... and realized how bad an idea it would be for Barry to mess around and for Dinah to be a homewrecker. So they decided to kill the spark before it actually became a problem.