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As good as the Avengers 2

The first full venture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe away from planet Earth (aside from the Asgard stuff and space elves from Thor) this movie successfully transitions from the Earth based heroes to a cosmic scale. Fans of the movies that are not comic fans are going to find themselves a little lost in terms of who is what, with the only connection to the other movie being the Collector, who was only seen briefly in Thor: The Dark World. In my opinion, the Avengers was a great movie, bringi...

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Welcome Back Carter 1

When diving into the old issues bins, there can tend to be a certain consistency among comics. For the silver age comics from Stan Lee, this consistency is one of relative quality. As opposed to the fantastical and often farcical stories of the golden age, silver age stories tend to have more continuity and are based in a firmer reality, and Lee has achieved that here, with an engaging enough story for both Iron Man and Captain America. That being said while this issue is entertaining, there...

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Goofy 0

The main story here is so bad that one might think that it came from the golden age. It has a lot of staples of that time, including loss of powers, being kicked out of a team of super heroes and malfunctioning robots. Even by the poor standards of most of these early appearances of the Legion, this one is pretty weak. The logic behind the story falls apart completely at the end when the protagonist has to explain himself to the other heroes, including the deductions which he has made. It m...

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Follow the bouncing 0

The backup story here deals with the Secret Origin of Bouncing Boy. The story is perhaps a bit simplistic for a hero that is supposed to be based in the 30th century (or is that the 21st century?) but in terms of providing a relatable character this story does the best thus far of all of the Legion stories. The mot common format to this point has been "we showed up from the future with another contest to add another member" and while that is again a part of this story, it shows the heroism of...

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Start here? 0

A relatively standard - though admittedly better - story about the Legion of Super Heroes from one of their earliest appearances. This involves some more mostly random time travel, and the villain here is really a stretch in terms of any kind of application (hate tapes drive his rampage.) It is nice though to see the Legion slowly materializing, with Mon-El now a member of the team. This is a mostly pretty forgettable, if still entertaining enough story, and perhaps might be a good point for...

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No seconds 0

The Legion appears here, though only in a cameo appearance, and it is an appearance that makes little sense. This story is similar to many of the period where there are swapped identities but this one goes a little overboard. Without giving away the plot, Samson and Hercules do not actually appear in this issue, but those who do offer a poor reason for doing so. This is one of the few appearances of the adult Legion, where the characters lose their regular monikers, but it is not really enou...

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Strangeness 0

This is yet another first in the diaspora like introduction of the Legion of Super Heroes. Of the many members of the future team, the two with the closest powers to Superman are Ultraman and Mon-El, and it is therefore interesting that the two of them share an equally frivolous entry into comic history. In this case, there is no connection to the Legion at all (rather it would seem that later writers just took the characters as they were no longer being used) and similar to Mon-El here a vis...

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Helen of Troy 0

This is perhaps the strangest of all of the early Legion appearances. In this story Supergirl searches through time and space for a suitable wife for Superman. This has perhaps more of the most annoying plot developments of the period than any else. For instance, Supergirl simply states that she and Superman have already learned all ancient languages. There is also an aside where Superman explains that he would want to marry someone like Supergirl, only that it isn't possible because they a...

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Not so fun 0

This is another early appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes, and unlike other appearances, this one follows more along the lines of a traditional comic story. It is within that framework though, that the story fails so miserably. There are so many conveniences in terms of plot here that there is little of value left to the story. The headlining villain is quickly dispatched, leaving behind a different group of villains, and this even contains what must be the easiest escape from the Phant...

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For the pets 0

This is yet another first in the history of the Legion (and for DC Comics as well) as it shows the introduction of the Legion of Super Pets. While this is of arbitrary importance to many, it does underline how ridiculous these stories can be. The Pets are assembled by the original three of the Legion of Super Heroes, but Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy are not really necessary to the story here at all. Instead they are static characters once again, whose presence could have just as...

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Developing down 0

This is more full-on ridiculousness from the early stories of the Legion of Super Heroes. Some of these early stories have a degree of nostalgic interest, but this story seems to not share that. The plot requires not one, but two doppelgangers, as well as more of the same (for instance easy to construct robots.) The idea behind this story is not very inspired, and really the Legion are not much more than static characters in the proceedings here as most of the action occurs in Smallville. A...

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Stories to come 0

This could be considered the first real comic style story of the appearances of the Legion of Super Heroes so far. While other stories have had a bit (or a lot) or hokum, this story is more along the lines of "encounter villain, defeat villain." There are still a lot of suspensions of disbelief here (allowing a hero to go free for a heroic act before death?) at least in comparison to modern comics, but this issue is a lot more readable compared to other Legion stories thus far. It is also th...

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Effortless 0

In the history of the Legion of Super Heroes, this one stands a little bit separate. Each of the previous first appearances of Legion characters has involved some time travel from the 30th century. Contrary to that in this issue, Mon-El is first introduced, and the Legion is never once mentioned. Instead the story unfolds much like most golden or silver age tales, with a lot of random plot developments (a killer jack-in-the-box?) and the story is lost in the almost ridiculous story. In term...

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More of the same 0

It is interesting of the inauspicious appearance of many of these early Legion characters, in mostly throwaway backup stories. This issue is the first appearance of Shrinking Violet, Duplicate Girl, Phantom Girl and Brainiac 5, but these staples of the Legion go almost unnoticed as Supergirl frets over having a regular life with no girlfriends that she can relate to. The story here continues to be similar to other early appearances of the Legion, where the Legion itself is mostly pretty arbit...

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Other genres 0

As opposed to the other early appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes, this one is more like that of a crossover between genres. Lana Lang finds the first appearance of Star Boy and convinces him to help her to make Superboy jealous. In the process a number of staples of the romance genre are thrown in here (making this feel more like the 1950s Lois Lane comic at times.) Lana ends up essentially wasting a trip to the future just so that she can make her crush jealous? The result is disappo...

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Of the era 0

Those looking for a complete reading of the early Legion of Super Heroes will be somewhat disappointed in this outing. The story is among the presumed hundreds of the era which have Superman/Superboy trying to survive against Lex Luthor's villainy and attempts to murder him. In this case the Legion is at first alluded too then serves as a non sequitur deux ex machina which intervenes in a nearly inexplicable way. As always when looking back it is hard to fathom of such iconic heroes getting ...

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Non molten tunnels 0

The backup story here is far easier to find than the others. While the other story is mostly forgettable, the Supergirl story features an early appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes. The story is not particularly original, it rehashes a lot of the plot (and even two specific locations) from the first appearance of the Legion members, though this one adds a few more new Legion members to deal with. While the story is similar to the first, this one is a lot more polished, still rooted in th...

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Heroic bypass 0

As opposed to the first appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes, the second is a lot more laboured and falls more in line with a golden age approach to comics. Superboy is tricked into thinking he deserves imprisonment, and yet never relinquishes his heroic stoicity, even if it means his own freedom. This is standard golden age stuff, meant more so to titillate the interest of children and not so much of much interest to adults. Anyone that is interested in the publication history of the Le...

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Innocuous 2

Although offering glimpses of the silver age, this story is still one told very much in the style of the golden age. The setting may be futuristic and science fiction like, but the story itself and the the characters have the usual "internal dialogue to explain the plot" type of approach that is consistent throughout much of the period. The only difference here is that the characters aren't exactly throwaways, instead this is the first appearance of the original three characters that would be...

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