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What is your character's Personality Type?

I have fount it beneficial in my writing to analyze my characters, really see how they think. I have used Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help define my understanding. Maybe it will help you too. (Note: I am a terribly geeky psychology major as you can see. Heh.) [Disclaimer: MBTI designations are to distinguish cognitive functions. The letters are not necessarily dichotomies.]

The Personality Types:

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You can take a test. There are many online. This is one I found.

It is 72 yes or no questions.

I myself am a PROUD INTJ. ;)

Here are some of my characters:

Dr. Alexandra Steele/The Psyentist: INTJ
(An intelligent, theoretical mind, less likely to express emotions unless values or person is insulted.)

Sophia/Brainchild: INTP?
(Uniquely intelligent, well-perceiving abstract thought but gets lost in the real world because of too much thinking.)

Scorn/ScornXY: ISTP
(Cold, calculating with a technical intelligence but with a penchant for breaking rules.)

PsyKnight/Dr. Jean Quentin: INFJ
(Jean is very compassionate, but also very intelligent and rule/pattern oriented.)

Queen Cobra/Evelyn Queen: ENTJ
(Evelyn is a leader, she loves being around people, but she isn't good at tolerating stupidity for long if it affects her team structure.)

Want to see where your character's personality falls into prevalence?

In the US:

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