Priscilla Cole

    Character » Priscilla Cole appears in 5 issues.

    Priscilla Cole was an underage prostitute. Tabitha Smith tried to befriend and help out.

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    Priscilla Cole was a teenaged prostitute of uncertain background. She had a difficult life. The fact that nobody genuinely cared for her had been beaten into her.

    While out on the streets, seeking customers, Priscilla was approached by Kelly Hitchuck. The woman was a member of a Child Watch Organization and attempted to convince Pris to seek some help. Priscilla briefly considered it. But other prostitutes warned the girl that Jimmy D. (their pimp) would not like her talking to the organization. Suddenly scared, Priscilla run away into the night.

    Tabitha Smith was out that night, contemplating her own harsh background. She decided to follow the running girl. She had no trouble keeping pace with Pris. She offered help to Pris, who reluctantly started talking to her. At this point Lucus teleported to Tabitha's locations, transporting along Cannonball, Siryn, and Warpath. The spectacle terrified Priscilla who run once again. Tabitha felt regretful that she had no time to assist the girl.


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