Marvel Cans the Avengers in April

 IGN broke this story yesterday, and thankfully one of my writer friend gave me the heads up and we followed IGN's lead yesterday afternon, thought I'd share with those of you who have not yet read here at the great CV!


 In the event Siege now taking place, we were told an Avenger would die, well it appears that's not all that's happening. IGN broke the news earlier today that this coming April ALL Avengers titles would be canceled! Yep, you read right, all 4 Avengers titles will be canceled April 2010.

We assume that this is of course happening because every one of the current Avengers books has been launched in the wake of one of the prier line wide events from Marvel in the past seven years leading up to this "Siege" event. Below is an excerpt from the IGN article that broke the story this afternoon...

"For many months the end of Dark Reign and arrival of Siege has sparked speculation about the future of the Avengers franchise. Marvel writers and editors have long claimed that Siege would once again set a new direction for many of their titles, but fans really didn't know how extensive that change would be.

Today IGN is able to exclusively reveal some of the major changes coming as a result of Siege's conclusion. Marvel has targeted all of its Avengers titles - New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Mighty Avengers and Avengers: The Initiative - for cancellation." -IGN

Click HERE to check out the rest of the IGN story and to see more details regarding the last books of each title. NC