I have had BPRD recommended to me several times in the last few years. And, as an aside, I have the darnedest time getting the title out: BPRD, BRPD, BDRP, BRDP, its a nightmare for me. What am I, dyslexic suddenly? ANYWAY.... I have decided that it cannot hurt to take a look at this recommendation. I have no idea where to start. Anyone wanna share what the first/best jump on point is? Where do I start with that stuff?


DC / MARVEL 2010

 My opinion. Not necessarily popular, insistent, or correct. Also, quite subject to change with the addition of more data, a new experience, or a colder soda. *S*


 I loved World War Hulk. I did. I had been "out of comics" for a number of years (decade or more) and I had recently started with Ghost Rider in 2006. Then WWH really just brought me in. It was exciting and interesting. Granted, the plethora of tie-ins was a bit surprising. I liked Civil War well enough.  Regarding the One More Day stuff, well, I had never been a maniac fanatic Spidey-fan. In fact (shhh! don't tell... I didn't really give a rip about MJ one way or the other). I also thought that Secret Invasion was pretty good, though, again, the tie-ins and the number of characters to deal with was a bit more than I would have truly liked. Oddly, I enjoyed the She-Hulk and Jazinda stuff more than I expected to. The only difficulty I had from Civil War - SI was Spider-Woman. I mean, she's just not that cool. (Ratified by the fact that Marvel started and then soon canceled her title.) 
For me, Dark Reign started off ominously and interestingly and then just got boring and tedious. I began to truly loathe Sentry and Daken. I found myself really not interested in the scenario. And the New Avengers got way too whiny and naggy for me to really love (although I am a fanatical Iron Fist fan).  At this time I was reading New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Dark Avengers, and Thor.
When Siege rolled around, I really started to not care. I never even bought the last issue (#4) of Siege. I totally have no idea how any of that played out, and I am not sure I give a damn.
Now, I see titles with Heroic Age taglines (which is just some general theme) and reboots for practically half of the Marvel titles. I see a large focus on female characters. I see the Avengers titles are now A -rated (for all audiences???) I have no idea why we are Heroic now. I have no clue who or what is on the Avengers. I have no idea where the Marvel Universe is or where its going or what the heck happened. And, again, I dunno that I give a rip. 


I started reading comics as a youth by reading DC titles. But I dropped away from comics. And then DC is always in crisis, so I avoided them in 2006 when I started reading comics again. But while Dark Reign and Siege were boring me to tears, DC was doing some neat things. Killing Batman, Rebirthing Flash, having a Blackest Night and a Brightest Day, and starting up JSA and JLA again. 
Most of the titles that I purchased from 2006-2009 were Marvel titles. Since, perhaps, August 2009 I have been pulling a lot more DC titles and ignoring a lot of the Marvel stuff. 
 The thing is, when I go into my local comic book store and look at the new and recent releases, I am not sure what I should be reading. Everything seems a bit more confusing than it needs to be. DC seems to have no reasonable jumping on point. Marvel seems like they want to put out a thousand of the same title. I just dunno what I ought to be pulling from the shelves. However, I do know that the majority of what I pull with be from DC and not Marvel.
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I hate my pull list

I don't like my pull list - haven't for awhile.

  • I sub to Amazing Spider-Man. At my store, if you don't sub, then you don't get. (He doesn't order any but enough for subs.)
  • I sub to New and Dark Avengers. I picked up Mighty through issue #31. But now I am sick of all the Avengers titles, and Dark Avengers could have been a whole lot better than it was. There was rumor that all the Avenger titles would be rearranged..... but who knows.. and who cares?
  • I sub to Batman, Bat & Rob, Red Rob, and WW. I do not sub to GL or Flash. I think this is all wrong.
  • I used to sub to JLA and I picked up a lot of JSA back issues. Currently, I sub to none, though I think I ought to get both.
  • I sub to Guardians of the Galaxy, but missed out on all the rest of the cosmic War/Reign of Kings stuff. Boo.
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As a kid, I thought Snake-Eyes was the coolest, most surprising, most fascinating character in the universe.
Snake-Eyes' relationship with Storm Shadow. Snake-Eyes' relationship with Scarlet. Snake-Eyes' doing anything - it was all shocking and memorable. But Snake-Eyes unmasked... that was the moment. G.I. Joe #26 & #27 rocked, and I must've re-read #46 about a million times, but #150 was great.

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Umm. Batman. By a long shot. Would scare the crap out of anyone who saw it, especially at dusk or midnight.

  • Immortal Iron Fist
  • Clint Barton's Ronin costume
  • Elektra's tattery, red, almost-naked costume

Definitely Wonder Woman - yes, not a costume... its "armor"........
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My household all enjoys them, but we have different favorites. We share:

  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Wonder Woman
  • Thor

And I myself read:
  • Immortal Iron Fist
  • Batman
  • Iron Man
  • Justice League of America
  •  Wolverine
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Wizard Con

I am about a half an hour away from Philly this weekend and I wish I could go to the comic con there. I don't get up this way much and it sure beats other options for the weekend. I am too cheap though because admission seems too much for me.

I will instead check out some used book stores, I think.

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