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Excellent artwork and interesting character changes. 0

Honesty: I wasn't and am not really hep on the new sexual orientation of Alan Scott. However, I can appreciate how the writer, J. Robinson, is utilizing this as a motivating factor for Scott in his becoming the "jade knight." In the opening pages of this issue, the reader is given the actual origin of Scott getting his powers. Some of the dialogue in this section feels really "hokey," so to speak. By this I mean, the usage of the character's dialogue in place of the familiar yellow boxes. You kn...

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Marvel still needs editors, but they've got colorists! 0

What a fantastically colorful issue! Busy, action-filled artwork. Colorful outer space casinos, bamf, energy blasts, fight scenes - you name it. Everything is out of control and it's all inside out. Readers who don't like this issue (or title) are probably the sullen types who prefer sulky, soap opera drama trauma comics. The best thing about this title is the fun and zany chaos. I grant that at points it is downright juvenile, but generally it's quite enjoyable. This issue concludes a storyarc ...

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Good Ol' Spidey 0

I haven't read an ASM issue in quite a long time. They've just been piling up from my trips to the comic book store. Today I read this issue and realized this is one of the best things about ASM: it just draws you back into the world of Peter Parker without any struggle. Many comic book readers on this site are heavy-readers, some are up over 20 books a month, for example. I allege that not all of those titles, however, are as accessible, fun, and exciting as ASM. Sure, since Brand New Day there...

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Careful of the Cassowary 0

This was a good read. We start off with a full page panel with Batman carrying a terrified guard over a lava pit. Ahhh... is that not how all good stories start? No?  Well, then they must start with the sweet-talking of a sexy blond chick, right? Because that happens next.  Batman makes his typical entrance - silent and surprising. He accuses Penguin of sabotaging Johnny Sabatino's club. And we're off to Vegas!  Zatanna is headlining the opening night at Sabatino's club - we quickly discover Bru...

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Scarab and OMAC 1

OMAC and Infinite Crisis are just two of DC's never-ending retcon crises. It takes a lot of stamina and patience to just read chunks of the DC timeline without trying to fret about continuity. But if you enjoyed OMAC and Infinite Crisis, you really should read some of this Blue Beetle volume.  I really liked this issue because it was fun and gave a little insight into the scenes that took place in the Infinite Crisis arc... event.. retcon... um.. thing.  Jaime and his family and friends have gon...

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Booster Failed 0

This issue's story is largely about the fact that in issue #1, Booster Gold failed while fighting Mindancer. He failed publicly, and the media is eating him alive. A lot of people who are involved in Booster's life as a commercial product are pretty ticked off at him because of this.   Booster does a have a few folk that are sympathetic to him, but overall, he seems to feel alone.  He tells Skeets:  "I went into this thinking about the money and the celebrity. I knew the media was going to make ...

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Scarabs and teens. 0

I read this after having just finished Infinite Crisis and roughly around the same time I read 52 #8.  I read the first two issues of this series and felt they were a little lacking. The art was kinda choppy, for one thing. Secondly, the issues were very in media res, with a lot of flashbacks. I did not give those two issues very high marks.   Jamie is a Hispanic teen living in Texas. He doesn't fit in very well with his peers and his family life can be a struggle for him. Jamie is the new Blue ...

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Buster? Booster-Who? 1

I was forced to read about Booster Gold because I was reading DC's famous 52 series. I remembered that I owned this first issue from 1986 and decided to take a look at it. I discovered that its the first appearance of Booster Gold ever. And this issue, at least, was both written and drawn by Dan Jurgens. I was definitely more interested after knowing these facts. It is noteworthy that this series starts in early 1986, when DC was releasing their Crisis on Infinite Earths event. The perfect time ...

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Persuasion 0

This issue is part 6 of the 8-part storyarc that bounces back and forth between this title and Detective Comics. The two previous issues of Batman went to 2nd printing, but this one did not.  There is not a lot of action, per se, in this issue. It fills in the background as to how Harvey Dent was Gotham's crimefighter in the time Batman was away. The issue depicts in flashback how Harvey was pronounced better by reliable doctors and how Batman met with Harvey to ask him to take over the crimefig...

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Creepy Lizard 0

I admit I was a little disappointed in recent issues - #625 was definitely 5-star awesome. I trudged through 626, 627, 628, and 629. I am not as familiar or interested in The Lizard as other Spidey villains. 630 is clearly the "introduction" to this storyline and while not a great issue, it did the job of setting up the story.  This issue was surprisingly good. After the recent issues, I really doubted I would like this issue at all. I was prepared for the worst.  As far as creepy goes, this is ...

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Avengers don't bother 1

I want to love this comic. Why? Because I am a traditionalist in that the Avengers is the "main Marvel group" and they represent the most interesting characters Marvel Universe has to offer. I mean, in the ideal world, of course. In reality, this series (albeit, we are only on issue #3) is pretty rotten.  It seems that almost universally people are disliking the art. And I can understand that. Frames seem cluttered and random. The faces of the characters are unique to "Junior." In other words, t...

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Busy, fun Avengers... 0

This comic is the conclusion of "The Unspoken" storyarc. This arc has been one of the more solid ones I've seen since they battled Ultron in the early issues of this volume. The Avengers titles have been pretty busy of late - and have a million thoughts going on betwixt them. This issue is nice because its full of action and teamwork and a whole lot of Avenger-types, from the young Stature to the old crew like Pym and Clint. The storyline does run true to many events in the Marvel Universe, so t...

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What was the story, anyway? 2

The whole Captain America title(s) seem stalled and lost. I love Steve Epting's art and I have been quite impressed with the art in the Reborn miniseries. But the writing has been kinda rough. Gene Colon's #601 should have been a one-shot or an annual.... the Bucky as Cap'n never seems to have really caught.  The Reborn miniseries seems like its being released at a snail's pace and I am forgetting that Captain America is a book on my pull list.   This issue was okay - finally some answers from t...

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Witty Story Title... 0

Everyone should love Deadpool - he's a heckuva character. He's got a number of titles running right now, so there's plenty of him to read. Picking this title up means you have extra money in your wallet and you like Deadpool more than a little.   Its not a terrible story at all. The plot is pretty basic - two "heroes" get drawn into a puzzle that is constructed to kill them. They are an unlikely team-up, but lots of fun in general. The villains are some of the lesser known/lesser-used ones of th...

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Barton gets angry..... 0

This issue is the first in "The List" one-shots that are tying-in with the Dark Reign situation.  And, it is probably good to read this one first (in the case that you've gotten several at one time).  The standard cover is odd. I admit I didn't know it was Barton's glove - yeah, I probably should have.  Anyway, I also find it odd that Barton is making the tally marks. Why Barton?  Anyway, what remains of the Avengers are sitting around watching the news. Barton gets riled up and wants to take ac...

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Not the best Issue #1 2

When issue #1's are released, I have high-standards. I want great artwork and stories. I assume the publisher feels similarly, because he wants subscribers. This issue was ok. Rather flat. I love Amazing, so I will continue to give this a shot... but only provisionally.  First story, Kaine:  Really psychological, a bit bloodier/graphic than I think it needed to be. Ultimately, it goes nowhere. I think it is supposed to give insight into one of the "Spidey-Foes," but I don't feel it imparted anyt...

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Aaron's GR is great. 0

This issue starts a new storyarc for GR (and crew), although its not a great "jumping on point" for new readers. This issue focuses a lot on Caretaker - a character that Aaron has really developed well. The cover does not even have Danny or Blaze on it. The Ghost Riders from the future are hysterical (and provide a little context) and allow for a lot of future storyline possibilities. Aaron's handling of GR has been unique, grisly, and entertaining.  I have heard it described as "redneck," but t...

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