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A Reborn Hope 0

The Star Wars saga continues in this latest installment of the franchise. The Force Awakens is a pure trip to the nostalgia of the original (and in some ways prequel) movies while also bringing forth a new era to a galaxy far, far away.I am really impressed with what JJ Abrams did. The movie had a nice blend of practical effects while also using a decent amount of CGI. The actors where absolutely wonderful. The new characters were fascinating and the old characters still had that same spark but ...

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A New Hope Continues 4

I was really looking forward to this first issue of Star Wars. This is going to be the first Star Wars from Marvel and part of the official canon universe. I am happy to say that it fulfills some of my expectations.The story begins after the events of A New Hope. The main characters play interesting roles and spring into action once the mission kicks into high gear. Not to spoil anything, but the whole issue is nothing more than a good ol' Star Wars adventure, and that's a good thing.The writing...

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Old Tale, New Character 0

See what I did there?So the story starts out just like the original: A high school teenager goes on a field trip to a lab. Next thing you know, he is given amazing powers…and it’s all Peter Parker’s fault. Young Andy Maguire (I see what you did there Slott) is blasted with super powered rays from Peter Parker’s botched experiment, becoming very powerful or as the smartest heroes of the Marvel Universe refer to him as and Alpha Omega power level. Andy becomes everything P...

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Happy Anniversary Bats! 0

First I want to say that, I wish I got the Jim Lee and Jason Fabok covers!Case of the Chemical Syndicate is a nice homage to the very first Batman tale. The narritive told by certain characters provided a unique insight into the story. Plus, this would have been a better origin story than Year Zero(not that I'm saying that's it was a bad story mind you). Better Days is my absolute favorite. In my opinion, that is a love letter to the series! The Sacrifice is pretty interesting; I've always liked...

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