Why do we like Wade if he's just RL's rip off of Slade?

It's well known that RL is accused of ripping off a lot of others work. He was accused of it at Image and he obviously was accused that he did a copy cat with Deadpool. Thing is, many of us like Wade better then his DC counterpart, but even Deadpool's name is a play on Slade Wilson. So why do we like him more? Is it his wit? Is it the 4th wall rule? (or lack of one). Personally, I read Deathstroke stuff before Deadpool, and never really cared for it. But since the very first time I saw Deadpool in his X-Force return, I've loved the character. Really in all honesty, I don't care if Rob ripped him off,  Cable and Deadpool have always entertained, and after all, isn't that why we read comics to start with? 

(I posted the prier to this blog entry as a response to another blog, but I liked it Lol)