Some stuff I've been reading (have read) that is not published by the big two. You know what I mean. And also, feel free to suggest more to me... NEED INPUT! LOL

List items

  • I really liked the art for all of these. I still need to purchase issues #20-24 to complete my collection. Issues 14 and 15 are probably my favorites in this. (But don't hold me to that!)

  • Absolutely love Jason Aaron's writing. Have the first three trades and really recommend the story (except not to kiddies!) This is great stuff and I will be saddened when it ends.

  • There's a lot to enjoy in these issues. I picked them up on a lark after reading good things about the series online. I hope this gets a long run (have I just jinxed it to doom?)

  • Mock me if you will, but I like the art a lot. The stories are.... not as good... but the art tickles me. Also, a bear-riding cowboy is a lot of fun.

  • I read the first issue. It was different. It was so different, I wasn't sure it was actually good or not. I ought to read onward and find out, but.... I dunno.

  • I have this volume as well as the following volumes (Red Shadows, Death's Black Riders). I am a big sucker for REH stuff and Solomon Kane is such a unique character, I can't pass these up.

  • Naturally, I love all things Kull. Have this and the other following volumes. The artwork in this volume was outstanding. Really. Outstanding, I say.

  • Read the first issue and was pleased. I hope this succeeds and doesn't get all mopey/drama-y.

  • I love me some Conan.

  • Yes, it's true. I love Emily the Strange. This volume was exceedingly witty and amusing. I don't care if you think it's "trendy," or "sellout," or "girlie." I like Emily... (Not everything I read has to wear a loincloth and wield a broadsword!)