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Gotham City is "Awesome" 1

Simply amazing as to how professional the starting point of this issue was introduced. With writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo introducing the first part of the Knife Trick, Batman finds himself involved within two separate stories as both costumed hero of the night investigating a “weak link” at Arkham and as the multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne who’s decided to reshape Gotham City into something much better. Two different stories that are both bound to enter-twine with each other when B...

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A great issue for readers who skim through comics. 0

Seeing DC writers take a more inside look of the DC Beyond universe is something that really caught my interest and what motivated me into getting Superman Beyond. But with writer Tom DeFalco handling this issue where it focuses on the futuristic Superman, I had better expectations coming from Superman Beyond when I quickly caught on to the fact that either DeFalco wasn’t familiar with the Batman Beyond series or that the artists really screwed this issue up. I can say that the concept of this i...

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The Red Skull, Nazi and puppy savior 0

With Captain America: First Avenger hitting theaters by the end of this month, I would say that the start of Red Skull’s first limited series couldn’t hit the shelves at a better time. Nazi, murderer, and perfectly designed to be the most evil incarnation ever produced by Marvel Comics, Red Skull is a villain that does deserve to be recognized as Marvel’s first villain and possibly the most evil comic villain ever produced into comics. It’s obvious how Red Skull’s built character does force bo...

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An ironic twist for Superman. 2

    For myself Action Comics# 900 was a highly anticipated event that I strictly followed from Action Comics #890. I can’t stress enough as to how Paul Cornell introduced something new with Lex Luthor after giving us a long and challenging gauntlet for Lex Luthor to face before facing his final opponent, Superman. My greatest fear for this issue was that we would be introduced into another grueling fist-fight between both hero and villain or that it would be ended improperly like many Marvel e...

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SHAZAM!!!! Asgards back where it belongs. 0

Fear Itself is another anticipated Marvel event that throws Marvel’s greatest heroes into another world threatening problem. Strongly residing with Thor, Asgard, and most of all his father Odin, the Marvel heroes finds themselves facing two major problems, a new major threat rising and the all Asgardians leaving Earth and their heroes to their own fate. As promising as the short synopsis sounds, it is an idea that writer Matt Fraction tried to properly produce within this issue and yet I get th...

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It's as heroic as it would get for Crossbones. 0

    Seeing how Marvel One-Shots normally present themselves as either interesting or a complete failure that presents itself with nothing unique, new, creative, or entertaining at all, I would first have little hopes and interest for this issue. With this One-Shot title starring Crossbones, it’s quite interesting as to how I find it falling into the failure category with it’s completely predictable storyline and somehow I can’t help but find myself entertained. It’s the fact that just about ev...

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Only Bucky can look badass while saying "Knuckle Sandwich" 0

Book of the Skull really kept me on an unexpected pace when involving the Red Skull into Marvel’s next EPIC event known as Fear Itself. Even though Brubaker introduced Red Skull’s involvement much more differently than what I expected, his handling on how Red Skull’s daughter, the newest Red Skull would take a role within Fear Itself. Marvel One-Shot’s usually give a Love or Hate feeling, meaning that these One-Shot’s tend to go either horribly bad, or very entertaining. This Prologue of Fear ...

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"Goodbye Darkness" 0

  Within this issue, we would see more of the White Knight and how truly dark he is, despite his goals to bring light into Gotham. Batman and Robin #21 is one of the very few issues that really gives off a wonderful pace that I personally can compare to the short Batman episodes within the DCAU. Taking a whole new look within Gotham City, it’s villains, and even the new Dark Knight himself, we’re introduced to a new villain that strives to give Gotham the completely opposite treatment that Batm...

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Your right Dominic, it is really disappointing. 0

  Within this issue we see Deodato's badass dynamic artwork.   Then were taken to Chayken's colorful artwork thats completely the opposite of being dynamic. I have never thought that I would see something that’s just as tasteless, uncreative, and absolutely degrading as the Siege storyline, until I decided to give this issue try. The New Avengers #10 takes you to two different stories and two different timelines that failed to give any connection towards each other. From beginning to end you’r...

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Just realizing that there are eight member within the Secret Six. 1

Exclusively Boy Bands, Saltless Pretzels, and Virgin Serial Killers Wanted for a Light Buffet, what better way would I know of to describe Hell?   Ever since I began reading Secret Six, I found that my most favorite member would be King Shark because of how I find him to be the most different from the group and somehow properly fits right in. Secret Six has always caught my interest for the most unique ways that’s hardly found within comics, and this issue alone does have something very unique...

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Man-Thing just isn't magical enough for the Thunderbolts. 2

  Knowing how dangerous Man-Thing can be for others, this issue would explain how he and the Thunderbolts dont see each other as a threat. I would say it’s about time Man-Thing finally gains some spotlight within the Thunderbolts and actually has more of an explanation as to why he’s within the team of Thunderbolts. Personally, I’m a major Man-Thing fan, more of the original storytelling within his very own series. When I first heard that Man-Thing was making his appearance within the team, i...

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When fighting powerful people, good people will always get hurt. 1

  One of DC's greatest villains, and what he does might be explained within this issue as it takes you into his successful and depressing life. Simply amazing…..   One of the most mysterious characters within the DC universe who’s managed to be placed within a major role after Blackest Night, Maxwell Lord has became one successful highlight within the Brightest Day event. Among other villains who are sharing their spotlight, Justice League: Generation Lost has managed to not only involve Maxwell...

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"Just a Lantern Ring? it's not enough" 0

 At the near end of Luthor’s quest within Action Comics and this time Cornell takes us to an overdue rematch between both Lex Luthor and Orange Lantern Larfleeze. If you missed how these two villains managed to come at each other’s throats, well it all started at the very end of Blackest Night where Luthor was selected as an Orange Lantern. Larfleeze, who’s the selfish kind just couldn’t share that power and that’s exactly how these two first went at it. With Luthor de-powered and Larfleeze cont...

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............................. simply amazing 3

  Out of all the issues that naturally come into my weekly collection, none has simply forced me into such a story with both perfected artwork and storytelling. I admit that my anticipation was a bit off when hearing about this limited series being released, but I’m surprised on how Marvel could produce such a marvelous masterpiece that has me upset at the fact that the second issue isn’t already in my hands. Of course DC comics likes to pull their colorful multi artist crew with most of their s...

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Almost Clash of the Titans 0

What exactly makes an Incredible Hulk comic into one of the most action packed ass-kicking marathons that any rightful fan would love to see, is the successful fight scenes. It’s that I love nothing more than to see some massive fist fighting moments that Marvel’s beloved green giant shares with another poor soul who’s somehow managed to get on Banner’s bad side. But within this issue, it seems that Banner’s bad side got him standing toe-to-toe with another massive Marvel character who’s probabl...

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The kind of angels you wouldn't want to see falling from the sky. 0

From beginning to end, I have to say that the floe of this single issue was absolutely amazing. Having my doubts with both Dick Grayson’s character and the recent issues that I believed to be dragging in the horrors of a developing clichéd concept, how surprised I was when getting the chance to catch the first part of Tree of Blood: Dark Knight vs. White Knight. The team of Peter J Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and Alex Sinclair really defined this issue with a classy and a very catchy st...

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Peter has an alarm that goes "GNRRRRR" 0

  Within most of the comics of the Spectacular Spiderman series, there's alot of this. An old issue that has many old school Spiderfans remember the classic times and adventures of our beloved and struggling hero, Spider Man. Due to the fact that the cover promised us of seeing a fight between Nitro and Spiderman, there was no reason why I would turn this issue away and try to give it an overdue review and some details of what’s inside. Now I know that Nitro isn’t on many comicfans number 1 li...

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It's probably best not to know what happened that night. 0

Another classic Jonah Hex story that somehow has me interested within his own western series. Seeing how this gritty half-faced cowboy not only catches the wrong attention just about every single time we see him in one of his issues, but also manages to draw comic fans into the western world with his singled issue stories. It’s very unique how both Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmotti seem to put Jonah Hex into just about the same situation within their issues and doing little to make the difference ...

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The difference between a monster and a freak 1

If it’s one thing that I’ve noticed about Matt Wagner was how he managed to give a unique insight within certain characters of the Batman series. This time we get to see Wagner focus on one of Batman’s most well known villains as he takes us on a whole new look within the unstable mind of Two-Face. What has me at an interest is how Wagner disguised his main focus with an old-fashion Bat mystery that we would naturally see within comics. Thinking that this is something that we’ve already seen be...

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Batman's first dangerous threat. 1

A very unique piece to be added within Batman’s massive collection, Batman and the Monster Men does succeed on not only gaining a readers interest with it’s up most artwork and storytelling, but also manages to draw you into the comic as your alongside with Batman’s very first encounter with a new threat that he had to face within his career as a costumed vigilante. Written by a very-well known writer Matt Wagner, not only was it his storytelling that managed to shine this dark event into the l...

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Shame on you Dick Grayson 0

  A very unique and limited villain, one of the best things about "Eye of the Beholder" is seeing Sensei perfecting himself as the villain within the storyline. Like usual, I always had an up most interest with the Batman titles. After hearing that Batman was having a great amount of titles being released, as a Batman fan, I sure as hell was excited to add more than one Bat-title onto my weekly collection. BUT, there’s just one problem that prevents me from doing that and it’s quite clearly fou...

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Another first issue for Batman Beyond. 0

One thing that I looooooooove about comics, is Batman Beyond.    I confess that Batman Beyond wasn’t in my best interest when flying onto television and instantly finding myself wrongfully judging this masterpiece of a Gotham Vigilante Hero idea as byproduct of something trying to adapt towards the nineties generation for our beloved misguided kids. Probably it was because of the intro that had me roll my eyes and shake my head in disbelief when Warner Bros introduced Batman Beyond. But finally...

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FREE, save eight dollars and learn Bullseye's non-official name!! 1

One of my most favorite things within the Marvel Universe is none other than the somewhat “mysterious” villain known as Bullseye. However I’m convinced that the term “mysterious” it’s just a writer’s brain fart that never produced properly when handling a character like Bullseye. Seriously, it’s not hard coming up with a detailed story that slightly exposes the TRUE origin of our beloved cold-blooded assassin. But for some reason this two-part short story never focused on the main character at ...

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and it's another cult with a creepy leader. 2

I love the idea, the dark and grim setting, and I seriously am in love with the cover of this issue. However, there isn’t something right about this issue, something that’s probably overlooked and something that I never expected from a Gotham City crime-fighting veteran like Dick Grayson. Make no mistake that the scenery is beautifully dark and perfectly fits into a Batman comic title. In my personal opinion, I would have to say that the artwork really took some major attention from the artist...

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Like a boomerang, he's back 0

  Throw the boomerang at her. One comic event that I can safely mention on handling itself as an interesting storyline focuses it’s attention on a cast of heroes and villains that aren’t the main three top dogs, which are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Brightest Day caught me by surprise in many ways as it slowly starts to build into something serious for our selected cast of White Lanterns, and one of those catchy moments is George Harknesses involvement with Brightest Day. As he was brou...

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Luthor's first steps towards power 0

    Action Comics Annual 13 takes us on a whole new look on Lex Luthor as we see a part of his history that was never told but yet finds itself as being a valuable piece that helps to define Lex Luthor. As Lex Luthor takes us on an EPIC adventure with his quest for power in the main Action Comics storyline, now comes the Action Comics annual that not only lacks a Superman, but starring a young Lex Luthor who’s first steps into Metropolis was one moment that should’ve been told within this five ...

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A prelude to the battle of DC's greatest megalomaniacs. 0

           "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."     Never have I thought that Lex Luthor would grab a much more wonderful moment within DC history than his complete takeover of Action Actions, and I can proudly say that Lex is one villain that surpassed all those who took the role as badguy within the year of 2010. Already six issue into Lex’s quest for power and I must say that Action Comics has ta...

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Carnage ? 3

  OWNED    One of Marvels most anticipated issues and I found myself having a hard time looking for Carnage issue number 1 out of 5, because for some reason Marvel didn’t have Carnage on the front cover of his very own issue. So after buying what I thought was a new version of Spiderman’s Marvel Team-up, I was ready to read the starting event of some serious maniacal bloodshed that Marvel’s beloved Carnage used to give. Sadly, I didn’t get none of that, that one ingredient that made Carnage mat...

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How much horror can one person take? 2

To celebrate one of my most favorite months, I decided to review one of the most dark, and craziest comics that i've found within my collection, and I decided to review a book that tried its very best to show an audience the meaning and visuals of pure insanity.     Sam Kieth would introduce Arkham Asylum: Madness  But was Sam able to give us a story that would have the children suffering at night with the most horrible nightmares of DC's beloved Joker and a selected cast of Arkham Inmates, or w...

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Loki's revenge for being shoved up inside a tree. 0

Ladies and Gentlemen and all other fellow badguys, I present to you, the very first "official" introduction of one of Marvels greatest baddies of Norse Mythology, Loki.  Couple days ago I decided to challenge myself with my video reviews and do one of a baddie that I wasn't too interested in, for some reason mythology and Marvel really flys over my head. Anyways, Loki was my subject, and I believe that I managed to present Youtube a pretty nice flick, but after doing an intense research on this ...

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And its about to get worse. 0

Finally, the end of the most exciting duel between Bucky and Baron Zemo, but how did the ending handled itself? And did Brubaker pull off another Captain America event? With Zemo coming back as a baddie after playing hero for awhile, it was nice to see Zemo display himself much more better as a serious original villain as we see him not fully accepting Bucky being the new Captain America. But before I go into detail, lets see if the Captain America No Escape Hardcover is worth the money and that...

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History of The Witchfinder General 2

Horror, good old original horror that we all used to enjoy before Freddy and Jason popped into the movie screen. For some reason this little comic would sing out to me among the other comics and my hunch of reading an interesting comic was right. Vincint Price, the GOD OF HORROR, (and yes, I did say God of Horror and the man deserves no less) would reintroduce one of Vincints most vile and horrible movie characters, Matthew Hopkins. So who the holy hell is Matthew Hopkins and why would this comi...

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Nick Fury becomes more of a secret than Steve's Secret Avengers 0

       Nick Fury is once again becoming an issue for the heroes of the Marvel Universe. As we read our beloved Secret Avengers, we noticed that the recent four issues had Nick Fury siding with the baddies, some shadow clan group that acts like a bunch of possesed terrorist ninja's who are on the verge of drinking the purple Kool-Aid while blowing up a building. So as we see in the last issue, Steve Rogers noticed Nick Fury among the group and this issue is where we see Nick Fury step up and expl...

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Marvel baddies vs Daredevil themed Ninja's 0

Shadowland hasn't really been up there as an awesome event for me, even with characters like Daredevil, Punisher, and even Luke Cage, exactly how can one go wrong with some kickass Marvel characters like those? So my expectations with this comic wasn't as excited as it should be because of the Shadowland involvement, but when I found myself reading this comic, I was amazed how Jeff Parker really put the grim, the dark, and the violence that Marvel fans crave for into this issue. Badguys, Ninjas...

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A story of how one man can make a difference. 0

   Going into the comic store, I noticed how this one comic stood out among the others. There was something different about it, something actually interesting, I wonder why Marvel would focus on a hero from the 40's and 50's with a four part limited series about this guy who barely saw any spotlight within the Marvel Universe. Marvel fans would actually get a refresh look into the life and history of that one hero who never reached no fame within the modern world, the Patriot. So is this comicbo...

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So the Joker, A Pyg, and a Doctor Hurt walks into a bar... 3

There was a bad side to having too many Batman titles and finding this issue was the reason. Hidden behind a stack of other Batman related titles I would find myself overlooking this beautiful third part of a beautiful Batman Masterpiece. As if I thought Batman badguys couldn't get any more......disturbing. This issue would prove me wrong in such a way that I personally couldn't give this comic less than five stars. There was a phrase that went around saying that all of the DC characters look li...

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All thats missing is Jerry Springer and a Dr Pepper 1

After reading this issue, I honestly felt that the recent Amazing Spiderman titles and new storylines are just not making it. For this issue that came out at the same time as the end of OMIT Amazing Spiderman issue 642, this whole villain original revival thing that Marvel has for Spiderman is quickly getting old. Kravens return was nice and honestly needed for any upcoming Spiderman titles, but for this issue alone, well,........ at first I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with th...

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Just a guy name Dennis 5

 One of Marvels newest look into the Heroic Age, is through the eye's of some guy named Dennis. I personally would label this comic as one of my top ten favorites within this year. 1 Month 2 Live is a comic that takes you on a starting journey through the new and short lived life of Dennis as he slowly discovers what the meaning of life is within the Marvel Universe. Throughout the month of September, this issue would be coming out each week and show the remaining moments of Dennis's life as he...

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Wanted: Taskmaster for 1,000,000,000.00 $ 0

I love both covers for this comic, very nice display of Taskmaster.Finally giving one of Marvels most favorite mercenaries another 4-limited series, you know that a bad guy lover myself wasn't gonna turn down this issue when I saw it slapped onto the stands of my local comic book store. I personally feel that Taskmaster is an individual that’s easy for Marvel writers and artist to display as being badass and predictable at the same time. When I read about this guy, most of the time he's just te...

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SPECIAL SALE, 25 cents 0

   With spare time and spare change, I decided to look through the collection of cheap comics at some Comic store near San Diego, and what do I find, a Ghost Rider vs Scarecrow comic. HEY, you may not be somewhat a fan of Scarecrow like I am, but it was an interesting fight that I felt like seeing, and that the comic was 25 cents ON SALE SPECIAL. So, did the Return of Scarecrow give me the exciting fight that I hoped for? or was it actually worth its cheap price? Well lets dig into this nineties...

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