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Did the original idea for Iron Man come from DC’s Metallo?

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Before some readers end up ripping into me because of how I would think up such a wild question, this isn’t a fact or a claim, but more like a found theory that probably has a lot of support to it.

During my research over Metallo when making one of my videos, I’ve caught onto something very interesting with the Golden Age version of Metalo (the actual spelling for the Golden Age version of Metalo) known as George Grant. Now this Metalo isn’t related to the cyborg villain known as John Corben or his Bronze Age brother Roger, the only connection is that Corben was a reinvented version of George Grant. The whole concept that DC wanted with Metalo and Metallo was that they wanted to see the Man of Steel go against “a” Man of Steel.

Knowing how Corben was designed as a man made of steel, Grant was just a normal man who was amped up on super strength juice while wearing a suit of armor when going against Superboy. Hopefully you see where I’m trying to go with this.

Now there currently isn’t any solid connection between both Metallo and Iron Man, but you can decide that after reading this.

Beginning with Metalo making his first debut in 1942, 21 years prior to Iron Man making his first debut within Marvel Comics. As previously stated, the idea for Metalo was quite simple, to give Superboy a challenge of going against a man of steel. Metalo found himself reinvented with John Corben in 1959 (still prior to Iron Man’s debut) where this time he was a man of steel through robotic means rather than wearing a suit of armor. Now what baffles me with Corben was how his robotic body needed either uranium or kryptonite to support him through his chest piece. This actually became his weakness when accidently lacking support from stolen fake kryptonite and the leading cause to his death.

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Then in 1963, Stan Lee introduces Iron Man. Who’s Origin began with Tony Stark going through an accident where he needed a chest piece to stay alive, almost, if not exactly the same story with Corben who went through an accident and had to find certain materials for his chest cavity. From both Corben and Stark looking exactly the same to where they could be brothers, as well with both Grant and Stark wearing a gray suit of armor equipped with weaponry. I personally believe that the idea for one of Marvel’s most famous heroes was just a mixture of both John Corben and George Grant who were actually C-list villains before Iron Man’s debut.

Now believe it or not, this isn’t the first of Stan Lee’s creation where fans caught onto a connection where he got the idea from another comic organization. But because of how the Golden and Silver Age comics had more of a younger audience compared to today’s comics and how most modern day comic fans tend to not read any old-school comics, there’s the chance that even most of Stan Lee’s famous creations being easily overlooked. Of course Stan Lee admitted that the idea for Iron Man was an inspiration, but was only referring to Howard Hughes, which does make a lot of sense. But after seeing how some of Stan Lee’s creations having a pattern of strongly resembling other characters who are either minor or unsuccessful, there’s still the idea that Iron Man may have been Marvel’s reinvented version of Metallo.

So could it be that the original idea for Iron Man came from Metallo?

Aside from my theory between Iron Man and Metallo, here is my Villain Guide Video of Metallo for those who enjoy watching my videos. Thankyou for reading and I hope to uncover something else unbelievable and wild.