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The seductive raising of the sock

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Something occurred to me this past weekend that I had never thought of before. I was away from the internet and thus I was catching up on some reviews and some other comic reading. In an issue from some 1960s era romance comic there was a woman that was pulling her nylons up her legs. This is a fairly common image among women, as it has become famous in other movies such as the Graduate and Pretty Woman. Without going too far into details, the nylons or pantyhose go to the same place essentially that a man fantasizing of sex would want to go. The process is therefore charged with sexuality, at least as an image in popular culture. Fast forward about 40 years of comic history and Supergirl was doing the same in a recent issue of her own series, albeit with her knee high socks (which I had assumed were boots previously). It does seem to be a bit of a double standard when the usual image is applied to superheroes, because the majority of superheroes wear tights or something to that degree. We never get to see Dick Grayson of Gambit seductively pulling on his uniform, but it is still a common enough image among female characters. I am not naive enough it think that this will ever change, but it is always nonetheless interesting for me to point out the differences in the medium as between male and female readers.

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